Chapter 278: The Domineering Ruyan Liu

 Chapter 278: The Domineering Ruyan Liu

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"I can't believe Hao Luo. I came to attend his wedding but there's not even room here to eat."

"I know right. I heard that he recently got a promotion and thought he finally had became successful in life but I guess he's still his old useless self."

"I gave 1000 Yuan in wedding red pocket yet they're making me just stand here."

Hao Luo's friends and relatives started discussing among themselves, obviously becoming frustrated. To have your already booked hall have no room and be shooed out by the manager was a very embarrassing event.

Everybody's discussion brought tears to Hao Luo's face.

He only knew now that he was too naive. He thought that becoming the Security Department's head made him become an elite. Only did he realize now that in the eyes of people with a truly strong background, he was a nobody. He can be easily escorted out a hotel.

He was both furious and helpless. He had no background, he had no support, other people can easily look down on him.

"Who wants to kick my friend out the hotel?" Qingfeng Li smiled and walked out.

The manager and Song Chen turned their heads towards the sound and their faces changed when they saw him.

"Brother Li, why did you come out?" Tao Liu quickly ran towards Qingfeng Li and politely asked.

Tao Liu recognized Qingfeng Li immediately. Qingfeng Li brought Wanqiu Xia to the hotel to eat dinner and the front desk wanted to shoo them out but was shocked by the five start platinum card that Qingfeng Li handed out.

Jingjiang Hotel was under the property of Liu Corporation. Tao Liu was also an employee of Liu Corporation, as a manager. He knew the value of the five start platinum card. In all of Eastern Sea City, there were only 3.

Tao Liu's change in attitude surprised Song Chen. The manager ridiculed him yet showed much respect to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li smiled and asked "Manager Liu. I heard that you want to escort my friend out the hotel?"

"Brother Li, you are a VIP guest of Liu Corporation. I would not dare ask your friend out." Tao Liu wiped his sweat from his face and replied.

"Oh really? That is my friend, didn't you just say that you guys have no more rooms?" Qingfeng Li pointed at Hao Luo and asked.

"What? Hao Luo is your friend?"

His eyes flashed with astonishment when he heard Qingfeng Li. He never expected such a normal company employee to be his friend.

He was very confused. How can somebody with five start platinum card be friends with such a normal person?

He was now very conflicted. On one hand, there was a VIP of Liu Corporation, and on the other was Mr. Chen who had very strong background.

"Isn't this Qingfeng Li? We meet again." Chen Song smiled and spoke to Qingfeng Li.

Chen Song immediately recognized the guy in front of him. The despicable guy who was Mengyao Xu's boyfriend, he even kissed her.

"Isn't this Mr. Chen. Is your appendicitis good now?" Qingfeng Li ridiculed him.

After finishing dinner last time, Qingfeng Li exposed Chen Song of his appendicitis surgery and belittled him.

"Qingfeng Li. I'm telling you now that it is my friend's wedding today. We are using all the rooms here. You guys should leave now."

"Sorry, but it is also my friend, Hao Luo's wedding today. He also needs to use these rooms today. Why don't you guys leave."

"Just you. You think you can win against me?"

"Who do you think you are. The hotel is my friend's today. Nobody can force him out." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly.

Chen Song thought it funny. There was no way the manager would force him out instead.

"Manager Liu, I want you to ask them out. Or else..." He turned towards Tao Liu, his facial expression grim.

Tao Liu knew of Chen Song's background, he was nobody Tao Liu could possibly mess with. Tao Liu knew that he couldn't offend either one of the two. But if he had to pick, he would pick Song Chen because Song Chen was more powerful.

"Sorry, Qingfeng Li. Do you guys mind switching a hotel." Tao Liu turned towards Qingfeng Li and spoke out.

"Manager Liu, you want us to leave the hotel?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen's friend is hosting the wedding here." Tao Liu unwillingly spoke out.

Qingfeng Li was very angry, his eyes flashing with coldness. He was furious at the fact that Tao Liu picked Chen Song's side and wanted to escort them out. But he knew why. Chen Song indeed was not somebody a normal person could mess with.

Tap tap tap....

Suddenly footsteps sound rang across the hall. A woman dressed in a red dress walked out with a pair of high heels. The girl was very pretty, she had a seductive face with cherry red lips and a pair of flirtatious eyes. Her body was also very nice, her waist very slim. And on her feet was a pair of shiny red high heels.

The woman was none other than Ruyan Liu. Ruyan Liu was conducting an inspection at the hotel today and happened to come across this scene.


She walked towards Tao Liu and slapped him across his face, the slap loud and clear.

Tao Liu raised his hands to his face and asked out "President, why did you slap me?"

He was very confused. He didn't understand why the president hit him.

"Let me ask you, did you just ask Qingfeng Li to leave the hotel?" Ruyan Liu coldly asked him.

"President, there aren't enough rooms here. Mr. Chen needs to use it, naturally we have no choice but to ask Qingfeng Li to leave." He frowned as he attempted to explain the situation.

From his perspective, he thought that the president would understand. Everybody knew who Chen Song was and that his background was strong than Qingfeng Li's.


She gave him another slap across the face and said "Starting today, you are fired. You are no longer the hotel's manager."

What, I'm fired?

He held his bruised face, very astonished. He was doing what was right for the hotel. How can he be fired?

"President, why did you fire me?" Tao Liu asked, his voice laced with a trace of anger.

"Because you offended Qingfeng Li." Ruyan Liu spoke out in a domineering voice.