Chapter 272: Danger, Danger!

 Chapter 272: Danger, Danger!

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2 am.

A dark figure with a tobacco pipe and dagger in his hand slowly approached Qingfeng's bedroom.

This was the time of the day when a person was the most tired and deep in their sleep. The dark figure took careful steps without a single sound to avoid alarming the person in the room. Her eyes flashed with coldness and killer intent.

If Xue Lin was here, she would recognize the dark figure as her housekeeper - Ms. Zhang. At the moment, Ms. Zhang's face was devoid of any friendliness. It was only filled with a chilling coldness.

Ms. Zhang walked to Qingfeng's bedroom and carefully pushed open the door. A flash of coldness appeared in her eyes when she saw Qingfeng was deep in sleep.

But Ms. Zhang did not stab Qingfeng with the dagger immediately. She knew that the Wolf King was very cautious. Even if he was in his sleep, she might not be able to kill him. Ms. Zhang took out the pipe and blew out smoke, covering the entire room. This was a special fragrance that could knock an elephant out.

After five minutes, after being certain that Qingfeng had passed out, she started to walk towards Qingfeng with killer intent in her eyes.

Danger, danger...danger was approaching Qingfeng.

"100 million dollars. If I can chop off the Wolf King's head, I can get 100 million dollars." A flash of excitement appeared in Ms. Zhang's eyes.

She held onto the dagger and pierced it towards Qingfeng. Just when her dagger was about to pierce Qingfeng's throat, it was stopped by two fingers and could not move a single inch. Qingfeng furrowed her brows. She looked down and discovered that Qingfeng had opened her eyes. He looked at her with amusement in her eyes. His two fingers held firmly onto the dagger.

"How can you still be okay?" Ms. Zhang asked in shock. Her expression had changed greatly.

Qingfeng chuckled and said, "The number one assassin of the Skeleton League, Camilla, who is third place on the assassin ranking. The method you usually use includes both medicinal fragrances and a dagger. You first knock them out then stab them with your dagger."

Ms. Zhang was stunned when she heard Qingfeng's words. No, she should be called Camilla now. Camilla's expression changed greatly. Her eyes were filled with terror. She never expected her identity to be figured out by Qingfeng so quickly. He was indeed the number one King.

"Why did my fragrance not work on you?" Camilla asked in terror. This was her secret weapon. Many A class and even S class warriors had died under her weapon. How could the Wolf King be alright?

"This is a secret. Why should I tell you," Qingfeng asked with a wicked smile. However, his words made her really mad.

"Since you are not Ms. Zhang, tell me, where is the real Ms. Zhang?"

"I will not tell you unless you let me go."

"Let you go? How is that possible? You should have been prepared to go to hell when you wanted to assassinate me," Qingfeng smiled coldly as his fingers pressed hard against the dagger. The sturdy dagger was instantly broken into two pieces.

Camilla's left hand grabbed towards Qingfeng's throat when she saw that the dagger was broken. She wanted to break his throat.

Qingfeng's hand grabbed onto her hand like a flash of lightning and pinched her hand heavily. With a crack, Camilla's wrist was instantly broken and her white bones were revealed. Camilla saw that she was no match for Wolf King so she turned around to flee.

She was no match for the Wolf King so she used the special fragrance. To her surprise, the fragrance did not work. The Wolf King was even stronger than rumored.

"You want to escape, but can you escape?" Qingfeng jumped from the bed and chased after her.

Camilla had just ran into the living and was about to open the door when Qingfeng caught up to her. He threw the pillow from the sofa towards her and she fell to the ground. Her face was ghastly pale and she spat up a mouthful of hot blood. Camilla knew that she had no hope of escaping. She then turned around to battle Qingfeng. But she was too weak and no match for Qingfeng.


With a single punch, Qingfeng broke two of Camilla's ribs. Her body fell to the ground with a loud slam. The combat sounds of the two were very loud and woke up Xue Lin who was sleeping on the second floor.

"Whats the matter? Why are there fighting sounds coming from downstairs?" Xue Lin woke up and headed downstairs.


Xue Lin's expression changed when she turned on the living room light. Qingfeng had his feet on Ms. Zhang's body.

"Dear, what are you doing? Let go of Ms. Zhang," Xue Lin said loudly.

Xue Lin did not know that Ms. Zhang was an assassin in disguise. Thus, she wanted Qingfeng to let go of Ms. Zhang. Qingfeng naturally did not abide by Xue Lin's words. He stepped onto Camilla's neck instantly broke her neck. Camilla's eyes became dull and lifeless.

"Hubby, Ms. Zhang is my housekeeper. Why did you kill her?" Xu eLIn asked with confusion.

"She is not Ms. Zhang. She is an assassin," Qingfeng explained as he furrowed his brows.


Xue Lin's expression changed. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. The woman ahead was Ms. Zhang. How could she be an assassin?

She has known Ms. Zhang for a long time so she naturally knew that Ms. Zhang looked exactly like the woman ahead.

Qingfeng could tell that Xue Lin did not believe his words. But she was not to be blamed. Xue Lin was an ordinary person so she did not have much understanding of the assassin world. Qingfeng rubbed his hand against the woman's face. In an instant, he removed a thin face mask from her face. A pale face was revealed. The face was pale and the person was a Caucasian woman in her thirties. She was clearly not Ms. Zhang.

What? How was this possible? How could she not be Ms. Zhang? Xue Lin was stunned. She could not understand how a person's face could be changed.

"This is a disguise technique that assassins use to conceal themselves. This assassin is called Camilla. She is an assassin from the Skull Association," Qingfeng explained to Xue Lin with a light smile.

Xue Lin finally understood after Qingfeng's explanation. Ms. Zhang was an assassin in disguise! This realization made her afraid. Thankfully, Qingfeng had discovered that she was an assassin, she was afraid to think of what could have happened.

Oh no, if Ms. Zhang was the assassin in disguise, where was the real Ms. Zhang? Xue Lin became worried for Ms. Zhang.