Chapter 194: Dragon Slayer

 Chapter 194: Dragon Slayer

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[You killed the target creature (Adult Red Dragon). You obtained 8000 battle exp.]

[Dragon race experience doubled. You actually obtained 16000 battle exp.]

[You received the title - Dragon Slayer]

[World Fame (Dragon Slayer) +1]

[Chromatic Dragon Enmity +1, Red Dragon Enmity +3]


A large amount of logs flashed in front of him. The benefits from killing the Red Dragon were obvious.

The first one was the Dragon Slayer title.

[Dragon Slayer]:

1st Effect: Your strength is awe-inspiring, Dignity +50.

2nd Effect: Dragon Might Resistance +10.

These two properties were only the effect on the surface. Marvin knew that after getting the Dragon Slayer title, there would be even more benefits when walking among people.

For example, if he had the Dragon Slayer title when he released his wilderness clearing order, there might have been three or four times more people coming because of his reputation.


After killing the Dragon, Marvin not only got the Dragon Slayer title, but also his first point of World Fame.

It's rumored that when a Dragon died, it would automatically leave a warning to its race. After Marvin and Ivan joined hands to kill the Dragon, there would be a trace of resentment left on their bodies.

This kind of resentment could be distinguished by Red Dragons and Chromatic Dragons. As for the rumors about the Dragon Slayer, it would slowly spread among them, ultimately drifting to the human world.

Naturally, the Red Dragons would be hostile to Marvin after this Dragon's murder. The Chromatic Dragons would also not have a favorable opinion.

As for the Metallic Dragons like the Copper Dragon and the Bronze Dragon, they would actually have increased Affinity toward Marvin.

But the most important benefit from killing a Dragon was the materials.

It they were properly handled, they could be made into first grade goods like alchemical products and magic potions.

Many also believed that taking a bath in Dragon's blood would improve one's physique.

Marvin naturally wanted to try it.

However, they weren't done with their troubles.

When Marvin fired that cannon and puked blood from the recoil, he suddenly felt something wrong.

He instantly used the Sea Emperor's Crown at his waist and felt some warning signs.

There were some powerful lifeforms hiding in the surroundings!


'It's a situation like when the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind?' Marvin's thoughts were rather heavy.

Who could be there?

He suddenly thought of something and his heart immediately sank. He hid the Sea Emperor's Crown in his chest while slowly moving Brilliant Purple's huge cannon to aim at an empty distant location.

"Your Majesty the Queen. Since you came, do you have to hide?" He said this purely to probe.

He hadn't actually expected that a few pretty women would appear out of nowhere after these words.

As he had guessed, they were Sea Elves.


That one cannon shot truly startled the Elves, including the Queen.

They had never seen such a frightening killing tool in all their time in the seas!

A cannon made the Dragon's head burst like a tomato, sending blood flying everywhere... This kind of power was really too frightening.

The Sea Elven Queen assessed that killing the Red Dragon wouldn't be too difficult for her either, but killing it in such an efficient way like Marvin did would be very difficult.

But it also didn't occur to her that this was because the Red Dragon was careless.

Marvin's first shot was hard to avoid, but that was because it didn't take Marvin seriously and delivered himself in front Marvin.

Wasn't that just gifting Marvin some experience...

But in any case, that shock made a flaws appear in their camouflage. And Marvin was warned due to the strong perception granted by the Sea Emperor's Crown. He randomly said a sentence to bait them out.

"It's you again!"

Ivan had painstakingly climbed to Marvin's mountain. He wanted to check on how Marvin was doing, but he didn't expect to see the Sea Elven Queen appear.

The pitiful Elven Prince had a shadow in his heart. Just a moment ago he felt extremely bold and powerful but he suddenly started to panic a bit.


"I still haven't officially become the Sea Elven Queen, thus there is no need to use 'Your Majesty'."

"'Your Highness' will suffice."

The Sea Elven Queen regained her calm, looked at Marvin and said, "We don't have any evil intentions."

"Haha..." Ivan sneered from behind.

Marvin coughed twice, hinting at Ivan to stay calm.

The best outcome would be if the other side didn't act and was willing to listen.

Marvin right now was afraid they would angrily snatch Ivan, along with this Red Dragon's corpse.

Marvin would have nowhere to cry.

"Dear Queen... Since you have no evil intent, could you let us get our loot first before discussing?"

The cannon was still pointing at them as Marvin said this.

He was betting on the other side not knowing how this thing worked.

At that time he could only bluff.

"Feel free." The Sea Elven Queen frowned.

With that power, if she didn't dodge on time, even she might be blown to pieces!

The words coming out of that guy's mouth might be pleasant to hear, but he was in fact threatening her!

A crafty guy indeed. He was obviously powerful, but he still pretended to be this weak.

