Chapter 435: Torture

 Chapter 435: Torture

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Within the boundary of the four totems, the flow of magic almost came to a stop and her Divine Power had also been completely cut off!

If not for the four totems' boundary seal, Dark Phoenix's resurrection wouldn't have been as difficult, and Marvin wouldn't have been able to kill her as easily each time.

Now, at Jessica's command, the four Legend casters desperately poured Magic Power into the totemic pillars.

These totems were very powerful artifacts that only needed a steady flow of Magic Power to resonate with each other, creating a complete magic-restraining field. Even Gods wouldn't dare enter an area surrounded by the lights of the four totems.

At this time, Dark Phoenix's power was greatly suppressed.

She could only rely on her Divine Source to struggle.

Those Divine Servants who should have been protecting her were even more miserable.

Although the four casters intentionally focused on targeting Dark Phoenix with the totems, there was still enough energy to suppress those Divine Servants, which drew their Divine Power from her.

Thanks to that, Inheim and O'Brien managed to kill a Divine Servant.

Even if those Divine Servants wanted to save Dark Phoenix, they weren't able to even try.

Because they were already helpless!


Marvin pushed his senses to the limit and the Earth Perception skill that Kangen had imparted to him proved to be quite powerful.

He could follow Dark Phoenix's every movement. Her Divine Source was very rich, but her resurrection process was very bitter.

Others wouldn't bear looking at this scene.

The whole process was simple and dull, and involved a hint of blood:

Dark Phoenix resurrected and was killed by Marvin, she kept resurrecting, and he kept killing.

In a short minute, this powerhouse who stood at the pinnacle of the continent was killed no less than eight times by Marvin!

After continuously killing Dark Phoenix so many times, Marvin was covered in her golden blood!

And while he had Dark Phoenix suppressed, Marvin marked this golden blood so that he would be able to use Night Tracking if Dark Phoenix managed to escape.

It had to be said that Marvin was currently also experiencing great pressure.

Although slaying a God was something many Legends yearned to do, those who'd never tried it simply didn't know how hard it was.

While it was true that Dark Phoenix seemed to be in a very difficult situation, she had a large number of chances to pull something off.

Marvin only had one chance.

Dark Phoenix had been careless earlier, or perhaps blinded by overconfidence, and chose to seal Marvin in the Astral Plane to use him as a hostage against the rest of the Legends. This time, if she managed to get her hands on him, she would definitely go all-out to kill him.

Because she was very clear about the current situation. Among all the Legends present here, only Marvin could keep killing her so precisely with the totems' help!

Inheim and O'Brien were powerful enough and could certainly kill Dark Phoenix once or twice.

But only Marvin could continuously kill her without giving her any opportunity to bounce back and retaliate.

This was due to his outstanding perception as well as his fighting experience, and the unique characteristics of the Ruler of the Night.

He could lock on Dark Phoenix just as she resurrected and immediately use the quickest and most effective way to slaughter her at the early stage of her resurrection!

The others wouldn't be able to pull it off so well.

After all, the ability to quickly attack a target's vulnerabilities was one of the strengths of peak rogues.

This was one reason why a powerful Fate Sorceress like Jessica would choose a supporting role and give the task of killing Dark Phoenix to Marvin.

There were many Legend rogues, but finding one with such powerful assassination and fighting abilities like Marvin in Feinan was nearly impossible.


Within the boundary.

The torture was still ongoing.

With a simple look over the battlefield, people could see a completely unfair battle.

O'Brien and Inheim showed great power, and Constantine alone killed a thousand Wizards.

Meanwhile, Marvin was continuously cutting Dark Phoenix down!

Sitting in the light of the totems, Ding was counting in a perfunctory tone, "16... 17... 18..."

But the more she counted, the more astounded the Legends were.

It looked like the outcome of this earth-shattering war had already been decided, and the title of God Slayer seemed to already be in Marvin's hands.

At least most of the ordinary people in every corner of Feinan thought so.

Someone ascending was a world-shaking event.

Due to the malicious Gods, Dark Phoenix's ascension could be seen in the sky. Thus, the scenes of this war entered everyone's eyes.

Especially the more lucid Wizards, since they were given a choice between choosing faith and turning crazy.

Many civilians looked for a safe place to hide.

When she had interceded, most people were grateful to Dark Phoenix.

In the midst of their desperation, Dark Phoenix used the name of the Goddess of Magic to protect them. And although most of them weren't used to worshiping the Gods, after such a disaster, having some faith wouldn't hurt.

Gradually, many ordinary people had opened up their minds to Dark Phoenix.

They contributed their own Faith which in turn condensed and transformed into Dark Phoenix's Divine Power, and although it was a very small amount, enough drops could eventually form an ocean, growing to become a formidable power.

These people tightly watched the process of Dark Phoenix's ascension.

Although they didn't clearly understand Gods, they could still sense the awe-inspiring power of the Goddess of Magic.

Many people were wavering... After all, Dark Phoenix was a God.

And this calamity had been created by the Gods. Even the Great Elven King and the other Plane Guardians were fighting a battle against them around the Universe Magic Pool. When Dark Phoenix suddenly appeared, even people who weren't that smart also knew that the great Goddess of Magic probably wasn't the benevolent person she said she was.

Most people chose to wait and see.

They wanted to see the outcome of the battle of the Great Elven King and the others. In their hearts, they recognized that Gods were incomparably powerful, but since they had lived in an era without the rule of the Gods, the people lacked reverence toward Gods.

They only revered Wizard God, who had established the Universe Magic Pool. As for the Plane Guardians who pledged to protect the Universe Magic Pool, they naturally greatly respected them too.

They hoped that the Great Elven King and the other Plane Guardians could keep defending the Universe Magic Pool.

After all, no one liked great change.

But they still didn't know how it would turn out the Plane Guardians' side, and Dark Phoenix's ascension was full of twists and turns.

Marvin and Endless Ocean's attack had shocked everyone.

Marvin was one of the most famous figures in Feinan.

Dragon Slayer, Magic Marvin... His titles were innumerable.

He was the first to ignite the Source of Fire's Order in Feinan when the Great Calamity started, and then he stood out and publicly set himself against Dark Phoenix. No one would criticize or condemn Marvin.

They only hoped that the outcome of the battle would be favorable for their survival.

And then they saw this spectacular performance.