Chapter 426: Sanctuary

 Chapter 426: Sanctuary

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From his position on the peak, Marvin was truly startled when he saw the hordes of Wizard Monsters.

He had assumed that Dark Phoenix would do something after the Great Calamity began, but he hadn't expected this woman to manipulate so many low level Wizards.

To accomplish this, she had probably overdrawn her Divine Power and other types of power, perhaps even part of her spirit.

Five thousand Wizard Monsters would be a very frightening force with the addition of the Chaos Magic Power.

If it were another place being attacked, it would likely have ended up in ruins.

Fortunately, Marvin had contingencies in place for all kinds of possibilities, including even the worst case, which would be if the wild beasts corrupted by the Chaos Magic Power all besieged White River Valley.

He still had an answer to this situation.

The only issue was that these Wizard Monsters had arrived too suddenly!

They were 2nd rank Wizards who rode on flying carpets, covering the sky and the ground.

The monsters on the Shrieking Mountain Range were bellowing furiously, trying to attack the Wizards who dared to fly over them.

But because of the shattering of the Universe Magic Pool's first layer, the Shackles of Order were locked even more tightly.

The entire continent was sinking into extreme chaos, yet the Shrieking Mountain Range, one of the most dangerous locations, had become the most orderly place because of the Shackles of Order set by Lance. This was so very ironic.

The Wizard Monsters suffered almost no losses when flying over the Shrieking Mountain Range.

The troops stationed at the northern mine clearly didn't have the strength to face these ex-human monsters.

"I need time!" Marvin shouted in a loud voice.

The Legends had gathered around him as soon as he finished igniting the flame of Order.

Constantine nodded and took the lead to go out. Despite not having fully recovered from his serious injuries, Izaka roared and flew into the sky to intercept the first wave of Wizard Monsters, successfully attracting their attention!

Although Izaka had been injured by Tidomas and was still seriously hurt, he was an Ancient Black Dragon in the end!

The Ancient Black Dragon had a very powerful characteristic: Magic Immunity!

These Wizard Monsters were attracted by Izaka and a huge amount of magic flew toward him.

But Izaka didn't suffer any harm.

With his protection, the people in the surroundings of the northern mine began to retreat.

The Legends also attacked.

Facing such a large army of Wizards, only the Legends would dare to make a move.


The sound of a cannon echoed as Constantine led the Shas to launch an attack against the Wizards!

O'Brien rushed into the middle of the swarm of Wizards. That guy's strength was tyrannical. With enough time, he would be able to slaughter the entire Wizard Monster army by himself.

But what they needed the most right now was time.

Dark Phoenix hadn't sent these guys to put an end to White River Valley. She just wanted to buy time in order to increase the ascension ritual's chances of success.

Marvin knew this.

After the Legends flew out and quickly stabilized the situation, he kept pulling out one treasure after another!

He had made proper preparations for this disaster.

When White River Valley's inhabitants first saw the Wizard Monsters appearing, they were frightened.

After all, the scenes in the sky showed the destruction caused by these monsters, making the civilians and adventurers afraid of the power of these Wizards.

They had thought that the massacre shown happening all over Feinan would spread to White River Valley, but the appearance of the Black Dragon and the Legends gave them hope.

They looked at Marvin's back and became a lot less worried.

Lord Marvin was still extremely calm. This was the proof that he had a way.

Regardless of the difficulty, he would always find a way, wouldn't he?

Gradually, this kind of feeling spread through White River Valley.

They all couldn't help but raise their heads to see what Marvin would do.


The flame of Order was burning steadily.

An amber crystal floated in front of Marvin.

Earth Crystal!

This treasure was the foundation to establish an Ancient Sanctuary.

Only by using spells to dissolve the power inside the Earth Crystal could one lay the foundation of a Sanctuary.

An intact Earth Crystal was rare even in the past.

Marvin was quite fortunate to be able to gather one.

Besides the Earth Crystal, Marvin also had three scrolls in his hands.

Disintegrate, Wish, and Holy. He had gotten them from Pearl Island's treasury.

In this era, only a few people knew how to establish a Sanctuary.

But in the game, everyone knew about it.

Because the Chaos Magic Power was still wreaking havoc six months after the disaster.

If the players wanted to establish a guild, they had to set up a Sanctuary.

A flame of Order wasn't essential for a guild.

The crucial parts were an Earth Crystal, a Frost Core, a Seasons Tablet, Dark Saint Bones, and so on. These kinds of treasures that were able to alter the plane's laws were the foundation to establish a Sanctuary.

After building the foundation, one would need a large amount of Magic Power to activate the treasure while forming the Sanctuary.

This condition was relatively harsh.

In general, a small-scale Sanctuary needed a Legend Wizard that was at least level 25 casting Legendary Wish a minimum of 11 times. Naturally, another option would be to gather 11 Legend Wizards at that level and have them cast Legendary Wish once each.

Legend Wizards were hard to come by, and moreover, Legendary Wish was one of the rarest spells.

Just studying it was very challenging, let alone using it.

Marvin estimated that in this era, there were at most three Legend Wizards on the continent able to easily cast Legendary Wish.

White River Valley didn't have this kind of person, but Marvin had another idea in mind.

He had the three scrolls.

One of them was a Wish scroll containing [Major Wish]!

Major Wish had the effect of 29 Legendary Wish spells so it was more than enough.

With the Earth Crystal and the Wish scroll, it wouldn't be difficult to turn White River Valley into a Sanctuary.

Marvin hadn't used it for that sooner because he had been hoping that with the Source of Fire's Order and the troops, he would be able to save this Major Wish scroll for other things.

Unfortunately, given the situation, he ended up with no choice but to use it.

He gently touched the Earth Crystal with his fingers.

He was already holding a magic staff in one hand.

As the spell activated, the Earth Crystal radiated with a dazzling glory.

Marvin didn't stop, touching the Major Wish scroll as well as another scroll.

That was the [Holy] scroll!

Since he was going for it, he wouldn't do it half-heartedly!

If he had to set up a Sanctuary, he might as well set up the strongest and most unbreakable [Holy Sanctuary]!