Chapter 476: Whole New World

 Chapter 476: Whole New World

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Black Dragon Ikarina wasn't acting alone. A man with a blue gown was next to her.

It wasn't hard to guess that this was the Ancient Blue Dragon.

The two were whispering, apparently discussing a deal.

Marvin was unable to understand what they were talking about since they used Draconic.

However, Marvin had been discovered by Ikarina before, which reminded him to be more careful as the Dragons' Perception didn't seem to be affected much by the Chromatic Altar or temple.

The strength of Blue Dragons was average, but all the Dragons here were Ancient Dragons.

In fact, even if Marvin had Weeping Sky in hand, facing a Dragon that was able to use magic would be very troublesome.

Dragons were very sensitive to killing intent, so even if he sneak attacked, it might not necessarily go smoothly.

Marvin managed to kill Fati in one move, but this was partly due to luck and the other side underestimating him.

If it was a Chromatic Dragon, except for a Black Dragon, Marvin wouldn't be able to deal with it easily.

He could take care of the Black Dragons due to the weapon's power.

He had just advanced to Legend, after all. Although the Human Race had the best potential, potential needed time and effort to turn into strength.


Thus, after finding the two Dragons, Marvin didn't act impulsively and kept a certain distance from them instead: not too far, yet not too close.

He knew that finding the Nightmare Boundary was most important right now.

Even if he wanted to kill Ikarina, he would have a lot of opportunities in the Nightmare Boundary, so there was no need to worry about it right now.

As they were getting closer to the Dragon God's tomb, the aura of Divinity was getting more and more intense, and thus, lifeforms with Divinity were becoming more numerous.

But they were easily dispatched by the Dragons.

Marvin was following them so he had it easy. He didn't need to make a move against the monsters.

In fact, it was said that the Dragon God's tomb was below the underground temple, but this was a rumor. Who knew if it was true?

As for the Nightmare Boundary, it was said to be in a large hall on the 3rd floor.

Marvin's surroundings became increasingly darker as he walked forward.

The 3rd floor gave out an oppressive feeling, as if there were a bloodthirsty beast hidden in the shadows, ready to jump out anytime to swallow them in one bite.

The statues on both sides of the hall and hallways became even more realistic, looking like they might come to life.

These were the statues of the Dragon Race's Guardians.

But the strange part was that the expressions of the statues were very malevolent. They were completely different from the [Loyal Tidomas] Marvin saw on the 1st floor.

These were clearly made by another craftsman.

Some statues had some dreadful traps attached and Marvin didn't dare to rashly touch them, so he could only look.

In short, the underground temple's 3rd floor was a lot more dangerous than the previous two floors.

But it was a very smooth trip for Marvin as he relied on the two Dragons.

With the two Dragons exploring ahead for him, Marvin only had to sneak behind them.

Soon, the two Dragons in front reached a wide hall.

This hall was different from the other halls they had been through. There was a huge statue of the Dragon God Hartson there!

'Looks like this is the main temple.'

'This should be the place where the Chromatic Dragons and their descendants would worship Hartson.'

Marvin looked at the two people walking toward the statue. He chose not to entire the hall but to hide outside instead.

He found a place to hide and patiently waited.

Because if this was the entrance of the Nightmare Boundary, the two Dragons wouldn't go far.

They needed to wait for the arrival of the other Chromatic Dragons before opening the Boundary.

Especially Green Dragon Modana, since she was holding the key to entering the Nightmare Boundary.

Just as expected, while Marvin was waiting, the two Dragons paced back and forth in the hall.

They occasionally talked in Draconic, but not much. At this time, Marvin really wanted to learn Draconic.

Not being able to understand their words was too detrimental.

Unfortunately, the Book of Nalu couldn't be used for now so he had to think of another way to learn Draconic.

There might be a chance with Professor.

The Chromatic Dragons and Metallic Dragons both came from the Twin Planes, sharing the same origin, and therefore spoke the same language. Only their magic and attributes were different.


