Chapter 84: Life and Death Situation!

 Chapter 84: Life and Death Situation!

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[Scatter Shot]!

Marvin squinted. Seeing the sky instantly filled with arrows raining down toward him, he still managed to keep himself even more calm!

[Scatter Shot] was a common ranger's long distance skill. It usually didn't have much of an impact because it wasn't accurate.

But it could be extremely troublesome for Marvin in this situation!

This alley was extremely narrow. If Marvin wanted to escape, he could if he left now. Wolf was already dead after all.

Using his dexterity he could definitely escape!

"But if I escaped, finding this woman again might be very difficult!'

Thinking of it, Marvin couldn't help but grind his teeth!

Stake it all!

Enduring the pain, he suddenly burst toward the left wall!

Anti-Gravity Steps!

He tilted his body at an angle of roughly 45 degrees from the wall, twisted his ankle while starting to run up, but still managed to run up stably.


The fierce rain of arrows brushed past him. There was even an arrow that pierced his clothes!

'Close call! Luckily there is no poison on the arrows!' Marvin's heart was beating pretty fast.

He reckoned that tonight was his most dangerous encounter yet.

Killing an archer that occupied high ground was very challenging, especially when Marvin had no shield!

Anti-Gravity Steps couldn't let him run on the wall for a long time. After dodging that fierce rain of arrows, he fell back down on the ground, accidentally landing on his right arm!

The arrow injury hurt even more.

Blood flowed out.

That arrow had already affected Marvin's sense of balance, causing him to make an error in judging his body's movement.

'Damnit, the duration of Anti-Gravity Steps has decreased by almost half a second...' Marvin clutched the arrow, cursing in anger in his heart.

His health slowly decreased due to his blood loss, as did his stamina.

But he still had no intention to flee!

'Must kill this woman!'

'This is the Night Walker advancement's first task. If I can't handle this, what about the next one?'

Marvin suddenly became focused!


Another arrow shot.

Luckily, darksight let Marvin clearly see every move done by the other side, helping him dodge it.

He ran in the alley, silently approaching the roof Kitten was standing on!

The distance between them was now short.

When Marvin got to the archer's blind spot, she would be unable to retaliate.

But the archer didn't give up!

She bit her lip and quickly shot more arrows!

Marvin's moved like a ghost making it very difficult to hit him while moving, so all those arrows missed their target!

The distance between both of them was constantly decreasing.

Suddenly, the archer sneered.

About there...

This distance!

A strange mark suddenly flashed in her eyes!

Even if Marvin was having trouble dodging, he still paid minutious attention to the archer's every move!

He was able to clearly see the mark due to darksight... it was [Moving Shot]!

'Damnit! This woman actually learned such a high-end skill!'

Marvin's heart sank!

He finally understood why the other side was certain that victory was within her hands, why she had still not retreated even though he was already this close!

Because she had this card!

[Moving Shot]: Large increase to shooting accuracy toward moving targets!

This skill description was very vague, but Marvin knew that at this distance, the other side's arrows would all have at least a fifty percent chance of hitting him.

There was still some distance before he'd reach the other side's blind spot.

And at this distance, she should be able to shoot three more arrows!

If even one of the three hit Marvin, it would because very dangerous for him!

What could he do?

Marvin, who usually faced death calmly, was feeling a bit dazed!

A small archer with assistance from the terrain forced a Ruler of the Night into this situation!

Really too miserable.

Both sides coldly watched each other.

Marvin instantly made his decision.

Keep moving forward!


"Go to hell!" Kitten muttered.

The arrow which had been aiming at Marvin all along was released. "Woosh!" The 1st arrow was shot, aiming at Marvin's stomach!

She wanted a critical hit!

Moving shot greatly increased her originally impressive accuracy. This arrow was very accurate and would soon pierce Marvin's stomach!

At the crucial time, Marvin's body suddenly shook strangely!

Shadow Step!

The life-saving skill once again displayed its effect, as Marvin forcefully altered his path to the right by half a meter, dodging nimbly.

"Beautiful dodge," the archer coldly remarked.

2nd arrow!

This arrow was like the previous one, extremely accurate, aiming straight at Marvin's neck!

Marvin's heartbeat crazily sped up. In that split second he seemingly forgot the pain coursing through his body and kicked the ground with his right foot!


It sounded like his ankle breaking!

Imitation Shadow Step!


The arrow passed by his ear, as he dodged for the second time.

"Eh? Two skills?" The archer felt surprised but maintained her grim appearance.

Because she still had the third arrow!

The fierce 3rd arrow aimed at Marvin's heart!

It seemed that this arrow, no matter what, he would be unable to dodge it!

"He's screwed!" The archer squinted.


Marvin didn't give up at the most important moment. He knew his body like the back of his hand.

He couldn't muster any strength from his right shoulder because of the arrow. The right ankle had snapped, a very serious injury!

It'd be reasonable to say that it would hurt.

But Marvin couldn't feel any pain.

This wasn't numbness, but rather some kind of very mystical state.

He looked helplessly at that 3rd arrow flying toward him, about to take his life.

His potential was thoroughly aroused during a life and death situation!

His left foot twisted and kicked the ground. It stood to reason that after using Shadow Step the first time, his left foot would already be unable to support too much of a burden. It couldn't use force wildly like that again.

But he chose to do so.



Another Imitation Shadow Step!


The left ankle also broke... He simply couldn't be more miserable!

But this time, it also let Marvin smoothly dodge the 3rd arrow. He rolled on the ground, directly landing beneath the roof Kitten was standing on!

This was her blind spot, and she definitely couldn't see Marvin.

'Truly awkward...'

'But it's finally time to counterattack.'

Marvin forced a smile, half-lying on the ground.

Both feet had snapped. This fragile body being forced to unleash such strength was simply terrible.

Fortunately, the situation had finally turned around.


"He actually dodged!"

"How could this be?"

The female archer was standing on the roof, extremely shocked. Marvin was just under her feet. She very cautiously extended her head, wanting to see Marvin's situation.

But she didn't notice a thin rope extending from a corner. It suddenly coiled around her foot!

"Aaah!" she let out in alarm.

A powerful force pulled her ankle, dragging her down from the three story house!

Kitten couldn't adjust her body because the rope was shrinking at a frightening speed. She was immediately dragged down, ruthlessly crashing on the ground!


She was in really bad shape!

Marvin had been pulling on the other end of the wishful rope, and stood up with difficulty. He pushed his dagger against the neck of the archer who was gasping for air.

"Where did you hide the money? Say it and I'll end your suffering. Don't and I'll carefully torture you."

His voice was very calm yet grim.

The archer had a bitter smile. She struggled and took out a scroll from between her breasts and it seemed like she wanted to say something.

But Marvin had already slashed with his curved dagger!

"No need to explain, I'll study it myself."

Marvin coldly killed her.

At this time, an old person appeared on the other side of the alley.

"You are in a really bad shape. But you went all out. Just like me when I was young," the old blacksmith softly said.

"Both feet snapped. Your body is really too crappy."

He then helped Marvin up, taking the woman's scroll and giving it to Marvin while doing so.

The two staggered their way into the darkness.


In the blacksmith's shop, the old blacksmith was busy doing something.

Marvin consulted his battle log.

At that time, he saw two lines which made him feel surprised:

[For arousing your potential in battle, you gained a specialty - Endurance]

[For arousing your potential in battle, you gained a specialty - Burst]