Chapter 128: Turmoil in the Territory!

 Chapter 128: Turmoil in the Territory!

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The tattooed man was knocked to the ground by Marvin's fist as his mouth was filled with agony. Marvin casually waved his hand, not feeling any pain.

He still had his Void Conch despite being imprisoned because it looked like an ordinary pendant and the guards didn't do a strict inspection. They just directly took Marvin in.

After entering the cell, Marvin had expressionlessly put on the Ghastly Gloves.

This pair of gloves not only gave special effects, but could also protect his fist and palm.

Otherwise, with Marvin punching a big guy so hard, his own fist would also get hurt!

After all, that punch used ample strength and was even under the effect of Burst!

The people locked in these cells weren't class holders. This tattooed man seemed to have very sturdy muscles, but his strength was only around 13. Their fighting skills couldn't compare with adventurers, let alone an expert like Marvin.

This punch had come too suddenly, directly throwing him on the ground!

This was the difference between a class holder and an ordinary person!

"I didn't hear, did you say lick something?" Marvin crouched and quietly asked.

With blood smeared on his face, the tattooed man angrily said, "Lick this great me..."

He extended his hands as he was spoke, trying to catch Marvin at all costs!

Unfortunately a dagger had already been placed against his head.

"One more time and I'll send you on your way," Marvin calmly said.

"I don't want to make too much noise, but that doesn't mean I won't kill in a cell, am I clear?"

He spoke a bit louder when he said this so that everyone in the cell could hear.

The tattooed man's eyes widened. He was dumbfounded.

Everyone kept quiet out of fear!

When they saw Marvin's lightning punch they were already frightened. Now Marvin had even taken out a curved dagger!

How did this guy do it?

This was a prison!

Every prisoner had to go through a body check, and he actually managed to bring a dagger in!?

Even though these were reckless prisoners, they certainly weren't blind.

Everyone looked as if they were affected by a Mass Silence spell. Not saying anything, not daring to say anything in this atmosphere.


"That's good." Marvin's tone slowed down, "I have a question for you."

"Where is the Lynx team imprisoned?"

The others displayed a hint of surprise when they heard this, but they shook their heads one after the other, showing that they didn't know.

Marvin frowned.

At that time, a mosquito-like voice could be heard, "I, I know..."

That was the tattooed man.

His face was still had blood on it, and he was still being threatened by Marvin's dagger, not daring to move.

He was scared that Marvin would kill him if he was unhappy. He also understood that this guy looked young, but he was definitely capable.

"I, I know the Lynx team's location."

Marvin glanced at him, prompting, "Talk."

The tattooed man hurriedly said in a shivering voice, "All adventurers have been locked in the C block. They are powerful and need to be strictly watched."

"The Lynx team has been locked in cells 3 to 8. Each of them is imprisoned alone."

Marvin kicked the tattooed man's stomach, once again throwing him to the ground.

The latter let out a painful groan.

"Remember to keep your eyes open next time," Marvin coldly said. "If there is the slightest issue with your information, don't think of staying alive."

The tattooed man repeatedly nodded his head, frightened, and then kneeled in front of Marvin.

The others in the room were quiet. A bold man asked, "Your Excellency, may I ask, how did you bring a dagger in?"

Marvin glanced at him before casually strolling toward the cell's door.

The next instant, a cold light flashed.

Another dagger appeared in Marvin's hand.

"It's not difficult. Moreover, I have three," Marvin indifferently said.

The other prisoners all foolishly looked at Marvin.

People with a bit of knowledge instantly made the connection with the legendary storage item!

Only high level adventurers had this thing...

These ordinary people would spend their lives struggling to subsist. How could they have the chance to see such a magical item?

This delicate youth before them was surprisingly so wealthy.

Without waiting for them to react, a few clanking noises could be heard from the corridor.

A thing was thrown in from the outside.

Marvin picked it up. It was a bunch of keys.

He walked naturally to the door and unlocked it, went out, and closed the door.

"Wait... Could you let us leave?" that bold man asked expectantly.


Marvin ruthlessly locked the sturdy door.

"Sorry, I came here to end lives, not to save lives. If you don't want to die, keep your mouth shut."

