Chapter 532: Thief

 Chapter 532: Thief

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The great number of Life-Severing Ivies made the bound powerhouses lose hope.

The cyan ivy tightened around their bodies, speeding up the rate of vitality absorption. The victims became weaker and weaker.

But at that time, a loud and powerful voice echoed, "Everyone! The Legend Laws are back!"

The Legends all froze in surprise and looked toward the origin of the voice.

It was a clean looking man with limpid eyes. There were a few stalks of ivy on his body, but he soon struggled free.


"It's actually Minsk! I saw a portrait of him before! So he didn't die!"

They were all startled for a moment before regaining their wits. Since Minsk could free himself from the ivy, they should also be able to!

After all, even though Minsk was strong, he had been trapped in the Wilderness Hall for so many years. His strength should have already been seriously reduced.

If he was right about the Legend Laws recovering, then these people had the confidence to break free from the Life-Severing Ivies.

All kinds of light burst from the ceiling. The trapped Legends all used their own methods to attempt to free themselves.

After trying it out, everyone found that Minsk was indeed right, and the Legend Laws were truly restored!

But their expressions then became very unsightly.

Under the mass of ivy, the flower with flaming petals approached.

Although the man's face had already disappeared from it, the flower still had a horrifying power.

It rushed over from the side, its petals spinning like a Grim Reaper's scythe as it pounced onto one of the Legends that was still extricating himself.

The latter failed to dodge and was swallowed by the flower!

The flame kept burning as the screams of the Legend burst out from within the flower. But the flower quickly finished digesting him and then aimed at the next target.

The ivies continued pouncing at the Legends with their bloody mouths open.

They were trying to drag those guys to the flower!

But the process was much more difficult now. Without the Legend Laws, the Legends would have been trampled upon, but now that the Legend Laws were effective again, they were much harder to handle.

There was a Barbarian who forcibly tore apart two Life-Severing Ivies that were biting at him as he cut a path out of the battlefield.

With his renewed power, he was able to harden his body to resist attacks.

"Haaaa!" the Barbarian bellowed while breaking the ivy surrounding him.


He dropped nimbly to the ground.

Anger could be seen on his face as curses were still coming out of his mouth. "That piece of shit Bandel, I'll kill him..."

But before he finished talking, flames burst out behind him!

"Fighting back is only making things harder for you."

"You are my rations!"

That flower pounced at him with a shriek, and the Barbarian was instantly consumed by the conflagration!

Even with the Legend Laws, he still couldn't resist!

That flower was the most important part of the Wilderness God's avatar!

Sharp teeth spread on the edges of the petals and with the help of the fire, they revolved like a circular saw, cutting the Barbarian in two.


The loud swallowing sound, the blazing petals, and the barbed ivy created an appallingly hellish scene. The hope that had just risen from the Legends' hearts had suddenly died down.

Although most of them had freed themselves from their bindings, they still didn't have the ability to escape the temple!

Their power was also recovering very slowly.

Moreover, a few unlucky ones had already been torn apart by the ivy and delivered to the flower. They were devoured and turned into nutriment.

Those who managed to safely reach the ground began to gather around Minsk.

But their surroundings were filled with Life-Severing Ivies!

And there was still that highly threatening flower of flame!

The whispers of the Wilderness God's avatar kept echoing in their ears:

"You have no way out! You can only become my food!"

Minsk's face sank, and he looked a bit weak. When the mass of ivy rushed down, they would surely break the temporary defensive line. But at that time, a low chant began to echo from above.

Minsk's eyes shone as he apparently remembered something.

Following this chant, the movement of the cyan ivy slowed, becoming very sluggish.

Everyone looked at the girl that had appeared, feeling stunned.

Hathaway was there with her face covered. She wore a very pointy hat and a purple mantle.

Her voice was soft and gentle, but her chant carried a power that couldn't be resisted.

'Ancient God Language, no... This is Anzed Language...'


Minsk took a deep breath.

A faint light appeared in his eyes as he thought, 'The events of that year, they were really related to the Anzed Witches. The agreement between the Moon Goddess and them... is it the agreed time?'

Others were just thankful for the intervention.

Hathaway's appearance helped them greatly, blocking and weakening almost all of the Life-Severing Ivies.

Most of the remaining Legends were either extremely strong powerhouses like Minsk who had suffered years of torture but still had a certain amount of strength, or those who just joined the Wilderness Hall so that they hadn't lost much of their power yet. They were still able to fight.

As long as they had an opportunity, they would be able to gather their strength and fight back.


Sword shadows flashed, spells were thrown.

Soon, the powerhouses coordinated and annihilated a great amount of cyan ivy.

The fiery flower seemed extremely angry that its prey was fighting back.

The flames soared, nearly burning all the ivy around it.

"Who are you?! Why are you able to suppress my power?" the evil flower growled. "You dare to steal the power from the great Wilderness God!"

"Steal?" Hathaway sneered, "Solog, after sleeping for so many years, have you forgotten who the biggest thief of all is?!"

"After stealing the Anzed's power, haven't you ever thought that one day, this power that doesn't belong to you might leave you?"

"Today is the day of reckoning!"

After saying this, her chant became even louder.

An illusion appeared behind her body.

In the illusion, countless women wearing long Witch dresses were kneeling on the ground, worshipping piously.

The Witches were facing a pitch-black field, and in the center, a flower sprang up out of the ground and blossomed!

Every petal of that flower was a different color.


The chanting of the illusory Witches echoed across the hall.

Everyone could feel that it was attenuating the power of the cyan ivy.

"No... This is my power!" bellowed the Wilderness God.

At that time, a shadow silently appeared behind the blazing flower.

He was holding a jar in his hand, his movements very graceful.