Chapter 115: Ning Xin Getting Angry (2)

 Chapter 115: Ning Xin Getting Angry (2)

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Settling the score with her?

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows as her fingers lightly played with the chopsticks in her hands. She said with a small smile, "It looks like people courting death are here again. These noblemen's sons really won't let me have my peace."

While she was speaking, the private room's door was abruptly burst open with a bang. With a man dressed in a cyan robe as the leader, a group of people rushed into the room from outside. In an instant, the originally tranquil room was impenetrably surrounded, and the entire room was filled with an unpleasant sweat smell.

Ning Xin furrowed her delicate brows, and her eyes clearly contained a touch of disgust. Her expression also did not have its prior gentleness when facing Yun Luofeng. She coldly surveyed the crowd that appeared inside the room.

"Yun Luofeng, I thought you would hide inside Yun residence for the rest of your life!" The man in cyan robes lifted his head and said with his head held high, "Six months ago, you caused Wushuang to be slapped many times by the Crown Prince. I've been wanting to get even with you for a long time! But you hid inside the General Estate for the entire half year! Now that you finally couldn't resist coming out, it's time for us to settle this matter!"

The man in front of them was evidently the little follower of Mu Wushuang, Wu Qi 1 . When she first met Mu Wushuang at the Medical Pavilion, this Wu Qi was standing beside Mu Wushuang, and what was more, he kept criticizing her for Mu Wushuang.

She did not think that he would be this patient; she secluded herself to cultivate at the rear mountain for six months, and he actually kept watch outside the General Estate for half a year. Otherwise, Wu Qi would not have been able to immediately chase her to here the instant she left the General Estate.

"The one who hit Mu Wushuang was the Crown Prince, you seemed to have found the wrong person." Yun Luofeng lightly smiled and turned towards Wu Qu with her wicked smiling eyes. It was like her voice contained magic, making other people's state of mind involuntarily start trembling.

Wu Qi's heart jolted but quickly recovered. He coldly stated, "Crown Prince His Highness was just used by you! Yun Luofeng, I know you hate Wushuang to the bone! But you don't even think-you are nothing! Miss Wushuang has a good temper and ignores it, but I can't endure it any longer!"

This man's words did not make Yun Luofeng angry. Instead, she smiled with a raised brow, her lips' smile became increasingly bewitching as she said one word, "Continue."

"Humph!" Wu Qi coldly hummed as his taunting gaze landed on Yun Luofeng. "Don't think that I don't know that the old man that you all encountered along Qin River was clearly pretending to be sick! The goal was for you to use this to frame Miss Wushuang! How could a good-for-nothing trash like you possess medical skills? You knew that Miss Wushuang was talented in medicine, so you wanted to attack her in this area. Miss Wushuang was too kind. She actually easily believed you."

In the past six months, many people went to the General Estate to seek medical assistance, but they were all blocked outside the door! As time passed, Longyuan's citizens could not help but start speculating about the previous case. In their opinion, if Yun Luofeng really had some medical skills, then she would not be this indifferent and unresponsive when faced with this many people seeking help. It could be seen from this that she was clearly pretending!


Suddenly, a table was turned over by a fair hand. Ning Xin picked up a porcelain plate and casually threw it at Wu Qi, who was standing at the room's entrance and did not manage to react quick enough...

The porcelain plate suddenly covered Wu Qi's face, and the leftover food stained his face. When the originally fresh soup flowed into his mouth, it unexpectedly made his stomach roll.

An anger that he had never felt before rushed into his heart. Wu Qi touched the scraps on his face and looked at the standing beautiful young lady with fire shooting from his eyes. He furiously exclaimed, "B*tch, as a maidservant, you actually had the nerve to attack this young master. Someone, come here, bring this maid back to serve this young master!"

Although Ning Xin had an elegant appearance and dignified manner, Wu Qi had never seen her before among Longyuan's noble daughters. Added to the fact that he saw Ning Xin rushing in and out of the General Estate this past half year, he naturally determined her to be an incredibly favored little servant girl.