Marvin waited for about half an hour outside the hall, and in that time, not only did the Chromatic Dragons arrive one after the other, but one of his teammates also arrived.

In fact, when Louise crawled over to Marvin as a gecko, he almost cut her down.

Fortunately, she proved her identity in time, or else not only would Marvin have harmed his ally, but they would have exposed themselves.

Louise was a friend of Blade Master Kangen and was said to be an extremely powerful caster.

Since she was Kangen's friend, she naturally was a powerhouse of the Dead Area. The Dead Area had plenty of hidden talents, so it was quite normal for Marvin to not know about a powerhouse from there.

After greeting him in a small voice, Louise kept acting like a gecko.

Her Transfiguration skill was very mystical. There was no trace of Magic Power.

Perhaps she was bold due to being skillful, but after meeting with Marvin, she actually crawled into the hall. She was completely unlike Marvin, who didn't dare to step inside.

Marvin wasn't familiar with Louise. Both of them were basically helping out a friend, so it wasn't that strange for them to work separately.

But it felt like this woman was provoking him.

'She obviously could have greeted me without approaching. As a powerful caster, a bit of short distance mental communication shouldn't be difficult.'

'Crawling over as a gecko was just a way to test me.'

'This woman is bored...'

Marvin's mind was clear. Louise looked mysterious, but her behavior already revealed many details about her.

This woman would never be able to stay low-key or know her own place.

Marvin began thinking through events from his past life.

But a name like Louise was too common. Marvin had run into quests with three women named Louise, but none of them were powerful casters.

Blade Master Kangen and Professor had yet to arrive, which made Marvin a bit worried.

The Nightmare Boundary had four areas that might have the Crystal Statue and the Rainbow Spring. With only two people, their chances of getting the items would clearly be reduced.

But they apparently didn't have time.

The Chromatic Dragons had already gathered under the Dragon God's statue and were revolving around it while muttering softly.

Marvin decided to quietly sneak over.

The Perception of these Dragons was clearly at its lowest and Marvin was very confident in his Stealth.

How could he have expected that a very small voice would abruptly echo in his mind, 'Why did you suddenly grow balls, kid?'

Marvin frowned and glanced at the gecko at the ceiling, but didn't answer.

The other side didn't use proper mental communication, instead only using a one-way communication message, which annoyed Marvin.

The feeling of her toying with him without being able to answer was really too hateful.

Thankfully, the Chromatic Dragons' actions quickly diverted their attention.


The five Dragons were forming a group in the shrine.

As they continued muttering, halos floated down from the God's statue and covered them.

It felt like an ancient soul awakened.

A glittering halo then blossomed from the statue.

Green Dragon Modana waved a heart-shaped pendant.

The pendant blended in the halo, and Modana followed up with some chanting.

Draconic began to echo in the hall.

As for that soul, it seemed to be awakening more thoroughly and it seemed like something was trying to burst out from the halo!

After two minutes, under the joint efforts of the Chromatic Dragons, an explosion echoed!

Dragon God Hartson's statue actually cracked!

Pieces of rock filled with Divine Power dispersed around, and the whole hall began to shake.

Thankfully, this hall had already been reinforced by Divine Power and wasn't destroyed by the event.

The five Dragons near the statue didn't think that the opening of the Nightmare Boundary would create such a strong reaction.

A few people were smashed by the rocks. Modana and the White Dragon were sent flying.

Fortunately, they were Ancient Dragons and had powerful bodies. Even if their strength was reduced after shapeshifting, they just stood up and patted their clothes after that impact.

Marvin clearly saw that when the explosion occurred, there seemed to be a soul being freed from the statue.

As for the one who received the biggest attack, it was actually the Ancient Red Dragon Ell!

At least four rocks filled with Divine Power flew toward him, but they were all reduced to fine powder before they struck.

The Ancient Red Dragon was clearly stronger than his peers.

'Even if he's not at a Plane Guardian's level, he should be close.'

