Chapter 452: Sewer Entrance

 Chapter 452: Sewer Entrance

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After leaving Thousand Leaves Forest, Marvin's first stop was Steel City.

Feinan was quite vast, and everything south of the Millennium Mountain Range was known as the South.

But the most important territory of the South Wizard Alliance was between the Millenium Mountain Range and Thousand Leaves Forest.

This area was a wide plain. Compared to the southeastern Six Pearl Harbors, Bass Harbor or Jewel Bay, this place was just as important, but for a different reason.

Countless Wizard Towers and lofty cities had been built there.

But after the disaster, everything was left in ruins.

The Wizards' banners were lying among the rubble, and everything was covered in blood. Some battles were still ongoing.

In the face of the disaster, the bigger the cities were, the faster they would be crushed.

In fact, it was those in the countryside who had a better chance of surviving because they were far away from the Wizards. Even if there were some Monsters, with the instincts and skills of the old hunters, some of them would be able to deal with those.

When Marvin saw Steel City's suburbs again from afar, he felt the dead, bloody atmosphere, which seemed to be growing stronger day by day.

Butterfly even claimed that when they flew over a mass grave, the Golden Griffin saw a Reaper from the Underworld.

This made Marvin shiver.

Back when he was on the verge of death, an Underworld Reaper had wanted to take his soul.

If the denizens of the Underworld wanted to participate, then the situation in Feinan would be a lot more troublesome.

After the Universe Magic Pool shattered, there were forces from four places that invaded Feinan: Hell, the Abyss, the Negative Energy Plane, and the Astral Sea.

The only saving grace was that these four powers didn't see eye to eye.

Who wouldn't be disgusted by Evil Spirits? They were too filthy! Everyone loathed Demons because they felt that Demons were brainless, just a group of lunatics. And who wasn't vigilant against the Devils? The high-ranked Evil Spirits knew the origins of the Devils. They were descendants of the Ancient Angels and they could betray their own anytime.

Hell and the Abyss were natural lifelong enemies. At the bottom of the endless Abyss and the Nine Hells was the Bloody Wasteland, where a battle had been raging for who knows how many millennia. Whenever Demons and Devils met, they always ended up in a fight to the death.

The Astral Sea's Gods were generally mortal enemies with the other three groups.

The Gods did jointly attack the Universe Magic Pool, but that wasn't so that Feinan could be ruled by a group of filthy magic races.

Feinan was already in a terrible mess because of these four forces attacking at the same time.

If there was a fifth force in this Universe that could be compared with them, it would be the Underworld.

The most powerful Necromancer, the Necromancer Monarch, seemed to be an Underworld Sovereign's representative on Feinan. He had summoned a great number of Red-Clothed Corpse Servants here previously, and Marvin found their fighting strength quite amazing.

To Marvin, ordinary Undead might look very frightening, but their fighting strength was quite average.

But Red-Clothed Corpse Servants were different. This kind of Undead creature was able to eat the energy of the four totems boundary, making it clear how fierce they were.

'I hope it's only Butterfly's nonsense,' Marvin comforted himself.

From what he remembered, in this disaster at least, the Underworld's Sovereign and the Astral Sea's Ancient Gods chose to remain neutral, with no plans to meddle with Feinan.


As they approached Steel City, Marvin was even more careful.

The Golden Griffin was indeed powerful, but with the progress of the disaster, there should already be many creatures that had evolved into flying Monsters.

The closer to a city, the more careful one needed to be.

Butterfly had no fighting strength, so if they met a large group of enemies, even escaping would be troublesome.

Thus, he made Butterfly land in a small forest east of Steel City.

Using his Earth Perception, he found a relatively safe area for the Griffin to protect Butterfly and then left on his own.

Steel City was already destroyed.

Marvin followed the corpses westward, frowning.

The bodies on the road were in horrendous states. Some had their entrails coming out of their bellies or had crushed limbs. There were also small amounts of ice, acids, or ashes on some of their bodies.

The physical brutality was caused by beasts that had turned into Monsters, while the latter traces were the masterpieces of Wizard Monsters.

From the faintly detectable arcane energy on these limbs, it could be seen that the injuries had been caused by the Ice, Fire, and Acid spells most loved by Wizards.

After all, these were considered the most destructive low-rank spells.

Marvin kept moving while Stealthed, not wanting to have to fight his way through.

But those Monsters roaming on the road didn't care about that.

His 200 SP in Stealth was enough to hide from Gods, but in front of some of the Monsters, it actually lost its effectiveness!

They relied solely on their killing instincts to forcibly uncover Marvin's position.

Marvin had no intention of being entangled with them, so he kept using Shadow Escape and other skills to shake them off.

Only a few of the Monsters were able to distinguish Marvin's aura.

As for the Wizard Monsters, they originally should have been able to find Marvin... after all, the Wizards' detection spells were still very impressive, especially in the current environment. With the collapse of layers of the Universe Magic Pool, the Chaos Magic Power greatly empowered their spells.

But unfortunately for them, they had already lost their minds and could only recklessly cast spells on instinct. Marvin just had to carefully avoid them.

Moreover, Constantine killed quite a large number of Wizard Monsters with Glorious Wind. As a result, Steel City turned out to be less crowded with Wizard Monsters than Marvin had imagined.

This was quite fortunate.


He came to Steel City mainly for the development of his territory.

He needed weapons and food. These were things that a big city like this one would have ample reserves of.

Especially the former, since Steel City was the biggest producer of weapons for the South Wizard Alliance. It definitely had a great amount of top-grade military weapons.

Marvin knew that there was a secret warehouse here that was also a concealed Sanctuary.

'I wonder if there are people alive in that Sanctuary.'

'The Great Calamity came so fast that there shouldn't have been many people who were able to react...' Marvin thought.

He kept following the road.

At a juncture of the street, there were a few crows eating a middle-aged man's rotting flesh.

When Marvin walked past, they didn't even react.

At that time, a huge Fireball suddenly flew over and crashed into the crows!

The Fireball's explosion almost blew Marvin up despite him still being Stealthed.

He looked up and saw that the spell was cast by an expressionless Wizard Monster.

After shooting the Fireball, he seemed unsatisfied with the effect and crazily followed up with a Lightning Storm.

Marvin had a bad feeling and hurriedly departed.


Marvin went through many corners of Steel City and avoided disaster by a hair's breadth several times.

There were no living people left, only Monsters.

He sighed as he finally found the location that he remembered.

It was the entrance of the sewers.