Chapter 109: The Excited Second Uncle (1)

 Chapter 109: The Excited Second Uncle (1)

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Just as Noble Consort Mu waited complacently for Yun Luofeng's deep gratitude, she saw Mu Wuchen who went to announce the decree walking inside by himself. In an instant, her noble and alluringly gorgeous face abruptly darkened, a chilly light flashing through her beautiful eyes.

"Where's Yun Luofeng? Why did you come back alone?"

Mu Wuchen reported with a forced smile, "Niangniang, Yun Luofeng refused to come here to be the Princess' study companion. She even had us go ask His Majesty whether this was how the imperial clan treated the granddaughter of a meritorious minister."


Noble Consort Mu's face suddenly turned frosty, her long and jade-like hand heavily landed on top of the chair's handle, and coldly said, "Yun Luofeng, that trash, really said this?"

"That's right!" Mu Wuchen nodded his head. "Niangniang, Yun Luofeng is just a trash, why would you promote her like this? With her identity, she doesn't deserve to be the Princess' companion at all!"

A person as noble as the Princess, what right did Yun Luofeng have to be her study companion? Especially since this trash was this ungrateful and actually rejected niangniang's good intention.

Noble Consort Mu's eyes darkened and lightly played with the jade ring on her knuckle. It was unknown what she was thinking.

At this time, a sharp voice was heard from outside, interrupting Noble Consort Mu's train of thought.

"His Majesty has arrived."

Hearing this, Noble Consort Mu stood up and hurriedly composed her appearance. She looked towards the bright yellow figure, who quickly entered the bedchamber, and bowed in a dignified and graceful manner while greeting, " This servant 1 respectfully welcomes Your majesty."

"My dear concubine," Gao Tu glanced at Noble Consort Mu, who had a smile in her eyes, and said coolly, "I heard that you went to the General Estate and made Yun Luofeng come here to be the Princess' study companion?"

Noble Consort Mu raised her head, flabbergasted. "Your Majesty, how did you know..."

"This matter is known all over the entire Imperial City." Gao Tu coldly chuckled. "Everyone is saying that you, Noble Consort Mu, is bullying the lone daughter of the General Estate and even wants to force her to enter the palace to be the Princess' study companion! My dear concubine, in the past, your Mu Clan caused the death of Yun Luo's son and daughter-in-law, Zhen 2 did not hesitate to side with the Mu Clan while disregarding everyone's talk. However, Yun Luofeng is currently the only child of the General Estate. If anything happens to her, that old man will definitely fight to the death with the imperial clan! Right now, the imperial clan is temporarily unable to take action against that old man, and thus, Zhen hopes you won't act blindly without thinking."

Noble Consort Mu lowered her eyes and softly replied, "This servant will obey your order."

"My dear concubine." Gao Tu's expression turned gentler as he regarded this woman that he extremely doted on, his eyes no longer having its previous severity. "I know you have resentment towards Yun Luofeng. If it weren't for her, Mu Wushuang would not suffer from this kind of grievance! However, Crown Prince is now seriously ill, and Zhen is already busy and utterly exhausted from overwork. I don't have time to take notice of these mundane matters. Rest assured that Zhen will eventually set my sight on the General Estate! I will give you your justice!"


If Yun Luofeng was here and heard this word coming from Gao Tu's mouth, she definitely would not be able to resist laughing out loud!

She could not understand how an emperor as lecherous and biased as Gao Tu had the face to speak the word "justice".

"Your Majesty, with your words, this servant is now relieved."

Noble Consort Mu lightly lifted the corner of her lips, her elegant face displaying a faint smile. Her misty eyes contained affection and tenderness as she fixed her eyes on the tall and handsome man in front of her.

Any man would be unable to resist a woman like her who was as tender and soft as water. Hence, Gao Tu completely flung official matters to the back of his mind and picked Noble Consort Mu up, walking towards the bed.

Mu Wuchen tactfully withdrew and slowly closed the bedchamber's door on his way out.