Chapter 110: The Excited Second Uncle (2)

 Chapter 110: The Excited Second Uncle (2)

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Yun Residence Rear Mountain

A man sat in a wheelchair, his whole body was bathed in sunlight, and his cyan robe was shrouded with a faint light.

A book was placed on his legs; his entire focus was on this book, so he did not even feel Yun Luofeng appearing beside him.

"Second Uncle."

A familiar and gentle voice was suddenly heard from the side, finally making the man turn his head. After seeing the young lady beside him, his refined and handsome face involuntarily displayed a smile.

His smile was very beautiful and easily stirred Yun Luofeng's heart. The grief between his brows was incredibly strong as well, mercilessly gripping her heart.

Yun Luofeng looked at this beautiful man that made people's heart ache and said, "Second Uncle, I have nursed your body back to health for some time. I can now start the final treatment, and soon you will be able to stand on your legs."

Yun Qingya's fingers, which were flipping the book's pages, abruptly froze. He raised his handsome face and asked with some disbelief, "Xiao Feng'er, did you just say...that I would be able to stand up again?"

Yun Luofeng met the man's astonished eyes, solemnly nodding. "In fact, I have long been able to get you to stand up again, however, if I didn't nurture you back to health for some time prior to this, even if you stood up, your legs wouldn't be as agile as before. So I had to wait until today before planning to truly treat you."

Yun Qingya's breathing stopped. To be honest, the previous him simply could not imagine that there would come a day that he would be able to stand up again. Even though Yun Luofeng previously promised it, he still did not dare to believe it!

He was afraid that after believing, he would receive despair instead!

Now facing Yun Luofeng's confidence-filled eyes once more, he suddenly became bewildered. Perhaps this little niece of his could really cure him?

"Second Uncle, it won't be long before you can stand up again, and you would no longer need to rely on a wheelchair to walk."

Yun Luofeng lightly chuckled out loud. She had waited for this day for a long time...

"Little Feng'er." Yun Qingya collected his wits, and a gentle-like-wind smile appeared on his fair-skinned face. A pair of handsome eyes stared intently at the young lady standing beside him as he softly said, "Second Uncle can let you try. Even if you fail, you don't need to be discouraged. Second Uncle is already very content that you have this intention."

His words were not just spoken for Yun Luofeng's sake, but it was also intended to warn himself inside his mind.

If his treatment failed, he could not show any of his disappointment; otherwise, the one who would get hurt would be Yun Luofeng.

"Second Uncle, I am 100% sure I can cure you." Yun Luofeng blinked her eyes at Yun Qingya, and her dark eyes filled with confidence. "Lift your clothes now, so I can perform acupuncture on you."

"Alright." Yun Qingya faintly smiled and lifted his clothes without any hesitation, revealing his pair of dark purple legs.

The two legs were covered in black and purple, obvious that they were harshly pinched by someone. And after seeing this scene, Yun Luofeng looked up and her astonished gaze landed on the man's refined face.

The man's tone was aloof, as though he was recounting a trifling matter. "These past ten years, I've felt no sensations from my two legs. Sometimes, I would be unwilling to accept it and would pinch them. I have also gone as far as using a hammer to hit them or broken fragments of porcelain bowls to slash them. No matter how much strength I use though, they still couldn't feel the slightest bit of pain. Later...the maidservant who served me discovered my self-mutilation and took away the hammer, and the porcelain bowls also became wooden bowls."

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