Chapter 107: The Two Shocked Elders (4)

 Chapter 107: The Two Shocked Elders (4)

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In a month, she went from a trash to an early-level, advanced-rank spirit cultivator? Reaching the goal that other people needed to spend an entire year to reach?

A talent like this-how astonishing was it to people?

"I recall that Mu Family's Mu Wushuang spent more than two years to break through to early-level advanced-rank! But this type of talent was already incessantly praised by those ignorant people of Longyuan," Elder Rong shook his head as he stated with a constrained smile. "If Yun'yatou's talent was made known, just where would Mu Wushuang's face be placed anymore? Girl, you really don't want to get rid of your reputation as trash and ruthlessly make Mu Wushuang lose face again?"

Yun Luofeng bewitchingly lifted the corner of her lips, her pitch-black eyes flickering. "Elder Rong, you should know our Yun Family's current situation. Before I gain enough strength, I can only be a trash. Just by being like this will I not attract the alarm of imperial clan! In any case, I am accustomed to being ridiculed."

Elder Rong was stunned. Just when he was about to speak, he was interrupted by the young girl's languid voice.

"I, Yun Luofeng, have never liked to rely on the power of others. Regardless of how much enmities there are, I want to rely on my own ability to retaliate! Imperial clan, Mu Family-I will make them pay their blood debt with their blood sooner or later. Hence, I won't act in haste."

Elder Ning shook his head with a bitter smile while his gaze at Yun Luofeng became increasingly approving. "Girl, you want to be a trash, but I'm afraid it won't be that easy. The people that you've met thus far aren't that strong! If you met the imperial clan's expert, they will be able to gauge your strength with a single look, so here's a space ring that can be considered as a gift for acknowledging you as my granddaughter. You must keep it safe."

Upon seeing her grandfather taking out a bronze ring, surprise flashed through Ning Xin's beautiful eyes. She did not say anything though and just silently stood beside Elder Ning.

Ning Clan's token-seeing this ring's bearer was the same as seeing grandfather himself and the wearer would be able to mobilize any clansmen of Ning Clan out there! Furthermore, as long as Yun Luofeng carried the token ring, Ning Clan's clansmen must unconditionally obey when they see it!

"Then, thank you, Grandfather Ning."

Seeing the anticipation in Elder Ning's eyes, Yun Luofeng did not reject his goodwill.

"Girl, besides storing objects, this ring can also suppress your aura. So, when you travel outside and even if the imperial clan expert made a move, they won't detect your aura so you can rest assured."

Yun Luofeng's heart jolted. She did not imagine that the space ring that Elder Ning gave her would be this valuable!

This favor that she owed was truly enormous.

"You beat me to it once again this time." Elder Rong glanced at Elder Ning and sourly said, "That won't do. I will discuss with daren what is a good present to gift this girl later. I can't fall behind you on this matter no matter what!"

Elder Ning chuckled. "I am her grandfather, so I ought to give her presents, but I have no idea what identity you are using to give her gifts?"

These two old men, they wanted to compete with each other about everything. At a time like this, how could Elder Ning not mercilessly mock him?

"You beat me to adopting her as a granddaughter, but I still have a grandson," Elder Rong humphed and turned his head to look at Yun Luofeng. A smile appeared on his geriatric face while his tone carried fawning. "Girl, that grandson of mine is a lot stronger than Crown Prince Gao Ling. Whether it is his looks, strength, or temperament, Gao Ling absolutely can't compare with him. So, if you marry my grandson, I will let you take my grandson to flaunt in front of Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang, angering those two scums to death."