Chapter 305: Night Beheading

 Chapter 305: Night Beheading

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Capella didn't need the Shadow Prince's warning as she had noticed Marvin's presence just as he reached level 18!

"He is there!" Capella shouted as she pointed at a shadow behind a huge pillar.

Six of the Shrine's Zealot Warriors rushed to surround that place!

But it was already too late.

Night Boundary!

Marvin's body moved through a spatial distortion and instantly appeared behind the High Priestess!

"Careful! High Priestess!" an elder let out in alarm.

The High Priestess grasped her scepter in her hands, turning around while ruthlessly lashing out with it!

If one thought that Clerics had no melee fighting power, then one would be gravely mistaken!

A complacent expression flashed in her eyes.

Did that Assassin really think he could ignore her Divine Armor?

The Radiance of a Divine Spell flickered on the scepter. If Marvin was hit, he would be stunned!

Just as he was about to get hit, Marvin shifted his body and firmly grabbed the High Priestess' waist before ducking in close.

His body did a 180° turn as he cleverly avoided the High Priestess' scepter.

Under everyone's angry gazes, the two seemed to be in intimate contact... their positions were rather indecent.

"Fuck off!" the High Priestess shouted, full of rage.

That man dared to defile her?!

This was simply blasphemous!

After her shout, a powerful force repelled Marvin, throwing him into the air.

'This Capella's power and reaction time are stronger than I thought.'

While still in midair, Marvin was attacked by a few Priests, so he immediately used Shadow Escape and disappeared from the sky.

'Looks like I have to use something stronger!'

In the shadows, Marvin quietly gathered power.


That first move was only a probe. The goal was to understand Capella's strength.

His eyes couldn't help but glance to that new skill that appeared on the Night Walker information panel!

Level 6 Night Walkers didn't receive a new specialty, but it still gave Marvin 134 HP, as well as 36 skill points!

These 36 skill points were put in the new skill he just unlocked.

[Night Beheading]

As a Night Walker, Marvin had always used the Phantom Assassin's Cutthroat as a certain kill skill. But as he was obstructed by the class restriction, Cutthroat was gradually becoming less and less powerful.

For a while, Marvin had been using other methods to finish his enemies. Both his Battle Gunner and Shapeshift Sorcerer classes had seen a lot of action.

But those two classes were Marvin's sub-classes after all.

His main class was still a rogue class. He was proficient in all aspects of assassination, but he lacked assassination skills themselves.

Before level 6, Night Walkers had all kinds of offensive skills, powerful specialties, and escape skills. It could be said that it had everything available except a sure-kill skill.

But after level 6, the final shortcoming was complemented.

36 points in Night Beheading. Even if it couldn't trigger the 50 points hidden effect, it definitely was enough to be used!

The skill could be used three times every twelve hours. It would automatically pair suitably with Night Boundary.

If Marvin locked on a target and used Night Beheading, he would instantly appear behind the target through Night Boundary and launch the sure-kill skill!

Night Beheading was a lot stronger than Cutthroat, moreover, it fitted all kinds of weapons.

Regardless it if was a straight dagger, two daggers, or only one, everything could be used.

Level 6 Night Walkers had no major flaw except for still being more vulnerable during the day.

The current Marvin had gradually evolved his good-for-nothing template to an elite template.

With his skills and strength, he could show strength that was far above his level!

He only needed an opportunity for now.

'I remember that Capella had a [Divine Spell - Regeneration]. Even if she was beheaded, she would resurrect once.'

'I need an opportunity to properly take care of her!'

Thinking of this, Marvin's silhouette flashed to the edge of the Zealot Warriors Corps' formation!

And there, the frightening Hellhound was crazily wreaking havoc!


The fight in the Shadow God Palace had already alarmed the entire Royal City.

The ignorant commoners walked on the street, but what they saw overwhelmed them with horror!

A huge cloud floated above the Eastern Snow Mountain.

The cloud seemed like a mirror and was reflecting everything that happened in the Shrine.

A frightening Hellhound!

The High Priestess cutting a sorry figure!

The supreme Shadow God Palace was actually being pushed around like this by an existence from another plane!

They were very frenetic.

Some knelt to the ground and prayed for God to protect them.

Some began to think deeply, a glint flashing through their eyes.

The Shrine had always been high and aloof but was suffering today.

Where did the omnipotent god go?

Their budding faith was being destroyed.!

At that time, a sweet voice echoed through the entire Royal City.

It was the voice of Princess Nana!

"A long, long time ago, Arborea had no Shrine."

"At that time, we humans were already living here. At that time, we didn't have God's blessing."

"But we were free. After being born, the first breath was the breath of freedom."

"The Shrine's appearance changed everything. It commands and we obey."

"God is looking down on us, the Priests are looking down on us. They wanted us to kneel down, and we knelt. Ever since then, we began to carry that shame."

"Mankind was humiliated."

"The Shrine took our children, training them into weapons of murder."

"They snatched our wealth, promising us a peaceful life."

"They deprived us of our freedom, telling us that this is human nature."


After this word, Princess Nana's voice suddenly became louder:

"This is false!"

"Everything is a lie!"

"Mankind strives to be free! Not enslaved!"

"Now, I, Nana Camilla Nottingheim officially challenge the Shrine on behalf of the Nottingheim Royal Family."

"The Royal Iron Guard stands with me."

"The so-called Rebel Army who has been surviving in the north for more than thirty years also stands with me."

"Prince Aragon who fought off wave after wave of Demon invasions also stands with me."

"What you see with your own eyes is a friend from a different world. The shrine claims that he is an evil heathen, but he is taking part in the battle."

"Regardless of the outcome, we will fight to the last man. We will use blood to level the Shrine."

"After tonight, the Shrine will be no more."

Hearing those last words, everyone in Royal City was dumbstruck.

They felt limp and at a loss.

The battle against the Shrine was still ongoing.


The Hellhound was fighting against the Zealot Warriors in the prayer hall.

That statue shrouded in shadows slowly opened its eyes.

Its eyes were ice-cold, like those of a god of destruction.