Chapter 711: Kill!

 Chapter 711: Kill!

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Everything was dark in that eternally sealed world.

Eve felt like she was drowning, losing all ability to resist!

She truly was a powerful Legend, and a famous one at that.

But Marvin knew the deadly weak point of that mighty Valkyrie!

Most of her power came from the Three Holy Swords.

The three Holy Swords weren't only weapons to her; they were practically part of her body.

She was at her weakest when separate from her Holy Swords!

Thus, Marvin had come up with a plan at the start.

After leaving Pearl Tower, he deliberately revealed himself and was thus intercepted by the trio from the North.

But these people didn't know that what they had intercepted was only Marvin's avatar!

[True Shadow]!

Reaching level 5 Ruler of the Night gained was yet another a qualitative change.

The avatar made from True Shadow had 100% of Marvin's fighting strength, and would last as long as thirty minutes!

Thus, Marvin had hidden away while waiting for a chance to attack Eve. He even used the cloak gifted to him by the Vampire Primogenitor!

Thankfully, his plan was successful.

The attention of the attackers was drawn by Sodom's Blades, which were in the hands of the avatar.

Its great strength forced Eve to send her three Holy Swords out to try to subdue him. The other two had never thought that he would actually stay and fight instead of trying to flee!

But his goal was to capture Eve!

The moment that the three Holy Swords were sent out, Marvin chose to summon Sodom's Blades back!

At that moment, he could tell that the seemingly weak, old man had noticed his plan.

But it was too late.

The Eternal Night Seal appeared without warning and completely engulfed Eve!

This world was filled with endless darkness.


"Why do you want to kill me?"

The bloody knife pressed against Eve's neck as Marvin coldly asked.

Eve shivered, but unyieldingly declared, "This is the will of the Valkyrie! She has already seen the future."

"You are the Fate Destroyer! You aren't Feinan's guardian, they have been tricked by you."

"Lance chose you, he wants to use your power to destroy this world so that he can escape from this cage!"

Marvin remained silent for a moment before quietly saying, "Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I'll still let you know that I am not this Destroyer or whatever it is. I have no interest in doing such a boring thing."

"As for Lance, to be honest, I also don't know what kind of plan he has in stock."

"But you'd believe in whatever the Valkyrie says? No matter what?"

Eve flushed with anger from Marvin's mocking. She started to retort.

But suddenly, a light shone in the endless darkness!

An old man could faintly be seen from the light, gently looking at Marvin and Eve.

Marvin could feel that the Eternal Night Seal's space was slowly being reversed!

'Light Flow Reversal?'

Marvin was startled. "[Light Flow Reversal]?! You are Anuba Grant?!"

The old man faintly smiled. "Marvin, I didn't make a move towards you back in the Nightmare Boundary."

"Today, please let Eve off, she is just following the Valkyrie's decree."

"Moreover, your daggers might be fast, but my Light Flow Reversal is faster."

Marvin's heart sank!

He didn't think that the inconspicuous old man was actually a body hosting the God of Dawn and Protection!

Although he currently couldn't actually wield all the great Divine Power that he had, any Divine Spell would cause great trouble to Marvin right now.

Let alone Light Flow Reversal!

This Divine Spell could warp reality to some extent within a short time and range.

Even if Marvin successfully killed Eve, the old man could still resurrect her!

To a certain degree, he could control time!


Seeing the old man appear, Eve's breathing also became a lot more stable.


It occurred to her that if not for the God of Dawn and Protection personally stepping in at this time, she might have really died at Marvin's hands!

'Next time, regardless of how fierce the battle is, I should always keep one of the three Holy Swords at my side,' Eve inwardly scolded herself.

As the power of the God of Dawn and Protection waited for Marvin's response, his power continued to permeate through the space.

Marvin's Eternal Night Seal couldn't resist the erosion of the Light Flow Reversal!

But even when facing one of the most powerful Gods of this world, Marvin still chose not to compromise.

He flashed a smile at that old man. "For the matters of the Nightmare Boundary, I thank you for being lenient."

"But I don't have the habit of leaving a disaster for myself. Eve wants to kill me, I cannot let her live!"

Eve was startled. Before she could react, an ice-cold blade flashed past her neck!

A happy sound was emitted from Sodom's Blades. Eve's blood made these daggers very satisfied!

Fury flashed in the eyes of that old man.

He snorted and pointed at Marvin!

Suddenly, countless rays of light rushed over!

"Even if you kill her, I can bring her back!" the old man yelled.

In a flash, a frightening light spread in all directions.

The entire Eternal Night Seal was destroyed.

Marvin was in the center of the light and about to be hit by Light Flow Reversal!

But a lazy voice suddenly echoed into everyone's ears. "You wanna kill my lil' Bro? Light Flow Reversal is still not enough!"

The old man paled!

Marvin's silhouette strangely twisted and warped before disappearing!

Eve's head fell to the ground! Her corpse slowly tumbled down too, leaving a mess in the desert.

Anuba Grant's son looked foolishly at this scene in complete disbelief.

He simply couldn't understand what was happening!

That was Light Flow Reversal!

That was the Divine Spell that had made his father so famous!

How could it fail?!

The old man had a very grave expression. He looked at the headless body and couldn't help but whisper, "Could it be... He really returned?"


In the depths of the Universe, a long-forgotten Dragon was proudly looking at Marvin. "If I didn't ignite your contract in the nick of time, you would have been in great danger!"

"I felt a very powerful aura of time, but when it comes to playing with time, how could there be someone better than me in this world?!"

Looking at Tiramisu's arrogant appearance, Marvin couldn't help feeling a bit amused.

But just as Tiramisu had described, the instant that Marvin felt Anuba Grant's killing intent, he contacted Tiramisu through his contract, letting him know that he was ready to fulfill the terms.

The Eternal Time Dragon ignited the contract and Marvin was teleported over!

The Divine Spell of the God of Dawn and Protection failed because of the distortion in spacetime, and Eve died!

Marvin was very satisfied with this outcome.

He straightforwardly took out that bright pearl.