Chapter 113: Half a Year (2)

 Chapter 113: Half a Year (2)

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Imperial Palace Inner Court, tall building.

Inside the imperial study, Gao Tu was currently reading over memorials 1 and commenting on them. A cold humph was suddenly heard from behind him, scaring him so much that the pen in his hand suddenly fell on the ground.

"It looks like your job as the emperor this time has been very idle? You haven't gone to the sect to report the situation for a long while."

This voice was like a curse, making the body of the typically calm and cool Gao Tu to tremble. He hastily stood up from the emperor's throne and turned around to look at the girl that appeared behind him.

The girl was dressed in a green robe with a jade-colored belt tied around her waist and a purple gauze draped over her body. She lithely walked to the side of the emperor's throne and sat down like no one else was present.

She crossed her legs and played with a brush pen on the table. Her long and shapely eyebrow lightly raised, and her clear eyes looked towards Gao Tu on the side.

"Gao Tu, don't forget that your status as an emperor was given to you by our Spirit Sect! And we can revoke it whenever we want," the girl leisurely and unhurriedly rolled the brush as she meaningfully pointed out.

"Miss," Gao Tu bitterly chuckled, "recently, my Longyuan's crown prince is severely ill, and I am searching everywhere for the world's famous doctors. So I was momentarily unable to head to Spirit Sect to report in time, please forgive me, Eldest Miss."

If Longyuan's citizens saw Gao Tu this submissive and obsequious in front of a woman, they would definitely be extremely shocked!

Just what was the status of this woman that she could actually make Gao Tu this frightened?

"Gao Tu, this time I came here to give you a mission." Si Xuan 2 glanced at the man, who was dressed in a long bright yellow robe and had a face brimming with respect, and indifferently said, "Now, drop the matter about finding a doctor for the Crown Prince, and mobilize all of Longyuan's power to help me search for someone!"

"May I ask who is it that Miss Si wants to search for?" Gao Tu looked at Si Xuan with astonishment.

Spirit Sect's power was stronger, and Si Xuan should be able to easily find someone as Spirit Sect's Eldest Miss. Why would she choose Longyuan's people to search for someone for her instead?

Adoration burst out of Si Xuan's eyes, her gaze a bit foolish. "I haven't seen his appearance before and only know he wears a mask and has very formidable strength. If we are speaking about special characteristic, it should be his excellent build."

More than half a year ago, she once saw that man inside his father's study! Ever since then, she had fallen for him!

Especially since even her powerful and noble father acted subservient before him and carried ingratiation in his words. This man's profound mystery could be seen from this!

However, when she confessed her heart's admiration to her father, her father actually sternly discouraged her! He also severely stated that the man was way out of her league!

She had always been proud and arrogant, so how could she be willing to let her first love be buried when it hadn't even started? Therefore, she left Spirit Sect and ventured into the world to investigate him!

Gao Tu's face displayed a forced smile. "Miss Si, how am I supposed to find this person for you among this vast sea of people?"

Let's not mention the other person's portrait, even his name was unknown as well. Regardless of how great his ability was, he would not be able to find this person in the vast sea of people.

Si Xuan grew silent for a moment before saying, "I remember my father once mentioned that he didn't have a surname and has a single name of Xiao. At that time, I did not believe what he told me! How could there be someone without a family name? I don't know if this detail will help you with finding him. In addition, you must help me keep this matter a secret, and you can't let the Spirit Sect's people know!"