Chapter 573: Eternal Frozen Spring

 Chapter 573: Eternal Frozen Spring

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Based on Shawn's story, the change in the Eternal Frozen Spring really was related to the return of the Dark Specters.

This was actually good news for Marvin.

The [Underdark Winter] was a large-scale storyline quest, and although Marvin didn't directly participate in it, he had read many messages about it in the forums and had a pretty good understanding of the quest.

The Eternal Frozen Spring was a very mysterious place, known as the coldest place in the world.

Even the peak of the snowy mountain in the Far North wasn't as cold as the Eternal Frozen Spring.

Some believed that the Ice God slumbered below the Eternal Frozen Spring, while others said that the Eternal Frozen Spring was the convergence point of the Universe's cold essences.

But whatever the case, the Eternal Frozen Spring was a very dangerous area.

When the [Final Ghost Mother] instance was unveiled, countless guilds had been wiped out at the Eternal Frozen Spring.

Afterwards, people gradually summed up their experiences.

To get rid of the Final Ghost Mother, one had to do a preparatory quest to obtain a sword that was specialized in killing Ghost Mothers. At the same time, they had to resist the countless Dark Specters on the path to the Final Ghost Mother. This required five Wizards with 6th-circle barriers against ghosts. The last thing needed was high Cold Resistance.

Marvin remembered that when the Eternal Frozen Spring instance was first unveiled, the price of equipment with Cold Resistance became outrageously excessive. Furthermore, ruthless merchants were adding to the momentum.

But, simply put, the difficulty of this instance was way too high.

Even a typical team of Legends wouldn't be able to clear it!

From this, it could be seen how frightening the Final Ghost Mother was!


"As far as I know, the Dark Specter clan didn't originate from Feinan. They invaded Feinan in ancient times and created panic in Feinan's lifeforms."

"But under the guidance of the Night Monarch and other heroes, the people of Feinan killed the Ghost Mothers and sealed the Final Ghost Mother in the Eternal Frozen Spring."

"This was because the Dark Specter clan only had one fear, extreme cold."

"But after so many years, Dark Specters appeared once again. There was only one possibility: Not only had the Eternal Frozen Spring's seal become loose, but after a millennium of tempering and enduring, they got rid of their last weakness. They no longer feared the cold."

Taking a deep breath, Marvin calmly continued his analysis. "But the good thing is that the Dark Specter clan is a kind of very peculiar community. They don't have their own awareness. They are all controlled by a Ghost Mother. A Ghost Mother represents a collective consciousness, and overall, their actions are controlled by the Final Ghost Mother. After such a long time, the number of Ghost Mothers in the Eternal Frozen Spring should be no more than five, but each Ghost Mother would probably control thousands of Dark Specters.

Jessica immediately understood Marvin's meaning. "So you're saying that these monsters don't have individual thoughts and that as long as we kill these Ghost Mothers, the Dark Specters will also die?"

Marvin nodded.

In his eyes, rather than their previous weakness to the cold, this was the Dark Specters' biggest flaw.

Although the Dark Specters could be very destructive, they had no wills of their own and could only listen to the Ghost Mothers.

The Ghost Mother behind the group of monsters attacking Rocky Mountain should be hiding somewhere.

It seems that the Final Ghost Mother in the Eternal Frozen Spring had cooked up a big scheme.

After eliminating Brightsow, she began to lead her own pawns toward the surface.

Marvin knew that the Dark Specter clan was very frightening.

Unlike other monsters, their only purpose in the world was expansion!

Continuous expansion!

Up until the entire Universe became a world of Ghosts!

This lifeform was somewhat similar to the Astral Plane Locusts. But Locusts would inevitably have natural predators, but this didn't seem to be the case for the Dark Specter clan, at least in this Universe.

If he had any choice, the Night Monarch wouldn't have just sealed the Final Ghost Mother away.

He did so because he was unable to kill her.

The Dark Specters were that frightening. Hope City was surrounded by bodies taken over by Dark Specters and was on the brink of crisis.

Fortunately, before Marvin left, he took the time to tell Kate what he knew about Dark Specters.

With her Protection Fate Power and the power from the Source of Fire's Order, even if that Ghost Mother went all-out, there should be no issue holding them off for another ten days, or maybe even half a month.

And during that time, Marvin and Jessica could accomplish their goal.


"Then what are we waiting for?!" Jessica had always had a fiery temper. "You know so much about the Eternal Frozen Spring, so let's kill our way in and get rid of that Ghost Mother."

Marvin smiled bitterly.

"Even the Night Monarch couldn't kill it. Are you sure your Fate Power will fare any better?" he asked.

Jessica remained silent. She was a very powerful woman with a lot of self-confidence.

In all of Feinan, Jessica was considered one of the strongest, if not the strongest, after the Plane Guardians.

Even Marvin estimated that if he fought her, he would only have about a 30% chance of winning. Ruler of the Night was a powerful class, but it couldn't rival the favorites of the Plane Will.

Fate Sorceresses were the ones blessed by fate. They could use spells practically without limits. Each time they acted, multi-casting, critical effects, additional enhancements, or other such things could happen.

Stat-wise, it could be represented as [Luck +5].

But even so, Jessica didn't dare to say that her strength was stronger than that of the Night Monarch!

The Night Monarch had been powerful enough to rival an Ancient God.

"Then what should we do?" She knew that since Marvin had asked like that, he had probably already come up with a plan.

Marvin calmly told her, "Hope City won't be captured in such a short time."

"If we want to breach the Eternal Frozen Spring, it won't be enough with just the two of us. We need the help of other forces."

"Other forces?" A strange expression flashed in Jessica's eyes.

At that time, a dark shadow appeared on Brightsow streets.

A Drow!

Jessica was on guard!

Marvin waved his hand, hinting that she didn't need to be nervous.

"Master... I immediately rushed over after your summons," Raven reported obediently as she knelt on the ground.

"Master? You actually have a Drow slave?" Jessica looked at Marvin with a weird gaze!

'That guy is so wretched and horny, look at this Drow's clothes, who knows what that guy is up to?!' The Fate Sorceress already started worrying about her younger sister.

Marvin coughed, trying to get rid of the awkward atmosphere. "It is quite helpful that you managed to survive despite the attacks of the Dark Specter clan. Now, I need to understand the current situation in the Underdark."