Chapter 1282: The Terror of Hell

 Chapter 1282: The Terror of Hell

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The immortal sutra entered Hell. At the same time, the phantoms above the entrance of Hell also disappeared. They didn't fight anymore, vanishing into the river of time.

The entrance of Hell was a giant black hole hundreds of meters wide, dark and terrifying like a huge mouth of a monster which could swallow humans whole.

The masters of the Sword Emperor Sect, the Blade Emperor Sect, and the Beast Emperor Sect all followed Linger Yao and rushed into the Hell under the Kunlun Mountains.

Besides these super masters of orthodox, the master of the Wicked-Imperial Sect also stopped the fight with Black Puppy and ran into Hell. Along with him was the master of Devil-Imperial Sect, who was a good friend of him.

Other powerful self-cultivators such as the Old Monster of the North Sea, the South Pole Spirit King, White-Browed Daoist, the Bamboo King Sect, the Flying Beast Sect, and the Piano King Sect also rushed in with their disciples.

There were over ten thousand self-cultivators that ran into Hell in total for the Immortal Sutra.

Everyone knew the horrors of Hell.

They understood the dangers there. In the deepest parts of Hell, there were peerless ferocious beasts, ghosts, devils, and other horrible creatures beyond their imagination.

But all of them still entered to get the Immortal Sutra.

That was the meaning of being a self-cultivator, which was fighting with the heavens, with the earth, with other humans, for opportunities, techniques, and treasures. They would be fighting for everything.

"Boss, let's go in." Daoist walked by Qingfeng Li's side and said.

Qingfeng Li nodded and waved his hand, "Let's enter together. Everyone stays close and don't leave the team. It is very dangerous inside."

Everybody nodded and then followed Qingfeng Li, walking toward the entrance of Hell.

The entrance looked like it was a few hundred square meters large, but when they entered, they found it had a vast amount of space inside. Hell was actually a huge mystic realm!

A mystic realm?

Qingfeng Li felt a chill down his spine the moment he entered the Hell. He felt freezing coldness inside his body like he was trapped in an icehouse and couldn't stop shivering.

Even Qingfeng Li became this cold, let alone the people beside him. Wolf Fang Sect, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, and Ziyue Jiang were all shivering with pale looks.

Hell, was indeed not a place for humans.

Qingfeng Li and the rest felt the freezing aura entering their guts and damaging their bodies the very moment they entered.

Qingfeng Li raised his head and looked above. It was completely dark over this mystic realm, without the sun or moon. It was all darkness around, but self-cultivators had good eyesight and could see through a long way.

The dimension Qingfeng Li stayed was the first level of Hell, which was 100 thousand square kilometers large. There were many plants, trees, hills, and rivers here, but all these things were pitch black.

One of the plants had a flower, but the flower was also black with complete darkness and no other colors.

"Boss, everything here is black. It's quite horrible," Daoist looked around and said.

They could see many colorful plants, flowers, and animals outside, but here in Hell, everything was black.

Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "We are 3000 meters underground. It's only the first level of Hell. We have to find the entrance to the second level."

Qingfeng Li walked forward after saying this, and the others followed him closely.

Qingfeng Li let Black Puppy lead the way because he had come here before during the ancient era. Although he had only reached the first three levels, he was quite familiar with this place.

Black Puppy explained the situation of Hell to Qingfeng Li and the rest when leading the way. It was terrifying here. The water was undrinkable, and the fruits were inedible because they all contained the aura of death.


Suddenly, a few screams came from the front. It seemed that someone had met some horrible things.

"Something happened in the front. Let's go and check." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and led the rest forward.

They managed to cover 300 meters after a while.

There were over ten self-cultivators dead on the ground. It seemed they had confronted with some horrible things before dying, with their eyes wide open, which looked terrifying.

Qingfeng Li checked these dead people but found no wounds on them.

In other words, they were not killed by external injuries.

"Boss, how can they die without any wound?" Daoist looked at these people, frowning with shock in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li released his spiritual power and realized the deceased's souls was nowhere to be found. It seemed that their spirits were eaten by some creature.

"Careful, these people were not injured, but their spiritual power was eaten up. They might have encountered some powerful spiritual attacks," Qingfeng Li said to others with a worried look.

Spiritual attacks were the most powerful and most weird among all attacks. They were very difficult to defend against and could kill humans at any moment.

"Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Ziyue Jiang, you three and I will stand in the four directions, preventing attacks from the wicked and evil entities," Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li knew the Wolf Fang Team, Flower Fairy and the rest didn't have strong spiritual power. So, he decided to surround them inside to protect them.

"Let's keep moving." Qingfeng Li waved his hands and led the rest forward.

A few hundred meters later, Qingfeng Li found tens of other self-cultivators.

They were dead just like the ones before. They had frightened looks on their faces, and their bodies did not contain a drop of spiritual power.

"Boss, luckily, we entered Hell last. If we entered at the very beginning, we would have faced these attacks."

Qingfeng Li reached out his index finger and shushed, "Stop talking, something is getting close."


A low noise came from the black grass beside them; something was approaching.

Qingfeng Li, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake all heard this noise and turned silent.