Chapter 548: Rebirth

 Chapter 548: Rebirth

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When these words came out of Molly's mouth, every being in the Universe felt an indescribable throbbing!

The Astral Sea, the Nine Hells, the bottomless Abyss, the Evil Spirit Sea.

Feinan, and the Secondary Planes.

All powerful lifeforms looked upon that scene:

In the boundless darkness, a golden light gradually brightened.

A simple scale was now in front of their eyes.

This scale was pure gold, with some complicated runes carved on it. It rose up, flying toward a distant world!

They all turned their gazes to focus on that world.

The Crimson Wasteland!


In the Regis Ruins, Marvin and the others were also watching that scene in a daze.

The Truth Scale flew over and hovered above Molly's head.

As everyone knew, the Truth Scale was the personal Artifact of the Goddess of Truth. She was the only one in the entire Universe that could completely control the actual Truth Scale.

Under the suppression of the golden light, the Wilderness God, who was still inside Miss Silvermoon's body, was endlessly howling in grief.

"You are back..." a gentle voice echoed.

Faniya had just concluded her confrontation with the Sovereign of the Underworld and returned to the Regis Ruins.

After glancing over everything in a split second, she immediately understood what had happened.

Molly had a terrifying force in her body, there was no doubt about it. But because of the power of that curse, even Faniya hadn't been able to discover her true identity!

"Goddess of Truth... Resurrected!" Minsk mumbled.

The Truth Godhood had been vacant from time immemorial. Because the Goddess of Truth had fallen so incredibly long ago, some people had wondered whether she had actually even existed in the 1st era. And among the fragments of Fate Tablets from the 3rd Era, there was also a fragment of Truth. That fragment of Truth was in the hands of the Wood Elves. Marvin had seen Ivan use it before.

At that time, he had thought that the Truth Goddess was dead for good and couldn't be resurrected in any form.

He hadn't expected that she truly would return, and furthermore, with such an unconventional appearance.

At this moment, Molly was very different from before.

Her external appearance didn't change. She still looked like a little girl, but she was carrying a unique feeling of dignity.

She looked at Faniya and told her, "I was almost unable to return."

Faniya sensitively asked, "That curse?"

Molly's expression was a bit strange as she pointed at the Wilderness God. "It was eaten by him..."

She revealed a smile as she added, "I know that there are some people that want to harm me, but I never expected that they would be able to afflict me with a curse that would cause my own power to keep injuring me."

"For so many years, I had to keep suppressing my power. Isn't that ironic?"

"I lived as an ignorant mortal, dying countless times and then resurrecting countless times, spending each day in pain."

"I really hadn't thought that there could be such a way to break the curse..."

The Wilderness God openly stared in shock, with a look full of pain.

All the others listened in a daze.

The Truth Goddess's reincarnation had originally been planned out.

In Feinan, the concept of Gods reincarnating only consisted of rumors. Most people considered the idea to be preposterous. However, Marvin knew that there were some powerful beings with various ways to keep being reincarnated.

In the first Wild War, the Goddess of Truth received injuries that couldn't be healed, so she chose this method to recover her own power.

But she didn't expect that in the process, she would be schemed against by another powerful existence.

That curse had been suppressing her from ancient times till now.

If nothing special had happened to break it, she would have quietly died in a corner of the Universe again and again.

After thinking of how powerful the one that cursed the Goddess of Truth must have been, Marvin felt a chill.

Even the Truth Goddess's reincarnation was unable to break the curse. Such power...

But something unexpected happened in this life.

The appearance of Griffin, this Paladin who always believed in the Truth. He nurtured her and eased her suffering. He protected her and took her from the Secondary Plane she was born in to the Crimson Wasteland.

But in fact, if there had been no Wilderness God, she would still have died from the curse and continued reincarnating.

This was an awful fate.

But the Wilderness God's unique ability accidentally helped Molly.

The Wilderness God swallowed her whole. And to devour the power of the Goddess of Truth, the curse that was binding her had to be consumed first.

Who was the Wilderness God?

In the entire Universe, there was nothing that he didn't dare to or wasn't able to swallow!

Just a fierce curse? He directly ate it!

After the energy from the curse was drained away, the Truth Goddess' Divine Source was stimulated!

In the era when the might of the Truth Goddess could be felt across the Universe, the Wilderness God was still a small vine in the wild!

With the curse removed, she understood everything that had come to pass.

Her Guardian, Griffin, was resurrected by her Rebirth spell and then he freed her from the Wilderness God's body!