At this time, she could only perceive the other side's strength to be at the 3rd rank.

This was impossible!

'To be able to kill a Red Dragon so easily, how could he be at the 3rd rank?'

'Ivan didn't even notice me hiding, but this guy did. Could he be a lot stronger than Ivan?'

'Who is he in the end?'

The Sea Elven Queen looked at Marvin with curiosity.

She also wanted to see how this guy in front of her was planning on dealing with the loot.

Marvin, suddenly took out something from his Void Conch.

It was a Thousand Paper Crane.

It was gifted to Marvin by Shadow Thief Owl when they first met. After merging with his body, Marvin randomly found out that it not only let him learn Origami, but he also could summon that Thousand Paper Crane out.

This was an invaluable thing!

This was the work of the Shadow Thief himself. His Origami skill even made the Crimson Patriarch suffer a loss.

As Ivan and the Sea Elven Queen watched in curiosity, the Thousand Paper Crane slowly flew down from the mountain peak.

The impressive Red Dragon's corpse was calmly lying at the bottom of the mountain.

The Thousand Paper Crane softly swept past the Red Dragon's corpse. The corpse disappeared in an instant!

'Storage Item!?'

'What's this item?'

The Sea Elven Queen was more and more curious.

The Thousand Paper Crane slowly flew up before landing onto Marvin's palm and disappearing.

Marvin sighed in relief.

He got a hold of it.

The Thousand Paper Crane that Shadow Thief Owl gave him was a pretty good mobile Storage Item.

This was one of the highest level techniques of Origami.

It was one of the things that the first to rob a God used in those days.

He actually didn't need to go in many tightly guarded areas. He only needed to throw a Thousand Paper Crane in.

The Red Dragon's corpse was very safe in the Thousand Paper Crane because time was frozen inside. Well, it was actually still flowing, but at an unimaginably slow speed.

The Dragon's blood, bone marrow, and other such things could be preserved for a very long time.


"Queen, if there is nothing else, my friend and I will leave first."

Marvin was still aiming the cannon toward the Queen as he continued, "But I have a feeling you don't want to let us go."

The Sea Elven Queen chuckled, "I have no interest in you, but Ivan is my man. What qualifications do you have to take him away?"

"Who the fuck is your man!?"

Ivan almost collapsed!

He angrily said, "Admiral, I know you are the most outstanding genius in the Sea Elven Clan, but you are old enough to be my mother. If you like powerful men, I can introduce you to my father, he has been single for quite many years."

"Please don't bother me anymore!"

"Nicholas?" The Sea Elven Queen surprisingly considered it seriously. "I saw him when he was young, but his potential is far inferior to yours."

"Ivan, you are the Elven War Saint, and I am the Admiral. Trust me, our child will definitely be the strongest among the Elves..."

But her sentence was violently interrupted by Ivan.

"You'll never have my child!"

"I'll slowly convince you." The Sea Elven Queen looked very gentle. "The years in the sea are very long, you'll inevitably get used to it one day."

Ivan took a deep breath and gave a meaningful glance to Marvin.

Marvin coughed and urged, "Queen, making a child isn't something that can be forced."

"Let's suppose you use power to lock Ivan in your palace, if he doesn't cooperate with you, wouldn't it be useless?"

The Queen charmingly laughed. "I have ways to make him cooperate."

"Men aren't complicated."

Cold sweat trickled down Marvin's back.

There was no solution.

This Sea Elven Queen was a stalker.

He made a sign to Ivan and then quickly put Brilliant Purple and the suitcase into the Thousand Paper Crane.

Then Ivan grabbed Marvin and the two jumped down the mountain toward the east!

The Elven War Saint's powerful jumping ability let them directly jump over the beach to fall in the sea!

"Want to escape?" The Sea Elven Queen was as calm as ever. "How will you escape in the sea?"

The group of Sea Elves quickly dove in the water.

However, the Queen was shocked by the fact that even when using her perception, she completely lost track of Ivan and Marvin!


She lost her composure for the first time.


The Sea Emperor's Crown.

This thing had so many functions. Marvin had only tested three of them before, but due to the circumstances, he had to use the fourth one without testing.

That was hiding one's aura in the sea.

Disguising oneself as an ordinary fish.

Even the Sea Elven Queen who knew the sea like the back of her hand also had no way to see through the camouflage of the Sea Emperor's Crown.

Marvin controlled the currents as he and Ivan escaped toward the East Coast.

As for the Southie? Marvin had already sent an order for them to return.

"Finally escaped the calamity."

Marvin saw Ivan's relieved expression and laughed inwardly.

This matter shouldn't be over. With the Sea Elven Queen's temper, Ivan would probably not dare get close to the coast in the future.

Otherwise, he might be captured for breeding purposes.