Chapter 710: Light Flow Reversal

 Chapter 710: Light Flow Reversal

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The Valkyrie's three Holy Swords had always been praised as some of the most powerful Artifacts in Feinan.

If a mortal faced these frightening Holy Swords, they would have no way to block them and would only be able to try unsuccessfully to flee.

For example, despite Dark Phoenix already attaining the body of a God, she was still cut down by the Holy Sword.

In that realm, weapons mostly were unimportant due to everyone's strength transcending the limits of weapons. However, some Artifacts were naturally different.

Whether it was the three Holy Swords or Sodom's Blades, they were all weapons that could instill fear in Legends and Gods!

Facing Eve's overbearing might, Marvin had no intentions to withdraw!

What if the three of them ambushed him?

Marvin had only handed over his Essence Absorption System because he was already confident in his ability to fight off the most imminent pursuers.

With the endless stream of Divine Power from the False Divine Vessel, even if he fought with a Mid God, he wouldn't be at a disadvantage.

His raw strength had yet to reach the level of a Plane Guardian, but in a real battle, his fighting capabilities were on par with those of a Plane Guardian!

Marvin's silhouette flashed like lightning to meet the fierce Holy Sword.


The crimson light shone out as the blades ruthlessly slashed at a precise point on the Holy Sword!

Something miraculous happened! The mighty Holy Sword suddenly weakened as Marvin struck it in a key location.

Eve frowned.

Ever since these Holy Swords had been passed to her hands, such a thing had never happened.

The fencing style that the Valkyrie imparted to her gave her enough power to use the Holy Swords to attack from afar.

When Marvin learnt about the Holy Swords in the game, he sighed, thinking that these things were like the immortal swords from the old legends in China.

With one thought, it would automatically fly out to attack.

He never thought that in this life, the Holy Swords would be turned at him, seeking out his life!

But Marvin made sure to keep cool. His willpower was still firm.

The flurry of attacks he flung out using Sodom's Blades was terrifying, all of them aiming at the same spot on the Holy Sword.

The effects of his fierce Desperation Style began to show.

This Blade Technique Style from the Martial Path that had been created by Blade Master Kangen had marvelous effects. It was not just a killing style, it was also an ability that could target the weak points of his enemies to overcome them as fast as possible.

As soon as Marvin activated Desperation Style, he faintly felt that the power of the Holy Sword wasn't evenly distributed after leaving Eve's hands.

A some places, the power was too strong, while in other parts, the power was too weak.

Marvin made a prompt decision and repeatedly attacked one of the relatively underpowered sections, getting an overwhelming result in the first clash!

That Holy Sword whose name he didn't know was repulsed by the relentless blows and lost its momentum.


Holy Paul had an expression of amazement on his face. He had personally experienced the frightening power of the three Holy Swords, they admittedly they were especially effective against Gods and their ilk.

If Eve hadn't been in possession of these mighty weapons, he wouldn't have obeyed her.

He'd already had a high opinion of Marvin, but it increased even more when he saw how Marvin managed to skillfully fend off Eve's attack!


A sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth, but he didn't make a move.

He still remembered the stinging disgrace of being Eve's captive. Although both sides were now cooperating, Holy Paul wasn't a broad-minded person. He wouldn't secretly dig a hole for Eve, but he wouldn't be against seeing her suffer a bit, either.

Naturally, he wouldn't openly show that, but he decided to hang at the side for now

He wouldn't take the initiative to make a move. He felt that he could surely take care of Marvin within three exchanges, but he still wanted to just watch for now.

He was waiting for Eve to ask. If Eve requested his help, he would give her his aid.

The difference in that case would be that Eve would then owe him a favor.

Sometimes, Human emotions like pride were the most useful, especially when dealing with someone like Eve.


But Eve's performance was also beyond the expectations of the son of the God of Dawn and Protection.

She didn't ask for his help at all. The whole time, she didn't even glance at him!

She was completely focused on Marvin. When her first Holy Sword was blocked, she wasn't discouraged. Instead, her eyes shone!

"Woosh! Woosh!"

A formidable power rose up from her hands and the other two Holy Swords soared up, turning into two bright lights and swinging from two different paths to flank Marvin!

And the Holy Sword that Marvin had forced back suddenly blossomed with a brilliant luster and renewed its attack on Marvin.

The three Holy Swords were out for Marvin's life!

Seeing this scene, even Holy Paul was startled.

Even now, the power of those Holy Swords seemed very frightening to him!

How would Marvin deal with them as a mortal?

'He should start fleeing...'

He silently tried to predict how Marvin might try to flee from the onslaught of the Holy Swords, and he took a few steps back, making preparations to stop Marvin from getting away.

He was sure that, Marvin wouldn't be able to handle the three Holy Swords at the same time with just Sodom's Blades.

The only choice was to flee.

But at that time, the silent old man at the side opened his eyes wide and stared in Eve's direction!

At that instant, Marvin, who had been surrounded by the three Holy Swords, started fading away!

He seemed to be panicking as he turned to flee.

But at the same time, a shadow appeared behind Eve out of nowhere!

Crimson light flickered, followed by Marvin's ice cold voice: "You seem to forget. The so-called Valkyrie was nothing without her Holy Swords!"

Eve was suddenly frightened!

She hadn't felt Marvin approaching!

'How did he get past the Holy Swords? What is going on?'

But she didn't have time to think about it.

The crimson light from the Sodom Blades already covered her.

Eternal Night Seal!

A frightening power sucked Eve inside, and both she and Marvin disappeared!


"That's bad! That avatar was exactly the same as his real body!" Holy Paul paled as he muttered, "Eve is in danger!"

The silent old man dashed to the location where the two had disappeared. He gently stretched out his hand and gave a light push.

A golden light appeared and countless little Angels surrounded that old man!

Divine Spell - Light Flow Reversal!