As his voice gradually disappeared, he also disappeared into the shadows!

In the cell, everyone had a complicated expression on their face, but no one dared to say a word!

Marvin's powerful show of strength left a shadow in their hearts. The usually very ruthless tattooed man was busy rolling on the ground due to pain.


C Block 8th Cell.

Verne was sitting on his bed, expressionless. The prison seemed particularly calm tonight. The usual rough breathing at the end of the corridor couldn't be heard.

He kept having the feeling that something was about to happen.

At that time, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of his cell.

"Who?" Verne questioned, alarmed.

"The one taking you away." Marvin calmly unlocked the lock.

"I don't know you." Verne took a step back, about to shout for the guards.

But he was too slow.

Marvin quickly opened the door, and burst in with Shadow Step!

He was in front of Verne in an instant, covering Verne's mouth.

The latter was about to resist, when an ice cold feeling on his neck made him stop this stupid resistance!

The curved dagger had quietly snuck to his neck.

"What is Toshiroya planning to do to White River Valley's territory?" Marvin softly asked. "You know how you'll end up if you don't speak."

Marvin slowly loosened his hand.

"It's you..." Verne looked at Marvin with incomparable shock.

With the moonlight coming out of the window, he could clearly see Marvin's face.

"Turns out you were Masked Twin Blades, no wonder that day at the castle..."

The curved dagger slightly moved on Verne's neck and the latter immediately shut up.

"Don't talk nonsense." Marvin impatiently said, "I know you were paid to act, I only want to know Toshiroya's plot!"

"You'll still kill me if i tell you!" Verne laughed softly, "Why should I tell you?"

"Your fighting skills are a lot more troublesome than I can imagine and I've already been starved for a week. I simply have no strength to resist. Kill me, I won't tell you."

"Moreover, I'll curse you, Baron Marvin. Curse you to be unable to have a peaceful life, curse you to see your beloved die in front of you..."


A heavy sound echoed and Verne couldn't keep talking because his stomach was struck by a heavy fist!

"Who do you think you are? Your curse having any effect on me? Idiot."

Marvin sneered, "Mister Verne, I quite appreciate your boldness."

"But I'll ask you to think with your brain. Since I dared to come into your cell to find you, I would have definitely made proper preparations. I'm sure you'll talk."

He then surprisingly let go of Cat.

The latter immediately was dumbstruck.

Marvin actually released him. He had the confidence he could convince him to talk?

But then...


Marvin threw a small bell to Verne.

The latter's complexion immediately changed!

"This is... What have you done to Dylan!"

Verne's face was filled with anger, and he almost lost it.

"So young, but he has such nice blonde hair. He'll definitely be a very charming young man when he grows up." Marvin indifferently added, "His eyes look a lot like yours."

Verne immediately let out a cold breath.

He sat down on the bed, completely depressed.

Marvin patiently waited.

"Don't harm Dylan. I beg you." Verne displayed a painful expression. "I'll tell you everything I know."

"Don't harm Dylan," he repeated once more.

Marvin shrugged noncommittally. "Talk, I'm listening."


"Toshiroya has a hidden treasure map. It is pointing to a place in White River Valley, your castle."

"They colluded with Gnolls to invade White River Valley, but the Gnolls breached the contract. Toshiroya was extremely angry, but due to some other matters, he was delayed."

"After you recovered your territory, he had even less room to maneuver. The current White River Valley guards' strength had been improved thanks to Gru's team joining."

"Toshiroya is currently understaffed but he also has no official reason to attack White River Valley. Thus he intends to change methods."

Cat's voice was very dull, but each word was deeply recorded in Marvin's heart.

"What method?" Marvin asked.

"Rebellion," Verne replied. " I don't know much about the details. I was only a hired hand for him."

"He is trying to cause a rebellion in your territory in the near future. He will then, with the help of an inside man, take control of the castle."

"In any case, civilians would be unaware of what to do. If he takes care of the guards, he can settle everything."

Marvin was startled. "You mean, the current White River Valley garrison has already been infiltrated by Toshiroya?"

"Yeah," Verne answered. "But I don't know who."