'That guy is overpowered... If not for the Wizard Alliance having a Legend Wizard who'd mastered [Dragon Killer Sword], the South's Six Pearl Harbors might have been unable to stop him!'

Marvin looked apprehensive.

At the same time, he dispelled his intent to deal with Ell.

Ell had the most resources. His underwater lair, the [Lava Palace], was Feinan's first Legend level instance.

The so-called Legend level instance required a group of at least 20 Legends to clear it.

There were countless treasures in the Lava Palace and they would appear randomly.

Marvin didn't know what the real Lava Palace will be like, but it definitely had more treasures than in the game.

After all, this was the place where the Ancient Red Dragon kept all the treasures gathered over the course of his life.

And the Lava Palace's Guardians weren't easy to take care of.

The most powerful Guardian was naturally the last Boss, Ell. Apart from him, there were also two female Dragons, a Sword Saint who had been mind controlled for a millennium, a lair filled with Wyrmlings... In short, clearing the Lava Palace was very troublesome.

But there was also another way to clear it.

That was to take advantage of Ell going out to kill him.

It was a way to gain the key to pass through most of the Lava Palace.

This key would allow one to skip many troubles, leaving the two female Dragons as the only obstacles.

At the start, Marvin had wanted to get the key off Ell.

But now, he dispelled that thought.

He reckoned that he needed Ruler of the Night to reach at least level 4 before thinking of killing the Red Dragon.

With his current strength, he could only bully the magic-less Black Dragons.


The only thing that made Marvin feel slightly amused was that during the explosion, the gecko also had a hard time.

A few rocks flew toward the ceiling and if she hadn't deftly dodged them, she might have been forced to show herself.

As for Marvin, because he was hiding in the distance, he simply wasn't affected.

After the explosion, the statue had been replaced by a huge halo that started slowly dwindling.

Gradually, the halo retreated and a hollow Teleportation Gate appeared on the pile of crushed rock.

'This Teleportation Gate is a bit too... complicated.'

Marvin only had a bit of knowledge about planes.

But because of the previous conquest of Arborea, he had learnt some relevant knowledge.

This Teleportation gate clearly wasn't leading to a Demi-Plane!

This was the entrance to a whole new world!


The Chromatic Dragons had happy expressions. They all glanced at each other for a few moments before unhesitantly rushing through the Teleportation Gate and disappearing from the hall.

Louise and Marvin simultaneously appeared in front of the Gate.

"Interplanar Teleportation Gate."

"No embedded structure, it's actually suspended in midair..."

"Nightmare Boundary... Just like in the Legends. The Dragon Race's final sanctuary... A new world?"

Louise had a grave expression as she looked at the Teleportation Gate while muttering to herself.

Her words confirmed Marvin's thoughts.

The Nightmare Boundary wasn't a Demi-Plane; it was possibly a Material Plane like Feinan!

At worst, it was a Secondary Plane!

'The Nightmare Boundary was created by Dragon God Hartson...'

'Did he have the ability to create an entire world?'

Marvin was shocked.

From what he knew, the current Gods residing in the Astral Sea didn't have this kind of ability.

They conquered Secondary Planes and could create their own God Realms, but they couldn't create a Material Plane.

Based on this, Dragon God Hartson seemed more powerful.

But even if he was a powerful Dragon God, he still was unable to avoid his destined fall. At the same time, he wasn't Lance's opponent.

It could clearly be seen how powerful Wizard God Lance was.


"Don't stare blankly, kid," Louise called out. "Kangen and Professor are still on the way, so we will go first."

Marvin shrugged. "Let's go."

He was a bit surprised when Louise suddenly said, "Hold on... I think I should still warn you before you go through the gate."

"If you go in, you might not be able to come back."

"It's rumored that the Dragon God foresaw the destruction of Feinan and created this new world to protect his offspring."

"Unlike Dwarven and Elven Sanctuaries, this is a whole new world. You aren't a caster and you don't have the ability to travel across planes. Once you go through that gate, you might get lost in the Nightmare Boundary."