Chapter 106: The Two Shocked Elders (3)

 Chapter 106: The Two Shocked Elders (3)

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Old Man Yun was already used to being flexible and taking advantage of situations since long ago. As soon as he heard Elder Ning's words, he immediately glared at Yun Luofeng. "Girl, what are you still distracted about? Didn't you hear that Elder Ning wants to take you as his granddaughter? Why aren't you calling him Grandfather Ning already?"

Even before, the old man could tell Elder Ning's identity was not simple. If Yun Luofeng had someone like this protecting her, even when he passed away, he would no longer have to worry about her being alone and impoverished without anyone to protect her.

Upon hearing these words, Elder Ning instantly became stupefied, and Yun Luofeng was also startled. Two pairs of eyes simultaneously looked towards the old man, causing him to be somewhat embarrassed.

"Cough, cough," the old man awkwardly coughed twice, "Elder Ning, didn't you keep saying you were envious that I had a granddaughter like this? So I thought of this idea to let her become your god-granddaughter. This way, there's no need for you to admire me."

Elderly Ning burst out laughing, his aloof eyes contained a smile as they turned towards Yun Luofeng. "In this regard, I naturally don't have any objections, but I'm not sure how Yun'yatou will choose."

Yun Luofeng helplessly shrugged her shoulders. "I will listen to my old man."

What else could she choose? Her old man had already issued an order, did she dare to disobey? More importantly, Yun Luofeng knew that the old man made this decision for the sake of her well-being.

He was afraid that there would not be anyone who would wholeheartedly protect her on this continent when the day came for him to leave this world! Thus, he had no scruples about forsaking his old face.

"I'm truly jealous of you." Elder Rong glanced at Elder Ning with jealousy. "Although Yun'yatou's strength isn't that great and had now only reached early-level advanced-rank, her medical skill is extremely brilliant. Picking up a granddaughter like this, you really profited."

Just as Elder Rong's jealousy-filled voice was heard, an exaggerated cry was suddenly heard beside him, startling him.

"What?" The elderly man's eyes widened as he evaluated Yun Luofeng with incredulity. After examining this girl's strength, his eyes filled with astonishment. "Y-you broke through to early-level advanced-rank?"

Elder Ning and Elder Rong looked at each other with confusion. Even in Longyuan, an early-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator was not a big deal, so why was the old man this shocked? It was as though Yun Luofeng reaching early-level advanced-rank was an extremely unfathomable matter.

Elder Rong was silent for a moment before pensively gazing at Yun Luofeng. "Before, I heard people said that Yun Family Yun Luofeng was a trash that could not cultivate. So why would your cultivation reach early-level advanced-rank?"

Yun Luofeng languidly stood with her back against the wall and lightly lifted her brows as she bewitchingly said, "I was luckily accepted as a disciple by a strong person. It was him who helped me change my physique, allowing me to be able to cultivate. However, I don't wish for anyone to know about this matter."

Elder Ning thought about it and asked, "Girl, just when did you improve your physique?"

"Hm," Yun Luofeng stroked her chin, her voice was somewhat muffled, "It seems like it's been for some time?"

The corner of Elder Ning's lips slightly twitched. "How long is this 'it's been for some time?' Girl, can't you give me a specific number?"

"Roughly..." Yun Luofeng thought about it, her tone containing a trace of uncertainty."One month?"

She really appeared to have been cultivating for less than a month! And the her from one month ago was still a trash that everyone ridiculed.

"One month?"

"Hiss!" Elder Rong could not help but gasp in surprise. It was long before he could wrap his head around this piece of shocking news. While he and Elder Ning looked at each other, both of their eyes contained astonishment.

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