"He is going to make a move soon, so if you want to deal with it, you have to quickly make a decision."

"That's all I know."

"Please let Dylan off. He is only a child."

Marvin quietly walked in front of Cat, and "Woosh!", a slash efficiently cut his head!

He was already a 2nd rank Night Walker, and his attribute bonuses had already been added since it was night time. And Verne was only a level 5 class holder, he simply wasn't his opponent!

"People's sins are their own to bear."

"I won't go so far as to take my anger out on a child."

Marvin said this to Verne's body.

That small bell was also only stolen from Dylan by the Phantom Assassin Amber.

Before he acted, Marvin hadn't had to think about it at all. He had no interest in using an innocent in this matter.


The door of that now unoccupied cell was pushed open once again.

A faint shadowy person walked over and whispered, "Lord, everything has been settled."

Marvin nodded.

Having a Phantom Assassin subordinate was really convenient!

Those keys were stolen by Amber before being tossed to Marvin.

As for the other five Lynx members, they were also disposed of by Amber, noiselessly.

Amber's Stealth was a lot stronger than Marvin's, and furthermore, he also had a powerful Hide. Thus, he could easily infiltrate the cells, while Marvin had to use some more conventional methods.

The two people worked on separate things and their progress wasn't too bad.

At least they knew what Toshiroya was up to and they still have time to go back.

Marvin was ready to leave Black Water Prison.

But at this time, a bright light suddenly flickered in the room!

Marvin's heart sank!

Teleportation Portal!

No, not a Teleportation Portal, it was a prepared Teleportation Gate!¹

The next second, a hot woman walked out of the Teleportation Gate.

A trace of anger could be seen on her face. "Killing in my city without my agreement."

"Baron Marvin, this isn't something a gentleman should do."

Marvin forced a smile.

He was so careful he hadn't expected to still be detected.

This was too troublesome!

Indeed, this lady who appeared in the prison cell was shockingly River Shore City's 4th rank Witch City Lord, Madeline.


"Take a trip with me, Baron Marvin."

Surprisingly, Madeline didn't shout, taking a deep glance at him instead.

As for that Phantom Assassin behind Marvin, she directly ignored him.

The next instant, the Teleportation Gate was once again activated.

Marvin's heart shook, apparently guessing something.

He could only give a meaningful glance to the Phantom Assassin before following Madeline through the Teleportation Gate.

On the other side of the Teleportation Gate was a sumptuous room.

It could be seen that this place was Madeline's living quarters.

Marvin had also gone into the top floor of the Ashes Tower. Although Hathaway and Madeline were both Half-Legends, their taste and style was extremely different.

Hathaway's room's colors were clashing, giving out an intense sense of contradiction.

And Madeline's was a traditional noble's room, very luxurious. But too much and too cheesy.

"Setting up a Teleportation Gate like that. Dame Madeline, it looks like you already knew I would act against Verne?"

Marvin wasn't an idiot. Madeline wasn't a god, she couldn't have randomly sensed him killing in the cell.

And that Teleportation Gate was obviously set up beforehand.

"More or less."

"After I came out of seclusion, I handled many things. I also saw many people. However, the one who left me the deepest impression was actually you."

"Baron Marvin? Or maybe Masked Twin Blades? Killing his own uncle with his own hands. And slaughtering a Plague Envoy on his way. With this kind of performance, it would be very difficult for me not to pay attention."

Madeline slowly walked to a liquor cabinet on the side. "Want something?"

"No need, get straight to the point," Marvin said in a heavy voice.

"Don't worry." Madeline suddenly waved her hand, instantly making a magic mirror appear in front of Marvin.

On the magic screen, White River Valley's castle could be seen.

The rear of the castle was actually on fire! The place that was burning was most likely the granary!

Marvin's pupils shrinked.

He hadn't expected an upheaval to appear in his territory that soon!

Madeline blinked and said, "It looks like you need my help right now."


T/N1: So changed Teleportation Door to Teleportation Portal (Gate & Door being too similar) it's something akin to the Anywhere/Dokodemo Door while the Teleportation Gate is something like a Stargate, already set up and needing activation.