Chapter 274: Vampire Primogenitor

 Chapter 274: Vampire Primogenitor

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Marvin was falling through the darkness.

He was surrounded by smooth walls and thus couldn't even use his high Dexterity to stop his fall.

But fortunately, he soon reached the bottom and fell on something soft.

It was a very old-fashioned sofa full of dust that irritated his face.

Marvin realized that this was definitely a secret room.

He patted the dust off his body and began to size up the room. A pitch black spiral flight of stairs was in front of him!

He should be able to reach the entrance to the underground palace by taking these stairs.

'So that's how it was.'

Marvin suddenly understood.

He no longer hesitated and began to cautiously follow the flight of stairs.

This secret room was merely a path between the castle and the underground palace. There shouldn't be any traps, but it was still better to be careful.

He recalled some memories about the Ancient Castle Tulip as he walked.


The Ancient Castle Tulip once was a flourishing city but it ultimately perished at the hands of the Blood Race.

When the Ancient Castle's Lord was young, he loved his wife very fondly and they would share their love every night.

But one day, that Lord met an Alchemist.

Under the guidance of the Alchemist, he became infatuated with alchemy and immortality and began to ignore his young and beautiful wife.

Over time, the distance between the two grew increasingly larger. Rumors of the Lord being addicted to alchemy spread through the entire Pambo Seashore.

Gradually, the castle's Lord became very eccentric, and he cut off a lot of friends.

The once bustling Ancient Castle Tulip became cold and cheerless.

He was also thinning day by day.

But one day, at the wife's birthday party, she got to meet a noble youth.

That youth was sturdy and handsome, and more importantly, very eloquent.

Many funny stories would feel different coming out from his mouth.

Soon, both of them longed for each other and a fire was set ablaze as they became secret lovers.

Following an increasing number of trysts, the Mistress of Ancient Castle Tulip began to feel unsatisfied with this clandestine love life.

She wanted him to take her away.

But that request wasn't something the youth had imagined. For him, she was merely one of many lovers. He was unwilling to take her away and risk facing the Lord's wrath.

Thus he could only temporarily appease her.

And the scene Marvin saw earlier was the final affair between the two.

They accidentally entered this dusty room that hadn't been used in a very long time and fell into this secret room.

The rest was easy to understand.

The two fumbled around the secret room but didn't dare call for help, so they could only continue further down.

They reached the underground palace and woke up a very frightening existence!

He was one of the twelve Vampire Primogenitors, named Yin.

This was one of the few tombs he built before falling into a deep slumber... and then he was awoken by that pair.

At that time, Yin used formidable power to split the two apart.

He asked the two separately whether they were willing to die for the other.

The woman said she was willing while the man demurred.

Ultimately, Yin killed the noble youth and gave the heartbroken Mistress who learnt the truth an [Embrace].

She became not just a Vampire, but rather a mighty Vampire Duchess!

This was the power of the Vampire Primogenitor.

Just a mere Embrace could turn a woman that completely lacked fighting strength into a Legend Vampire Duchess!

Marvin didn't know too much about what ensued. But in short, after this happened, a disaster struck the entire Ancient Castle.

There were rumors that a monster haunted the castle. And after the Lord died in an bizarre alchemy accident, the castle ended up in the Mistress' hands because there was no heir.

She became a beautiful widow that was known far and wide.

Many people drooled at her beauty and spontaneously visited...

Before ending up as the Duchess' Blood Slaves!

After experiencing her husband's indifference and her lover's betrayal, her heart and mind became extremely ruthless.

Soon, Ancient Castle Tulip no longer exuded a fragrant aura, instead turning into field of death, a forbidden area.

It became a Vampire paradise where they even began holding hunting parties.

And the targets of the hunts were handsome men and women.

Later, the South Wizard Alliance gathered a powerful army to attack this castle.

After a world-shaking war, the Alliance claimed that they had swept this castle clean.

That great Vampire Duchess truly disappeared.

The place was tranquil for a while.

But many years later, before the Great Calamity, a group of Vampires from the Dark Side gathered here.

They were secretly absorbing the purest aura emitted by the Primogenitor's remains and continuously raising their strength.

But most of them were slumbering.

Any who knew of this were killed by the Vampires.

Thus, Marvin was very careful.


'When the young lovers charged into the underground palace, Yin was only lying dormant, and he woke up from the disturbance.'

'After the war with the Wizard Alliance, not only did the Duchess disappear, but Yin also entered a state of death. It's just that this state of death was a feigned death. If someone could use some mysterious rituals, they might be able to wake up the Vampire Primogenitor again.'

'Anyway, I don't need to go in too deep, so it should be safe.'

Marvin cautiously followed the long spiral staircase down.

He still felt somewhat nervous.

If Yin suddenly awakened, Marvin would mostly likely suffer greatly from the consequences. That guy was an existence close to the gods!

If Marvin needed someone able to take down Yin in Feinan, only Great Elven King Nicholas would be able to.

And that was if the Great Elven King used the [Shadow Silo]!

Marvin nimbly walked down the last steps, finally reaching the end of the spiral staircase.

In front of him there was just darkness, and Marvin knew that the entrance of Yin's Underground Palace was further down this path.

But there were two Golems constantly defending that place.

Getting past them wasn't easy.

But in the video, that careful expert found another secret path to the underground palace that avoided the Golems.

That path was behind the spiral staircase!

This was a place very few people would pay attention to. When he saw the video, Marvin sighed that the expert was indeed observant.

He immediately opened the dark door behind the stone stairs and followed the damp tunnel until he reached the 2nd floor of the tomb.

The thing he was looking for was in the center of the second floor.

There was no time to lose, so Marvin firmly moved forward.

But a strange sound suddenly echoed beside his ear!