Chapter 590: Spirit

 Chapter 590: Spirit

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In fact, after Marvin passed through the gate, the first thing he looked at was that throne.

It felt like it was the most attractive treasure in the world, and even though the throne only looked like a lump of iron covered in thorns, it had a mysterious aura.

A large pile of bones could be seen under the throne.

Marvin took a step forward, stepping on one of the bones.


The sound of the bone shattering echoed in the room.

These skeletons had remained here for who knew how many years. It was already a miracle that they hadn't crumbled away, so they easily shattered when Marvin stepped on them.

In fact, Marvin wasn't purposefully shattering the bones.

The floor of the entire room was covered in a thick layer of bones!

There was no place for anyone to walk around.

That tyrant had no intention of letting others disturb his rest.

And after crossing through the gate Marvin noticed that everything happening on the other side seemed to have nothing to do with the room he was in.

At least, Marvin couldn't hear any sounds of fighting.

The Black Knight wouldn't catch up for a bit.

In the entire room, only the sounds of Marvin's feet shattering the bones could be heard.

Otherwise, everything was so quiet that it felt eerie.

Some might hesitate at this, but with Marvin's willpower and courage, he would hardly be bothered.

Marvin's goal was very simple. He wanted Sodom's Blades.

And to get them, he would have to find the Bloody Emperor's corpse.

But Marvin was wondering, 'So where is the Bloody Emperor's corpse?'

He saw too many skeletons in this place and saw weapons that were covered in dust, but nothing special entered his eyes.

The Monk skill, [Earth Perception], seemed to be extremely restricted in this space. Marvin could only rely on his own eyes to check everything.

That forum post hadn't explained how to obtain Sodom's Blades and had only mentioned that the Bloody Throne was the key.

Thus, Marvin approached the Bloody Throne.

The back of the Bloody Throne was facing Marvin, and as he looked at it, a strange thought appeared in his mind. 'Wasn't it said that the Bloody Emperor's corpse was in the same place as the Bloody Throne?'

'Why can't I see him?'

He had an idea about this as he went past a pile of bones and curved around to the throne's side.

A shallow path through the bones was left in his wake.

A path of bone fragments.

Suddenly, Marvin stopped!

His eyes focused on the throne!

His expression became somewhat amazed.

'This... is the Bloody Emperor?'

He really saw a corpse on the throne!

But that corpse was a little too unusual.

It was outside Marvin's expectations.

It simply had never occurred to him that the only tyrant to unify the Underdark might actually be a very short man.

He was definitely a Human from the Underdark, but he was extremely short, not even reaching 150cm.

This shock lasted a few seconds before Marvin laughed to himself shortly after, 'Who said the Bloody Emperor was a tall man?'

'Who decided that a short person couldn't become the tyrant over an empire?'

He was certain that the short corpse half-leaning on the throne was the Bloody Emperor.

Because he noticed not only that pair of dark and dusty curved daggers, but also a blood jade.

[Ruler's Blood Jade]. This was the item used to prove the inheritance of the ruler's status. It was said that a frightening secret was hidden inside.

Unfortunately, the Underdark had always been chaotic, and after the Bloody Emperor's death, the empire immediately collapsed. The Underdark once again sank into unrest and became divided.

Without thinking any further, Marvin reached out and grabbed Sodom's Blades.

He had some respect for the tyrant's might, but time was pressing so he couldn't dawdle.

Black Knight Sangore shouldn't be far behind.

His hand grasped the handle of a dagger, but when he was about to pull it back... a withered hand grabbed Marvin's wrist.

Marvin was startled!

'There was still something else?'


"The Scorched Hell is a wonderful place."

Outside the Tomb's entrance, Saydis was casually saying, "I heard that your master's head had been cut off by someone many years ago and that he has now retrieved it."

Blackhand frowned.

Saydis may have still been just probing before, but that line was naked provocation.

Archdevil Diross was one of the nine Ancient Angels who founded the Nine Hells. His strength couldn't be underestimated. But that scandal was the taboo of the Scorched Hell.

In this world, few people knew that Diross' head had been captured and used by a clan on Feinan.

In those years, the Nine Hells had allied together. Otherwise, during the years with no Archdevils being born, they would have already been conquered.

Now, Diross had returned.

But very few knew that the current Diross wasn't the powerful Angel that had been the founder of the Scorched Hell.

Saydis knew of this, of course.

