Chapter 671: Powerful

 Chapter 671: Powerful

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The instant that the Sky Tower first appeared, many people found some traces of the Wilds' Shrine from ancient books of their respective forces.

The story of Lance and the Sky Tower slowly came to light.

Many citizens of the God Realms knew that the pass to the Sky Tower was a deep blue runestone.

This kind of runestone was actually something the Devils were very familiar with because it was made of a material that came from the Hell's Fool Sea. Devils originally used it to sign and enforce contracts with Humans.

It was rumored to be a fantastic stone with Divine Law Power.

And in the current Nine Hells, this stone gradually disappeared from the sight of common Devils due to the Fool Sea drying up.

Only powerhouses on the level of Archdevils might be able to come into contact with that stone.


Regardless, the appearance of the azure stone meant that the Fate Tablet would imminently be coming into being.

Many people were already getting restless.

There was only one blue stone in the first batch. Although the group of people that got that blue stone and were able to enter first might not necessarily end up getting to the 4th Fate Tablet before everyone else, it would still be a great advantage, so the appearance of that thing attracted the attention of almost everyone there.

Some clever people chose to control themselves and watched from the sidelines.

The appearance of the passes to the Sky Tower would definitely lead to a series of chaotic battles.

The first batch of participants would definitely be the powerhouses with absolute confidence in themselves. Which one of them would get the stone wasn't certain.

At this time, just staying at the sides and watching the situation was the best choice.

After all, based on what happened when the Sky Tower opened previously, there should definitely be more batches appearing afterwards.

There would be a second batch for sure, but it was hard to say how many more.

Moreover, the appearance of the first azure stone was the most conspicuous, since everyone had been milling around with not much of anything to do but wait for it.

In the First Mountain Range's surroundings, Marvin casually decided to get hold of this azure stone.

Since he had already revealed his strength before the whole Universe, he might as well be thorough now.

In any case, even if the Truth Goddess and the Scorched Lord wouldn't really help him, he could still use the power of their names.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to get a hold of the azure stone was very important.

Especially... Since Wayne had yet to appear.

Marvin's eyes shone.

He was determined to get the Fate Tablet. He would personally erase Dark Phoenix from this world!

A very bold plan appeared in his mind.

And this plan was linked to the azure stone.



On the roof of the Sky Tower, the azure stone suddenly vanished, flying toward the southern mountains.

Several powerful auras locked onto that azure stone.

Clerics with relatively ordinary strength gasped. They discovered in shock that so many powerhouses appeared to vie for that Fate Tablet!

A total of 19 people made a move for that first batch.

These 19 came from other forces of the Universe. Not the Astral Sea, but Hell, the Abyss, and the Negative Energy Plane. And the power and aura that they were radiating at this moment was extremely frightening.

These people already reached the peak of Feinan and should only be just below the Plane Guardian level!

These nineteen were the representatives of the major forces.

Naturally, there were more tragic groups, such as that of the God of Dawn and Protection. He should have been part of the 19, but his representative couldn't make a move because he was suppressed by Eve.

As for Eve, she remained calm, not moving.

This made the son of the God of Dawn and Protection feel very annoyed, but he couldn't do anything about it. He simply wasn't a match for that stubborn Valkyrie successor.

In this world, strength determined everything.


After the 19 peak powerhouses began to act, two-thirds of the others retreated due to fear.

It looked like a chaotic battle would break out because of that azure stone. At that time, a ghostly silhouette directly broke away from the group of powerhouses and rushed toward the first stone's location.

The others all focused their anger at that person.

So, someone actually dared to make such a move on their own at such a time.

After all, everyone wanted the stone, so regardless of who decided to go ahead on their own, they would most likely be targeted by all the others!

The first to do something decisive was often the one with the most confidence, but this also put them in the most danger.

Among the nineteen people, some were already secretly preparing their Divine Spells, ready to attack at any time.

But then, everyone suddenly noticed that shadow, and they subconsciously restrained themselves.

Marvin calmly appeared at that sensitive area without giving the slightest sign beforehand. He gently reached out for the azure stone and brought it into his pouch.

Some of those nineteen were hiding while others remained where they were, but they all chose to remain silent.

Marvin shrugged. No one blocked his path, so he would naturally just continue unhurriedly on his way out.

Everyone was speechless.

The Fate Tablet had yet to come into being, but Marvin already had the greatest momentum in this war.

He killed 63 Legends in a fight and then startled a Lord of Hell into fleeing with his daggers. The name Marvin might have just been a name to be noted before, but now, he was standing before them.

They finally realized that someone who fought so constantly and desperately in this era of chaos and managed to establish a Sanctuary definitely couldn't be an ordinary person.

Even if he was just one person.

Marvin's enemies were grinding their teeth.

They thought that these 19 powerhouses would join hands to deal with Marvin, but who would have thought that they would actually choose to just move aside?

What the hell was going on?

Were they shocked by Marvin's fearsome strength? Or was it the famous daggers he held that made them so frightened, not daring to face their edges? Or was it the fact that he seemed to have some sort of relationship with the Goddess of Truth? Or was it the result of Diross' warning? Was the will of the Scorched Hell so powerful?

Or was it the shock from discovering that someone that they had considered a small fry for so long had now attained such power?

Especially the Azure Matriarch.

She was also in the surroundings of the Sky Tower, but there was actually no thought of taking immediate revenge in her mind.

But the outcome of the situation made her more and more somber.

'Seems like revenge is only possible with the Fate Tablet.'

A rare frustration appeared in her heart.


As for Marvin, he was actually regretful.

These Divine Servants on the side were not pleasing to his eyes. As for why, the attack on the Universe Magic Pool was enough of a reason.

But so many Divine Servants were present, so if he fought them, he'd provoke all of them, probably including the spectators.

The most important matters right now were securing the Fate Tablet and settling things with Wayne.

The rest was no longer so important as Marvin's strength rose.

What about Clerics?

Didn't Marvin just kill 63 of them?

What he needed now was to quickly increase his strength to reach the level of the Plane Guardians!

After obtaining the inheritance from the Book of Nalu, Marvin faintly felt that he wasn't far from that realm.

And at that time, another azure stone appeared near the Sky Tower.

Everyone immediately shook!

The 2nd pass appeared so soon after the first!

But no one expected that upon its appearance, a voice would faintly echo:

"This stone is also mine."

Although the voice was gentle, it was incomparably firm.