Chapter 524: Oracle

 Chapter 524: Oracle

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The Hunting Ground was still saturated with rich acid smell.

But strangely enough the soil was fine.

Marvin was moving composedly, merging with the wilderness, transforming into a light and swift shadow.

He soon reached that group.

'Dream Shrine?!'

Marvin squinted, but there was no hint of nervousness in his heart.

These people weren't with the two Dream Guardians.

That seemed to be a lone group.

'This should be the force of Holy Light City's Dream Shrine.'

Marvin attentively glanced around, these people were surrounding a very strange beast.

That beast had six eyes, a body reminiscent of a flexible leopard, and a shocking instantaneous movement ability.

This was a rare lifeform that even the knowledgeable Marvin hadn't seen before.

It wasn't part of the Abyss, Hell, the Negative Energy Plane, or the Astral Plane!

It was possibly a monster of ancient times.

Marvin suddenly felt the imprint on his hand throbbing.

A flash of understanding appeared in his mind, 'I'll get a Hunter Imprint as long as I kill this Leopard.'

'Turns out they are gathering Hunter Imprints. Looks like they also want to enter the Wilderness Hall.'

'But, why do they seem so prepared? It's as if they intended to enter the temple to begin with?!'

Marvin noticed that these Shrine's Paladins were perfectly coordinating, and even though that Leopard was nimble and even had special abilities, he already got surrounded.

The six Paladins clearly had the blessings of the Dream God.

These blessings let them have the same strength as ordinary Legends even after being deprived of their Legend abilities. This situation should have been within their plans.

Marvin became a bit more alert.

He had estimated that the two Dream Guardians only had a slight advantage without their Legend abilities.

But this was only if both sides had the same foundation, he didn't account for those Dream Guardians' blessings.

This was a Law from another Domain altogether, even if the Wilderness God was powerful, he was unable to erase a Law belonging to a God.

'Meeting those two Dream Guardians would still be bad.'

Marvin silently thought. These people were also like that, although they weren't as powerful as the Dream Guardians, there was a lot of them, and he was alone. It would be very difficult to beat them.

Just as he was about to quietly circumvent them, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind, 'Careful! Don't go south, there are two people ready to handle you there.'

This was Paladin Griffin's voice.

Marvin silently raised his head.

Among the Paladins, a cloaked one was expressionlessly looking in his direction!

'Such a powerful Perception...'

Although he already knew that someone able to condense the Truth Scale was bound to be outstanding, Marvin was still shocked by his Perception.

The Dream Shrine's group had a total of seven people, six Paladins and one Cleric, but none of them managed to find Marvin.

Only the one carrying a small girl on his back, Griffin, noticed him. And he also used a special method to relay the information directly to Marvin's mind.

He inexplicably felt a connection being gradually established, his mind and the Paladin's became temporarily linked.

Marvin was somewhat shocked.

Because he found out that this ability wasn't a type of magic. Marvin had previously ascended from the Ruler of the Night class, he naturally knew the difference between mortals' magic and God's Divine Spells' Laws.

This power was closer to Divine Spell Law!

That guy had already become that strong? But mankind couldn't break through the limits unless they had Fate Tablets.

And it didn't appear after the fall of the God of Truth, could that guy have broken through the Law?

Marvin didn't have time to continue carefully thinking about it, as Griffin had already said, 'Even if I don't know how you offended these people, those two Dream Guardians aren't easy to deal with. Even if I didn't befriend them, we have met before and they went south in order to deal with you.'

Marvin doubtfully said, 'Why did you come here? Are these people of the Dream Shrine not with them?'

The Paladin quickly said, 'I reached an agreement with them. Only by doing this are they willing to remove Molly's Curse. This group and the two Dream Guardians aren't working together, their goal is Cold Light's Grasps.'

They were indeed prepared to come here.

Marvin took a profound glance at that Cleric, he could feel that this was a powerful Cleric, but his Perception wasn't as sharp as Griffin.

His attention was still on that Leopard.

Marvin took advantage of that inattention to hurriedly ask, 'What do you know about this Hunting Ground? Moreover, what kind of deal do you have with them?'

Griffin mumbled, 'From the information the Dream Shrine obtained about this place, the Wilderness God didn't resurrect. A lunatic activated the Autumn Hunting Ground. It is said to be the Wilderness God's disciple, a Lich called Bandel. That Bandel wandered the Crimson Wasteland for hundred years and had been looking for many clues related to the Wilderness God. I'm not too sure about the details, this is the information obtained by the Dream Shrine from the Dream God's oracle. There shouldn't be a mistake.'


This was that big?

Marvin was startled.

If he wasn't wrong, the Gods were still working tirelessly on attacking the Universe Magic Pool!

This was a very crucial time, the Universe Magic Pool could not only counterattack, it also had a very powerful recovery ability. Moreover, there were at least two Plane Guardians fighting back.

Taking the time to send an oracle in such a situation proved how much the God valued this event.

The Dream God wasn't a weak God. From Marvin's understanding of him, he was shrewd and very sinister, there were definitely things hidden behind the scene!

'Forgot to remind you, don't look down on these Paladins, they are all Adjudicators.'

Griffin's voice quietly echoed in his mind, 'Although I'm not sure why the Dream Shrine would gather such a large force for an inferior artifact, your current situation is very dangerous.'

'The only thing I can do for you is to let you know this. Leave quick.'

'If we are lucky, we might meet again in the Wilderness Hall.'

Marvin's heart warmed up.

Honestly, he didn't have a deep friendship with that Paladin.

They only fought together on the snow mountain. At that time, Marvin dealt with the Mist Dragon on his own to prevent the fight from affecting the young Molly. Griffin clearly had remembered this.

If he hadn't been warned by Griffin, Marvin would have already gone toward the south.

'Thanks, I'll look for Hunter Imprints somewhere else.'

Marvin knew that staying here would be too dangerous, and after thanking Griffin, he quickly withdrew.

Griffin revoked the connection.

At that time, a faint smile suddenly appeared on the Cleric who had been watching the battle.