Marvin sighed at the serendipity of it all. It really was a wonder for these matters to be linked together like that.

The re-emergence of the Truth Goddess would have a huge impact on the whole Universe!

Each of the Gods attacking the Universe Magic Pool cast their sight over, one after the other!

That Ancient God wasn't good-natured like Faniya and some of the others.

In the very sparse records that had mention of her, the Truth Goddess was described as a very ruthless and domineering Goddess.

Her resurrection meant that the God Realms might undergo a cleansing!

The situation in the world would become ever more complicated.

But for Marvin, it was definitely good news for the Goddess of Truth to be resurrected instead of the Wilderness God.

The Ancient Gods and the New Gods were two totally different types of beings.

Although there might not inherently be an antagonistic relationship between them, to the New Gods, her return was clearly not good news.

She was someone that could create trouble for his enemies. Marvin was quite delighted. The more, the better!


"So many people looking... Time to disappoint them," Molly laughed.

A bright halo burst from the Truth Scale that was hovering above her head.

Though the halo was bright, in the eyes of the other powerful existences, the place was plunged into darkness.

But before losing their sight of the area, they more or less were able to see the situation in the Regis Ruins.

They were undoubtedly most dazzled by the Truth Goddess.

It was a fact that the Truth Scale was too conspicuous. As one of the most powerful Artifacts in the Universe, it automatically garnered a great amount of attention.

And then there was the Moon Goddess, Faniya.

Two Great Ancient Gods appearing in the same place together. What did it mean?

Could it be that the Ancient Gods, who had been silent for so long, were about to step back onto the stage?

Many people sank into contemplation.

Even the Gods who had been attacking the Universe Magic Pool were making conjectures.

And the third person who had been noticed there wasn't any of the other powerhouses. Rather, it was Marvin.

"It's that guy again!" A Low God just outside the Universe Magic Pool couldn't help but wonder aloud, "Why is there a trace of him at every major event?"

The three Great Gods also had expressions of surprise.

As for Grant, the God of Dawn and Protection, he was shaking his head gravely.

He knew more about Marvin than the other Gods there did!

When Dragon God Hartson was trying to get his Divine Source back, that kid had also been in the Nightmare Boundary.

But at that time, Grant had been too busy facing Hartson and couldn't pay attention to him.

First was the destruction of the Evil Spirit World and the death of the Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles. Following that was the slaying of a God. The pitiful Dark Phoenix was killed who knows how many times by Marvin before miserably reaching her end. At the beginning of the Great Calamity, he was also the first one to stand out and ignite the Source of Fire's Order. He established the White River Valley Sanctuary, which was one of the most powerful ones, drawing much attention from the Gods.

Now, he appeared at the same place as the two Ancient Gods in the Crimson Wasteland.

And he seemed to be pretty close with the newly born God of Truth.

This made Marvin seem very suspicious!

Was this guy really just an ordinary Human?

Many Gods were wondering to themselves.


In the Regis Ruins, the atmosphere relaxed somewhat after the gazes of the onlookers were blocked.

With the Truth Goddess' help, Faniya forced the Wilderness God out of Miss Silvermoon's body.

She had originally planned to seal the Wilderness God away once more. After all, she still hadn't found a way to completely kill the Wilderness God... but it was different now.

The Truth Goddess had come from an even earlier time than Faniya. The Truth Scale was dreaded because it was an Artifact with the ability to kill a God!

Let alone a weakened Wilderness God, even if he was at his peak, before the might of the Truth Scale, he could only face inevitable defeat!

The process of killing the Wilderness God seemed extremely simple. Scoured by the bursting golden light, the last droplet of crimson blood completely evaporated. Every single trace of the Wilderness God was wiped out. That God didn't exist in the Universe anymore.

After dealing with that problem, they all sighed in relief.

Faniya looked at the unconscious Miss Silvermoon with a complicated expression.

The Truth Goddess shook her head and slowly walked toward Marvin.

"Molly... Eh... I think... I don't know how I should address you now..." Marvin stuttered awkwardly.

He had yet to come to terms with her change of identity.

Molly gave him a brilliant smile. "Calling me Molly is fine."

"This is my name. The resurrection process of Ancient Gods is far more complex than you can imagine. Goddess of Truth refers to my status, not my name."

Marvin nodded.

He didn't sense any sort of crushing power emanating from Molly's body. But Hathaway and Minsk were a bit different. They seemed to be greatly affected, forced to keep exerting their power to resist the pressure.

"Do you wish to become my Guardian?" Molly asked pleasantly.

"This time, it is official."