Chapter 484: Elemental Plane of Water

 Chapter 484: Elemental Plane of Water

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The greatest negative effect of turning into an Evil Spirit would be the serious harm to one's intelligence.

Nothing could be done about that.

Many Evil Spirit Envoys were troubled about it. If they wanted to become big shots of the Negative Energy Plane, then they needed a way to withstand the negative energy invading their minds.

Dragon God Hartson, Diggles, and the like, naturally had their own methods.

But ordinary Evil Spirits didn't enjoy such advantages.

Like the two Dragons who became corrupted.

This was considered the biggest disadvantage of Evil Spirits. There was no lack of intelligence for the powerhouses, but their subordinates were somewhat retarded...

The Evil Spirit Sea gave them formidable power, but the power of negative energies came with a price. After their intelligence was impaired, they could only follow orders and lost the most basic ability to make proper judgements.

Marvin only needed a simple Origami Clone to lure the two corrupt Dragons away.

As he became more efficient in his Origami skill, he became able to use multiple Origami Clones.

But that low level Origami Clone couldn't even be compared to those of Shadow Thief Owl. Even people with normal eyesight would be able to notice the difference. The folds were too rough, to the point that Marvin had never used it in the previous battles.

But it was good enough to trick Dragons that had lost much of their cognitive abilities.

Thus, just as the Origami Clone lured the Dragons away, Marvin immediately dashed toward the depths of the forest.

He didn't know how long the Origami Clone could last, so the sooner he reached Louise's location, the better.


What Marvin didn't know was that if he hadn't been on the opposite side of the Nightmare Boundary, and Hartson wasn't discussing with Grant, he wouldn't have been able to escape. Although the Evil Dragons were corrupt, Hartson could still control them remotely.

But while in a confrontation with Grant, Hartson didn't dare to be distracted.

This was one of the most powerful Gods.

Moreover, Hartson just heard something he was very unwilling to hear about from Grant:


During that time, Marvin escaped unnoticed.

"You kidding?" Hartson paled. "Don't you know that Lance already fell?"

"Otherwise, why would you dare to attack the Universe Magic Pool that he personally created?"

The God of Dawn and Protection calmly asked, "Where did you get that information?"

The Evil Spirit Overlord froze as he muttered, "Your God Realms... Hold on..."

Hartson was suddenly frightened. "This is fake information spread by the three of you?"

Regarding the matter of Lance's fall, all the powerful existences paid attention to it.

The recent actions of the God Realms, along with the three Great Gods exploring the Primal Chaos Fringe, ultimately led to some rumors, leading most people to think that the Wizard God had already fallen.

Hell, the Abyss, the Negative Energy Plane... Countless powerhouses were already rolling up their sleeves, waiting for an opportunity to march into Feinan.

But at this time in the Nightmare Boundary, Hartson suddenly understood Grant's expression.

"Without this fake news, how would they dare to attack the Universe Magic Pool?"

Grant smiled as he added, "Or else, wouldn't you all have kept hiding in the shadows?"

"Whether the Wizard God is dead or not is unknown."

"But I personally believe he is alive. If he is, what do you think he will do when he sees you?"

Hartson felt cold.

Back then, he didn't hesitate to play dead. Losing part of his Divine Source in order to remain beneath the notice of the Wizard God wasn't for no reason.

He was extremely frightened by that terrifying existence.

Evil Spirits weren't immune to fear. To them, the stronger they grew, the more they would fear death.

After enjoying this kind of strength and status, it would be too painful to lose it again.

He knew that with his oath, if Lance was still alive and found out that he had played dead, he definitely wouldn't let it slide.

At that time, even if that existence was about to be born in the Evil Spirit Sea, it wouldn't be able to save him.

But Hartson wasn't scared away so easily by Grant's words.

He coldly retorted, "If Lance was still alive, then after seeing you attack his Universe Magic Pool, wouldn't he have beaten you down already?"

"Grant, you are still so crafty. Being the God of Dawn and Protection doesn't fit you. The position for the God of Deception is vacant, you should try it out.

He didn't think that Grant would just smile slyly. "Did you know, attacking the Universe Magic Pool is a personal plan of the three of us?"

"How could you know that Lance didn't want to see the Universe Magic Pool be destroyed?"

"Sir Hartson, your vision is still too shallow..."

"You are an outsider to this plane. You were never able to clearly understand the situation and vainly tried to rule this world. This isn't something a smart person would do."

"Well, I don't want to leak out more information. Whether you believe my words or not, I'll give you a choice."

"Leave this world, or I'll go tear apart the [Evil Dragon Cemetery]."

Grant's tone was extremely resolute and overbearing, but it also seemed so natural, as if everything was a matter of course.

Hartson's face turned green.


In the forest, Marvin was running swiftly.

From what Louise said, that lake wasn't far, and he quickly found it.

But that lake was a bit deep. After taking an underwater breathing potion, Marvin took about ten minutes to reach the bottom of the lake.

"You are late!"

"Forget it, I don't feel like arguing with you. Let's leave first."

Louise swam up from the side and pulled Marvin's hand to lead him to an area filled with rocks.

In the pile of rocks, a narrow Teleportation Gate was surprisingly opened.

Marvin felt that the rune on the Teleportation Gate was a bit familiar.

But Louise didn't give Marvin a chance to look at it properly and forced him into the Teleportation Gate.

After some time, Marvin opened his eyes.

He was still surrounded by water.

'Eh? Did the Teleportation fail?'

Seeing the similar surroundings, Marvin's heart sank.

But then, his eyes widened.

Two rows of twelve Higher Water Elemental Guardians suddenly appeared and bowed in Marvin's direction. "Welcome, Princess."

"Princess has worked hard, Our Majesty the King already awaits at the heart of the whirlpool."

Marvin mumbled under his breath, "Elemental Plane of Water..."