Chapter 515: Whisperer

 Chapter 515: Whisperer

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This strange situation startled Marvin!

The body of a Goddess who had fallen for who knows how many years... moved?

He couldn't help rubbing his eyes.

When he glanced at the statue once again, the latter was unmoving.

Marvin felt like it had been an illusion.

'Did I really see wrong?'

He walked around the statue twice, watching very suspiciously, but no matter how he checked it, that statue remained motionless.

Her hands were emitting a faint light, like a star in the sky.

Marvin felt a strange feeling crawl up his spine.

He kept feeling something was wrong.

Could the Lich have done something to Miss Silvermoon's Divine Body?

With regards to magic, although Marvin was considered to have extensive knowledge, he wasn't a Wizard himself, so what he knew was limited.

At his level, he still couldn't see through the Lich's motives.

From the discussion between the Jade Banshee and the Lich, Marvin knew that a Barrier would be set up soon.

He didn't want to needlessly start trouble here, so he decided to leave before it activated.

He took advantage of the remaining time to look around the dungeon.

Marvin was especially careful with the Dungeon Core.

He found that this Dungeon Core was in a kind of slumber. It was surrounded by a sealing array. Marvin didn't understand the array so he didn't dare to rashly meddle with it.

But the good news was that this Dungeon Core might still be usable.

If that was the case, then it was an invaluable treasure. If he could get his hands on it, it wouldn't be inferior to the Sanctuary's foundations.

After a close examination, Marvin discovered that the Dungeon Core's heartbeats were quieter due to the sealing array.

In theory, the energy contained within the Dungeon Core was a lot stronger than what was apparent on the surface!

If an opportunity came up, he would find a way to get this Dungeon Core.

'It seems as if the Lich doesn't care about the Dungeon Core. Otherwise, he would have already taken it,' Marvin observed.

There were clearly more important things in the Regis Ruins, and the Lich apparently only cared about Miss Silvermoon's body and neglected the Dungeon Core.

Otherwise, with the Lich's knowledge, undoing that seal wouldn't be an issue.

Time was almost up, Marvin used Stealth and safely left the Regis Ruins.

He followed the dark tunnel back and emerged from the bushes, and went through the black forest to return to the Torch Path. Everything seemed fine.

Marvin didn't come across the Jade Banshee on his way back.

But from her conversation with the Lich, she had been called over to help him. With the Lich's great strength, for him to still need a helper, who knew what that guy was planning?

Could this be related to Cold Light's Grasps?

It seemed like he could only go to Holy Light City to ask for information to confirm his conjectures.

Marvin didn't tarry any longer. After going back to the Torch Path, he used the Greyhawk Staff to summon a steed and then rode away.

An hour later, he wasn't far from Holy Light City.

Marvin dismounted and used Disguise, intending to sneak into the city.

Holy Light City's guards were very strict. Non-Humans and people embroiled in conflicts with the God Realms couldn't enter.

Fortunately, Marvin had the pass from Eisengel and the guard who checked didn't make things awkward for him, simply letting him go in.

Marvin felt uncomfortable after entering Holy Light City.

There was an oppressing feeling.

The Gods' emblems flashed past Marvin's eyes.

Naturally, everyone wearing a God's emblem was a follower at the Legend rank. These people normally had higher status than ordinary believers. They were qualified to wear higher church emblems and obtain more favors from the Gods.

Holy Light City was a city with many Gods' forces.

On the surface, mankind's powerhouses also had their own influence, managing to share the limelight with the God Realms thanks to the presence of some powerful organizations, but the pressure from the Gods was still very huge.

Marvin casually strolled around and found out that the shrines' forces already controlled two-thirds of Holy Light City.

All kinds of Divine Power Attributes were spreading around, as there seemed to be some kind of competition between shrines.

Marvin's Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline seemed to be suppressed, making him feel uncomfortable. It would be difficult to use his Shapeshift Sorcerer shapes in this place. If Devils or Demons wanted to come in, they would greatly suffer from the pressure.

'I wonder if Griffin was successful.'

As he passed by a shrine's entrance, he had to endure the solemn guardians' serious stares that raked over all those who went by.

This made Marvin particularly uncomfortable.

He soon left the shrine behind and prepared to leave for the human residential area to look for information.


Mankind lived in the northeast corner of Holy Light City.

Compared to other areas, it looked more like a regular Human town.

There was a tavern, an inn, a weapon shop, a downtown area, multiple blocks, and long-term residential areas.

Regardless of where one was, taverns were always the go-to for quick information gathering.

Marvin observed the flow rate of patrons at a few taverns before ultimately choosing to go into a tavern called [Whisperer].

The tavern was extremely noisy. Marvin casually looked for a corner and called for a cup of alcohol before calmly sitting down.

Holy Light City truly had too many Legends.

Those who frequented this place were all Legends. A Legend's strength in a frightening place like the Crimson Wasteland was like nothing more than a common adventurer's, no big deal.

Adventurers needed to sustain themselves and fight to improve their strength.

But unlike common adventurers, these guys didn't care about their livelihoods. They came here to fulfill their great ambitions and to reach higher realms.

This desire and ambition became the biggest motivation for mankind to progress. And it was also a source of destruction for mankind.

Marvin lingered in the tavern all afternoon, and at nightfall, a barman suddenly walked over.

"Need help?"

The barman was a boy with a pair of pretty eyes and was smiling cheerfully.

"I didn't call for any services." Marvin twirled his cup, which was half-empty.

The barman smiled, responding, "That is true, but I think you might need my services."

"You sat here alone for a very long time, yet you didn't look around, which means that you weren't waiting for someone."

"Your expression is peaceful, so you're not the kind of person who needs alcohol to relieve his boredom. Then there should only be one reason for you to come to Whisperer."

"Don't you want to ask for something?" he inquired while wearing a proud smile.

"Bang!" Marvin smacked his cup on the table, a pondering smirk on his face.