Chapter 114: Ning Xin Getting Angry (1)

 Chapter 114: Ning Xin Getting Angry (1)

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Gao Tu grew silent, he knew what it would mean if he agreed to Si Xuan's condition. However, her tone was so unyielding that it made him unable to refuse, so he could only grudgingly respond, "Please rest assured, Miss Si, I will find this person for you no matter what."

Hearing this, Si Xuan stood up in satisfaction with a smile in her eyes. "Gao Tu, you ought to behave this sensibly, I will leave this matter to you then! If you can't complete this mission, then don't blame this miss for being merciless!"

Although the woman had a faint smile on her face, Gao Tu could still feel a bone-chilling coldness from her words and could not help but shudder. He reverently and respectfully said, "Miss Si has nothing to worry about. Even if I have to employ Longyuan's military power, I will find this man for you."

"Great, then this miss will wait for your good news."

Si Xuan's smile deepened, and her dark eyes regarded Gao Tu again before turning around to leave.

While staring at the direction where Si Xuan had gone, Gao Tu's smile gradually disappeared, and his bottomless eyes coldly darkened. He clenched his fists with some defiance, and his breath also became unsteady as he silently swore in his heart, "There will eventually be a day when Zhen overthrows Spirit Sect and would no longer be controlled by anyone!"

Although Gao Tu was said to be Longyuan Kingdom's emperor, in truth, he was merely a puppet emperor and still had a mighty power like Spirit Sect above him! His every word and action was monitored by the Spirit Sect, and he also had to go to them to report the kingdom's affairs every month.

It could be said that his position as emperor meant nothing! And so, how could he, who was arrogant and prideful, be willing to bow down to someone forever? He only needed to be given a chance, and he would definitely overcome the Spirit Sect's reign and trample them under his feet!

No one was allowed to control him!


Inside a luxurious private room at Fengyu Restaurant 1 , Ning Xin had her cheeks propped on her hands as she blinked her big, bright eyes at the absolutely beautiful girl sitting in front of her. Her clear eyes were filled with curiosity.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" Yun Luofeng laid the chopsticks in her hands down and asked Ning Xin with a raised brow.

A smile appeared on Ning Xin's pretty face. "My grandfather asked me to stay here to learn from you, so I'm currently observing you."

Hearing her words, Yun Luofeng's eyes contained a bewitching smile as she asked with a teasing tone, "Then what have you learned?"

Ning Xin shook her head. "Feng'er, to be honest, I have long since heard about the existence of your Yun Clan. Reportedly, Yun Clan produced Yun Qingya, a person with outstanding talents and a stunningly elegant manner, ten years ago. However, because his fame was too magnificent, he offended a young master of a certain power. It led to him being pursued by that power and erased from this world."

While saying this, a brilliant light was shooting out of Ning Xin's eyes, and her demeanor became more vigorous as her face filled with yearning. "It's a pity, perhaps I would have been able to witness his splendor if I was born ten years earlier, so after hearing you were the granddaughter of the General Estate that day, I had an incredibly favorable opinion of you. His niece definitely won't be worse than him."

Yun Luofeng dumbfoundedly looked up at Ning Xin. When she saw the glow on the young girl's features, her heart was a little bit surprised.

Ning Xin was actually Second Uncle's admirer? If she knew that Second Uncle was still alive, Yun Luofeng wondered what expression she would have...

Just then, a commotion was heard from outside the door. A dandy and arrogant voice haughtily exclaimed, "I know that Yun Luofeng is inside this room, I want to enter and settle the score with her right now!"