Chapter 103: Kneeling to Receive a Decree (2)

 Chapter 103: Kneeling to Receive a Decree (2)

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"Mu Wuchen, His Majesty personally handed me a special decree, which makes me similar to royal relatives and not need to kneel no matter what! Even if Noble Consort niangniang came here in person, I still don't need to kneel to her, let alone to a mere imperial decree? Since you're now forcing me to kneel, isn't that the crime of insulting the sovereign?"

Mu Wuchen's chest heaved up and down with anger, but it was unable to be vented out. He could only tightly clench his fists, forcibly calming himself down.

"Yun Luofeng," he took a deep breath, and his cold, proud gaze flashed with ruthlessness as he frostily said, "Noble Consort niangniang's imperial decree orders you to quickly enter the palace and become the Princess' study companion for three years! You should pack your belongings and leave with me now! Additionally, Noble Consort niangniang commands that you are not allowed to leave the palace as you please during the entire time you're to be a study companion! So you need to adequately pack, and as for maidservants..."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "There are imperial maids inside the palace, so you don't need to bring any!"

These words were like a trigger, completely angering Elder Rong, who remained silent since he entered the door.

His geriatric countenance was brimming with rage, and his eyes flared with mounting rage as they turned to look at Mu Wuchen. He berated, "Who does that princess think she is? Why should Yun'yatou have to be a maidservant for her? Does she really believe herself to be that delicate? Is she worthy of it?"

Study companions, to put it nicely, were to accompany the princess in cultivating and studying. In reality, they were maidservants who attended to her! With Yun Luofeng's identity as Godly Doctor, even he did not dare to command her, but the result was that these imperial children thought too highly of themselves! Were they actually making a godly doctor become a little maidservant who will serve under someone?

Was she worthy of it?

More importantly, these people even wanted to lock her inside the imperial palace for three years! How could that be? After three years had passed, his daren would already be dead! At that time, even ten of that dog emperor's lives wouldn't be enough as compensation!

Elder Ning's expression also turned colder. In his eyes, Yun Luofeng was a godly doctor deserving of his respect! This type of godly doctor actually needed to serve under an imperial princess? If he really allowed her to go, then he should not stay on this continent anymore.

"The one I am seeking is someone of the General Estate, it doesn't have anything to do with you."

Mu Wuchen glanced at the furious Elder Rong and coldly stated, "Moreover, the Princess has a priceless constitution, having the granddaughter of a general serve her is not a humiliation for her at all. Now that the old General is already old and doesn't have many more years to live, she will have nowhere to go after old General passes away! Our Noble Consort niangniang is taking pity on her, so she's giving her a direction."

Within Long Yuan, there were not many people who have seen Elder Rong. If it weren't for Jing Lin causing trouble last time, the number of people who were able to see him could completely be counted on one hand.

What was unfortunate was that when Jing Lin stirred up trouble, Mu Wuchen was not inside the Medical Pavilion. As a result, he naturally did not imagine that the elder in front of him was someone that anyone from the imperial clan would curry favor with.

"Girl." Elder Ning did not have his emotions written all over his face like Elder Rong. He indifferently turned his head to look at Yun Luofeng and calmly said, "This matter will be decided by yourself. If you don't want to head to the imperial palace to be that whats-her-face princess' study companion, I will unconditionally support you! These coming days, I will make this granddaughter of mine settle in your estate. With her here, no one can force you."

Although Yun Luofeng was oblivious to Elder Ning's identity, his actions undoubtedly warmed her heart.

She smiled at the two old men behind her. "Don't worry, No one can force me to do anything that I don't want to do."

Her words were arrogant, domineering, obstinate, and unruly, seemingly looking down on Mu Wuchen in front of her.