Chapter 418: Cursing Banshee

 Chapter 418: Cursing Banshee

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Hearing such lines, Marvin inwardly shook his head.

This Wilhelm was probably someone who had followed Dark Phoenix for a long time.

He wasn't weak in strength, as he was indeed a Legend Wizard. In peaceful times he could casually walk anywhere and be admired.

Unfortunately, becoming a Legend was only a starting point in this Era.

It could be seen that his talent wasn't high. Although he seemed to be around 30 years old, Marvin could easily tell that this guy was at least 100 years old.

Legends who had lived for a century were usually very frightening.

But his body didn't emit that kind of fearful feeling, and with those lines he'd spouted, it wasn't hard to guess that this guy was an apprentice that had been oppressed by Dark Phoenix.

Marvin wasn't afraid of him.

In his previous life, there was only one famous person with a name remotely close to his.

It was the old guy of the Bright Side Vampires, William.

As for this Wilhelm, he most likely had been used by Dark Phoenix as a shield at some point.

Like right now.

The thunder boomed, but Marvin didn't move.

Wilhelm's Domain was Thunder and Lightning, giving his lightning spells great bonuses.

But Marvin had the Magic Foe specialty. He wanted to see the limit of this specialty in battle.

For Marvin, Wilhelm was a perfect training dummy. Only Dark Phoenix was worth being considered an enemy!

The frightening lightning kept crashing into Marvin's body, burning his clothes black!

The mighty electric current poured into Marvin but was quickly assimilated.

In theory, Chain Lightning could paralyze enemies for at least three seconds.

But this time was reduced to half a second for Marvin.

The Ruler of the Night class had high Magic Resistance in the first place, and with the addition of that specialty, Marvin was very satisfied with the outcome.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm thought that Marvin was paralyzed and a smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

A large ball of lightning appeared in his hand!

"Die!" he bellowed.

The entire sky became dark as a large amount of black clouds rushed down!

Legendary Spell - Thunder Purgatory!

But Marvin's silhouette suddenly disappeared!

Wilhelm froze with a bad feeling in his heart. He immediately triggered his scepter's spell!

[Warding Circle]!

This was a spell that would create a force field around him that could keep enemies away from his body!

While Legend Wizards were indeed powerful, they were naturally at a disadvantage facing a Legend Rogue.

The latter had lethal damage and was skilled at closing with targets!

A quick cut to the throat and it would be the end.

Although Wilhelm was arrogant, he had no intention to take a risk.

But the next moment, Marvin's lazy voice echoed in his ear. "Didn't your teacher ever tell you that you should never rashly use a spell that needs more than two seconds to cast when fighting a Legend Rogue?"

The cast time of [Thunder Purgatory] was 2.6 seconds. In Marvin's eyes, that guy only had Magic Power but no fighting experience.

Wilhelm held his breath, a feeling of terror spreading through his entire body!

"Furthermore, your [Warding Circle] was used too early."

Marvin sneered, as he slashed downward with Azure Leaf!

Magic Penetration triggered.

The Azure Leaf directly tore Wilhelm's defensive force field apart, ruthlessly chopping into his neck!

His body suddenly began to stiffen, turning into a scarecrow.

Not far away, the Wizard wiped his cold sweat in agitation as he sat on his flying carpet.

But Marvin was following him like glue!

Night Boundary!

"This Substitution's timing could be considered a bit decent!" Marvin mocked as his dagger kept attacking!

The [Azure Leaf]s were top grade Legendary Weapons. Even without any skill, they would still have very frightening properties against Legend Wizards!

"Fuck!" Wilhelm cursed as he sweated all over. He clenched his teeth and threw out a yellow ball of light!

At that time, the space's magnetic field completely distorted.

Even Marvin couldn't maintain the Azure Leaf's trajectory!

Taking advantage of this, Wilhelm had his flying carpet speed up and he once again pulled away from Marvin.

After suffering two unpredictable attacks from Marvin so suddenly, he became uneasy and thus decided to flee!

'Such a lack of fighting experience...'

Marvin was speechless.

That man was shocking. What had given him so much confidence? What about his earlier words?

The Embodiment of Thunder and Lightning?

Didn't he know that in a battle, the biggest taboo was showing one's back while fleeing?

His back was completely undefended!

Although the flying carpet was fast, it couldn't compare to the burst of speed from Marvin using the Shadow Plane!

Marvin forced himself and jumped into a Shadow Vortex. His body felt almost like it was ripping apart for a moment as he appeared behind Wilhelm!

Desperation Style!

Marvin slashed again and cut Wilhelm in two!

Blood flew out and the flying carpet immediately lost its powers, falling to the ground.

The pitiful Wilhelm, the self-declared future Vassal God of the God of Magic, died at Marvin's hands.

Perhaps Dark Phoenix had promised him all kinds of benefits before he challenged Marvin.

Unfortunately, the dead have no chance to become Gods.

Marvin looked at Wilhelm' corpse and inwardly shook his head again. Dark Phoenix kept trying to delay them. What had she planned in the end?

She even started sending her own followers to throw away their lives...

Could she be thinking of ascending to Godhood now?!

Thinking of this, Marvin was frightened.

The more he thought about it, the more likely he felt it was!

Dark Phoenix didn't choose to ascend to Godhood during the early stages of the Great Calamity in the past because of one person: Glynos!

The Shadow Prince was still active in Feinan. If Dark Phoenix ascended, he would take the opportunity to mount a sneak attack.

She didn't dare to ascend with such a threat looming over her.

But everything was different in this situation. Not only was Time Molt in Inheim's hands, but Marvin's missile had forced Glynos to seal his God Realm and drift in the endless Universe, lying dormant.

There was no great threat to Dark Phoenix now.

And the Great Calamity was the most severe barrier the Wizards would have to cross!

'She is thinking of ascending just as the Universe Magic Pool collapses!'

Marvin suddenly came to a conclusion!

But at that time, a thunderous sound echoed from the direction of the main isle of Black Coral Island!

A great cloud of smoke rose up from a tall mountain, followed by frightening flames!

'Volcanic Eruption?!'

Marvin was somewhat dazed.


The volcano violently erupted and a huge amount of lava sprayed out as the surrounding waters shook.

At the same time, a shadow was awkwardly escaping from the main island!

Shadow Thief Owl!

While Marvin faced Wilhelm, he had stealthily gone to the Black Coral Islands' main island!

But he was now being pursued by something.

'Cursing Banshee?!'

Marvin frowned, readying himself to help Owl.