He already found out this secret of the Scorched Hell from his father's mouth and rarely showed respect to the Scorched Hell's Devils. As for this lowly Devil before him, he disdained even looking at him.

Part of it was his impatience due to not being able to enter the tomb. That damn liar had made preparations against Devils, so if he rashly entered, he might end up remaining inside forever.

Thus, he could only wait outside with that lowly Devil.

And furthermore, he couldn't even harm this minion because they were in Devil Town. Saydis was in a very bad mood, so he spoke words of ridicule and scorn.

Compared to Saydis, Blackhand seemed a lot calmer. "Sir Saydis' opinion will be passed on to my Lord."

Saydis glared at him. "Using Diross to threaten me? Who do you think you are!"

Blackhand indifferently said, "I wouldn't dare."

Saydis sneered, "Although I don't know what you are planning, not many people know that cheat as well as I do!"

"Are Sodom's Blades that good? You think he just died and left nothing behind to protect them?"

Blackhand was silent. The other side wasn't wrong. If there was someone in this world who understood the Bloody Emperor the most, it was definitely Saydis.

"What did he leave behind?" Blackhand asked somewhat stiffly.

Saydis paused before mischievously laughing, "His spirit."


'His spirit? Or is it something else!?'

In fact, when this idea popped into Marvin's mind, he immediately felt that it was impossible!

The spirit wasn't something that one could leave behind.

In the long rivers of history, some powerful ones were able to obtain the Plane Will's approval and be qualified to request for their spirit to be able to keep living in another way, letting it escape the grasp of the Underworld. But this was a very challenging matter.

Marvin's body had a spirit inheritance attached to him!

But that was the mighty Night Monarch!

That was the one who led mankind and other races to leave the Wilderness and establish order in the ancient times. That was a true monarch.

The Bloody Emperor was very powerful, but he hadn't been strong enough to leave his spirit behind. There was no doubt about it.

However, Marvin saw the corpse starting to swell, and some dark flesh began appearing out of nowhere, slowly filling the spaces between the bones.

The grip of the hand that had caught Marvin was gradually strengthening. He had no choice but to accept this!

This wasn't just a corpse becoming animated!

But it was an even more terrifying spirit!

At this split second, apart from torrents of curses toward the one who wrote the post in the forum, all kinds of speculations as to how the Bloody Emperor had left his spirit behind appeared in his mind.

Because it was already a reality!

He pulled his hand away and his silhouette flickered among the piles of bones!

His instincts told him to stay as far as possible from the throne!

Although his Perception seemed to be weakened substantially inside this room, that feeling of danger was like a tide rising up and threatening his mind.

Spiritual possession of a body wasn't resurrection. It was only a part of a spirit attaching itself to a physical body.

Marvin had known that the tyrant wouldn't have let him get the Artifact easily, but if he had known that the test was to face Sodom's spirit, he would have rather not entered this frightening place!

He knew about the power of a spirit.

Back when he wasn't even a Legend yet, he was able to kill Madeline thanks to the help of the Night Monarch's spirit imprint!

Although there was also the matter of the sudden attack and catching her off guard, the frightening power from the spirit left a deep impression in Marvin's mind.

That was only a part of the spirit of the Night Monarch, a remnant, nothing more. Most of his strength was left in the stone tablet in that underground location.

The power for the Night Walker advancements was actually a continuous flow supplied by the spirit of the Night Monarch.

And now, Marvin would have to face a spirit that was most likely at full strength.

Back in the 3rd Era, that guy had been known as a sovereign that could slaughter Gods!

Thinking of this, a chilling feeling appeared in Marvin's mind, and he turned to escape!

His speed was like lightning, and in a blink, he was just in front of the stone gate!

Only one more step and he could escape.

But that step wasn't crossed.

A bloody light appeared out of nowhere, and Marvin's body stopped, because in that split second, the area in front of him disintegrated!

Sharp blades ripped apart space itself and brushed past Marvin's face, and a cut appeared on his face!

Blood flew, followed by a sharp pain.

Marvin hurriedly retreated.

That short withered corpse was holding the daggers, mumbling something as it unhesitantly attacked!

Marvin smiled bitterly, but his will was still firm.

He turned and drew his [Azure Leaf] daggers, meeting the enemy head-on.

"Ting! Clang! Peng!"

After three clashes, Marvin didn't dare to believe what he saw...

The Great Elven King's dagger...