Chapter 108: The Two Shocked Elders (5)

 Chapter 108: The Two Shocked Elders (5)

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In order to curry favor with Yun Luofeng, Elder Rong even called them scums. It could be imagined what kind of person Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang were in his eyes.

"Elder Rong, just how old is this girl? Aren't you ruining him by doing this?" Elder Ning glared at Elder Rong and said with a radiant smile, "Besides, my Ning Family's younger generation is pretty good as well. As long as this girl is willing, she can choose her husband from my Ning Clan however she wants."

The old man at that moment was already completely flabbergasted. These old men actually started discussing his granddaughter's spouse like nobody else was present?

Out of the question! This was definitely out of the question! He still wanted to keep this girl for several years, so how could he allow her to get married now?

Without waiting for the old man to open his mouth to stop them, the young girl's voice was slowly heard inside the main hall. Her voice was languid and bewitching, but it carried a hint of helplessness.

"The two of you, I'm only 14 years old right now. You are abducting a minor like this."

The two elderly men were startled and suddenly recalled Yun Luofeng's presence! Thinking of how they were discussing this matter in front of this girl just now, their face unwittingly turned embarrassed.

"Cough, cough," Elder Rong dryly coughed and turned to Elder Ning, saying, "this girl is right. She is still too young right now, so how can she withstand those punks' torment? Elder Ning, why don't we make a bet and see which family's boy can move this girl's heart? The one who loses will have to attend to the other person's daily life for three years."

"Great!" Elder Ning slapped the table coolly and agreed decisively. "I will make this bet with you! I am very confident in my boys. Moreover, I will have Xin'er, this girl, help so it will definitely be twice the effect with half the effort."

Ning Xin helplessly caressed her forehead; she really wanted to say that she did not know this old man! Furthermore, as if him making a bet was not enough, why did he have to drag her into it too?

Thinking of this, Ning Xin's gaze involuntarily turned towards Yun Luofeng and unexpectedly saw her with her arms folded across her chest and smiling all the while, as though not caring that these two old men were making a bet about her.

"It's already quite late, girl, so we won't bother you here any longer." Elder Ning did not look at Elder Rong anymore and retrieved his gaze, aloofly smiling. "Xin'er, let's go. We will return to the inn to rest! When people are old, their energy is no good."

"Yes, Grandfather."

Ning Xin lent her arm to support Elder Ning to head outside. When she passed by Yun Luofeng, she sent her a pretty smile while lightly blinking her eyes, silently laughing before helping Elder Ning leave.


Imperial Palace Inner Court, high building's Forest Room.

At this moment, inside Jinhua Palace 1 , Noble Consort Mu was lazily lying on the chaise lounge. Several eunuchs and imperial maidservants surrounded her, all in the middle of waiting for her orders.

Just then, a eunuch hurriedly dashed through the door and with a flick of the horsetail whisk in his hands, he announced in his sharp voice, "Reporting to Noble Consort niangniang, Eldest Son Mu is requesting an audience."

"Oh?" Noble Consort Mu raised an eyebrow, the red dot between her brows were extremely seductive. She slowly sat up from the chaise lounge and indifferently said, "Let him enter."

It had already been a while since Mu Wuchen went to the General Estate to announce the decree, so he must now be bringing Yun Luofeng, that little slut, here to acknowledge the decree! That little slut plotted to frame Wushuang, so she must pay her back for Wushuang this time!

From beginning to end, Noble Consort Mu did not imagine that Yun Luofeng would disrespectfully defy the imperial decree! After all, this was such a good opportunity placed in front of her, someone intelligent would definitely use this opportunity to climb up. Furthermore, with Yun Luofeng's trashy constitution, if she did not search for another way out, she would be unable to continue to survive when General Yun died.

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[1] Jinhua Palace () = Flowery Brocade Palace