Chapter 100: Mu Family Visiting (3)

 Chapter 100: Mu Family Visiting (3)

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"I naturally came here to pass on Noble Consort niangniang's 1 imperial decree. Have Yun Luofeng receive the decree now!" Mu Wuchen frostily looked at the old man and said in a haughty way.

The old man sneered. "My granddaughter isn't an idle person like you, who only knows how to trouble other people whenever you have nothing to do. She is incredibly busy, so how could she have the time to receive the decree? Will you promptly get lost on your own or do you need this General to throw you out?"

If the one who came was someone else from the imperial clan, perhaps the old man would be a bit more polite. But since the other party was a member of Mu Family, considering his hatred towards the Mu Family, not directly throwing him out was already polite enough.

"General Yun Luo, I came here to announce Noble Consort's imperial decree. If you don't have Yun Luofeng come out to accept the decree, it can be construed as a crime of deceiving the sovereign!" Mu Wuchen's eyes darkened by several degrees, his arrogant voice containing a trace of coldness.

The old man loudly laughed twice, "The crime of deceiving the sovereign, just who is considered a sovereign? May I ask if you came to pass on His Majesty's decree, or perhaps Empress niangniang's decree? Oh, right, the current Longyuan Kingdom doesn't have an empress, so how am I insulting the sovereign? It's merely a Noble Consort. In the end, she is just His Majesty's concubine. Do you think that this General needs to be afraid of a concubine?"

Wasn't this how it was?

No matter how honorable Noble Consort's status was, she was nothing more than a concubine! The only one who could be on equal footing with His Majesty was the Empress! However, the current Long Yuan did not have an empress. Therefore, the only one that the old man needed to give a bit of face to was His Majesty.

Of course, this type of giving face was on the premise that His Majesty did not offend him. Otherwise, he would not give face to anyone!

Mu Wuchen's temper was considered to be quite great, not actually getting angry to the point of stomping about after being subjected to this type of humiliation by Yun Luo.

He only took a deep breath, suppressing the fury bursting forth from his heart, and coldly stated, "That's correct, in an ordinary merchant house, Noble Consort niangniang's status is just a concubine! Similarly, in this type of family background, you are also just like a servant, General. No matter how low the concubine's position is, she is still your master! Now that Master has an order, you can also only comply!"

"Hoho," the old man sneered and shamelessly said, "in any case, I definitely won't recognize her status as a master! You want to see my granddaughter, you can! Wait here! The moment she's done with her affair is the moment you will be able to see her!"

This time, without waiting for Mu Wuchen to speak, the guards behind him all grew furious! Every one of them would love to go up and shred the old man apart!

"We came to announce Noble Consort niangniang's imperial decree. This behavior of yours is clearly looking down on Noble Consort niangniang! Eldest Young Master, in accordance with the crime of General defying imperial law, it thus warrants the extermination of nine familial branches!"

Generally speaking, the dog behind the master was the mouth of that master. When the master wanted to have an outburst but must also maintain appearances, the dog would stand up and say the words that his master wanted to convey.

And whenever this happens, the master would come out to pretend to be a good person. But didn't they bother to wonder how the servants would have the guts to say this type of things without their master's permission?

The old man was naturally fully aware of this fact, so a sneer emerged on his old face.

"I only have one sentence: you either wait or get lost! I don't care whose imperial decree you came to declare. If you want to disturb my granddaughter while she's busy with her affairs, that's fine! Once you defeat me, we can talk again."

The old man of this moment was just like a war god, obstructing Mu Wuchen and everyone else, his speech full of loftiness!

The guards were fuming mad to the point of wanting to spew profanities, but they were stopped by Mu Wuchen's extending hand.

"Very well, I will wait for her here!"