Chapter 116: Ning Xin Getting Angry (3)

 Chapter 116: Ning Xin Getting Angry (3)

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Looking at the reckless Wu Qi, anger flashed through Ning Xin's eyes. "What did you say? You said I was a maid who served other people?"

She was the dignified eldest miss of Ning Family, but she actually became a maidservant in someone else's mouth? Especially Wu Qi's vulgar appearance when talking about having her go serve him. It made her unable to resist the desire to step on his head!

"That's right!" Wu Qi haughtily glanced at Ning Xin with a clearly charitable attitude. "Little girl, you won't have any future by following Yun Family. Once that old man of Yun Family passes away, you will be auctioned to a brothel. Rather than entering the brothel and serving numerous men, why don't you serve just me? This young master will definitely make you ********. Haha!"

Ning Xin grew indignant, her elegant face was completely red with fury. Then without any hesitation, she walked in front of Wu Qi in a few strides and kicked his groin.

"Ah!" A heart-wrenching scream traveled through the entire restaurant.

Wu Qi curled his body in pain and his complexion turned green. His handsome appearance twisted as he hideously bellowed, "You b*tch, you dared to hurt this Young Master! Someone come and tie this b*tch up and send her to this Young Master's bed!"

"Yes, Young Master!"

Seeing their young master being bullied, all the servants wanted to come up and grab Ning Xin's arms. However, the young girl's arms were slippery like an earthworm and seamlessly slipped out of their hands.


Ning Xin dodged the evil clutches of all the servants and extended her fair leg towards Wu Qi once again, making him fly off.

Wu Qi fell through the private room's door and landed in the corridor. Sweat was pouring down due to the pain, but he could not utter a single word.

Quite a lot of spectators were stationed inside the restaurant. They gesticulated and pointed at Wu Qi, who had fallen on the floor, and discussed spiritedly in hushed tones.

"Did you just say you wanted to have me serve you?" Ning Xin's leg stepped harder on Wu Qi's chest as she raised her brows and asked, "I wonder if you are satisfied with my current service?"

"You actually dared to injure me, my Wu Family definitely won't forgive you and Yun Luofeng!" Wu Qi tightly gritted his teeth, his voice trembling.

As expected, maidservants were exactly like their master! Both of these women were no good! They did not possess Miss Wushuang's grace and dignity at all.

"Wu Family?" Ning Xin snorted and dryly said, "Even if I crippled you, what can your Wu Family do to me? I'm warning you, stay away from the Yun Family. If you dare to cause trouble again, then it won't be as simple as crippling you."

After leaving behind these words, Ning Xin's leg gradually moved from Wu Qi's chest to his groin and stepped down with great force...


A howl like a dying pig rang inside the whole restaurant. Everyone caught a glimpse the pool of blood underneath Wu Qi's groin, and their body could not help but shiver.

They knew that Wu Qi would be completely useless from now on, and they reckon he would no longer have the ability to carry on his lineage.


After Ning Xin finished dealing with Wu Family and the others, she turned around to enter the room.

Yun Luofeng currently had her back against the wooden chair and was calmly holding her head. Her lips had a bewitching smile while her dark eyes contained a taunting smile, as though she was watching a fantastic show.

"I couldn't have imagined that when Ning Family's eldest miss flies off the handle, it would actually be this aggressive."

Ning Xin's cheeks reddened. "I just couldn't bear their attitude towards you. Still, Xiao Feng, I didn't cause you any trouble, did I?"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrow. "Wu Family isn't considered as much trouble and I've also been hiding for this long. It's about time to let them know that my Yun Family should not be provoked."