Chapter 117: Ning Xin Getting Angry (4)

 Chapter 117: Ning Xin Getting Angry (4)

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So what if it's the nobility?

Anyone who offended her Yun Family must be punished even if it was far in the future!


Wu Residence

A bellow reverberated within the entire courtyard. It was filled with a heinous hatred that furiously burned in a raging inferno.

"Yun Luofeng, I swear I will kill you!"

Wu Qi laid on the wooden bed with a decorative carved pattern, fresh blood turning the brocade quilt underneath him red. He clenched his fists while gritting his teeth. The hatred in his eyes grew more and more intense, as though it was a dagger drenched in poison, a mere glance would make people suffer like they were poisoned.

"Qi'er." Wu Ran 1 lowered his eyes as he watched his own son's miserable appearance, a killing intent rushed out of his eyes. "Don't worry, Father will definitely seek justice for you! Father will enter the palace to see His Majesty right away. For Yun Family's little maid to do something like this, regardless of how much Yun Luo, that old man, disregards his face, he must hand over Yun Luofeng and her little maid!"

Wu Qi gnashed his teeth furiously, his eyes fraught with hatred. "Father, when that time comes, hand over Yun Luofeng and that little maid to me. I will personally make them experience a life worse than death!"

He had no way of venting his heart's hatred without tormenting them! Especially that little maidservant! She was just a servant and yet she actually dared to attack him. She was simply seeking death! This time, even that old man, Yun Luo, would not be able to protect them!

"Someone, prepare the palanquin, this master will enter the palace to have an audience with His Majesty!"

Wu Ran's gaze was brutal as the killing intent grew more intense.

So what if Yun Luo old man's strength was incredibly strong? Since his granddaughter did something this atrocious, would he dare to be unreasonable and biased? Even if he wanted to shield them from punishment, His Majesty would not let him do as he wished!

Thinking of this, he turned around to look at the youth laying on the bed and warmly stated, "Qi'er, just wait here for Father's good news. Father will bring Yun Luofeng and her little maid back later and let you punish them however you want."

If Elder Ning was here and heard these people addressing Ning Xin as a little maid over and over again, his normally calm self would stamp in anger. He probably would even directly destroy these people in a fit of rage.

Just how noble was Elder Ning's granddaughter? The imperial clan's princess could not even compare! And in the entire Longyuan, the only one that he acknowledged was Yun Luofeng!

Unfortunately, Mu Family's people were exceedingly conceited and did not thoroughly investigate Ning Xin's identity. This would also cause their ultimate irreversible mistake...


Yun Residence's Main Hall.

The girl, who had just stepped over the threshold, saw the old man sitting upright. She faintly smiled and strode into the main hall.

The old man glanced at the girl that appeared in the hall and coldly grunted in a bad mood. "You little girl, you first secluded yourself in the rear mountain for a half year. Afterwards, just after leaving the rear mountain, you went out and had fun. You don't even know to spend more time with your grandfather."

The old man's voice clearly carried resentment; he clearly felt dissatisfied due to Yun Luofeng's neglect during these past six months.

Yun Luofeng was stunned. She originally thought that her and Ning Xin's actions already traveled to this old guy's ears, and he was planning to punish her. She did not think that it was actually because of this matter.

"Aren't I busy?" Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders. "What's more, didn't I return to accompany you now?"

"Hmph," the elderly man coldly harrumphed and aggrievedly stated, "I have no clue what in the world you're busy with! Right, you mentioned before that you will give me two surprises, so where are those surprises? Why haven't I seen it?"

Yun Luofeng winked at him. "I can't give you these two surprises just yet, but another surprise will come very soon, so you should prepare first."


"It's nothing, it's that Ning Xin and I just crippled Wu Family's Wu Qi, so I want you to be mentally prepared. I'm guessing that those people seeking retribution will soon come..."