Chapter 96 Discussion

 Chapter 96 Discussion


Headmaster Jackson stood in front of Fang Xingjian, looking at the two investigators, and said, "I remember that what I reported to the association was that the First Prince assaulted our official Knight, right?"

"My coming here is not related with the issue with the First Prince." The man dressed in black pulled down his black mantle, revealing an extremely pale-looking face with deeply sunken eyes.

The Knight Association's investigators were an existence which made any Empire's Knight's countenance change at the mere mention of them. As ordinary officials had no power over Knights, only these investigators had the right to investigate, interrogate or even attack them.

But because their numbers were limited and because they were given great powers, each time they conducted an investigation, it was a major operation. Each Knight who was brought back from being investigated were generally left half dead. This had given them an even more terrifying reputation amongst the Knights.

"I've received a tip-off that Fang Xingjian is suspected of colluding with enemies and committing acts of betrayal and treason to our country." The Class One Investigator Charlie smiled and said, "Based on our investigation, we've discovered that he has a questionable background. There are no official records on him at all until one year ago.

"So..." Charlie shrugged, "Aren't we here to conduct an investigation?"

"Charlie, you're Great Western Region's new batch of Conferred Knights, right?" the Headmaster said. The Great Western Region was the region Kirst was located in. The Empire was divided into eight regions, and ten participants were selected from each of the regions to take part in the Regional Selection.

Conferred Knights were those who had passed the Regional Selection, having completed the second transition. They were extremely strong Warriors who had broken through certain limits, just like the Headmaster, Huang Lin, and the First Prince.

The strong Warriors who were at this stage were extremely tyrannical, and far above the level of ordinary Knights. There were great differences even between their abilities and those of Conferred Knights, and at a level where the gaps between abilities were the widest.

The Headmaster's tone was ice-cold. "You've just become a Conferred Knight, and even had the opportunity to enter the association. You've neither kin nor relatives in the Imperial Capital and would like to look for a backer. I understand this. But are you sure you want to dash head-on like this, to be the first? Are you sure that your backer can keep you safe?"

Charlier squinted his eyes and said, "Oh? I really don't understand what you're saying, senior. In any case, we feel that Fang Xingjian is suspicious and we want to investigate him now. Are you thinking of using force to go against the Royal Knight Association?"

Fang Xingjian was about to step up, but was held back by Jackson. Jackson whispered at his ear, "Don't be rash. No matter whether you're in the right or wrong, once you resort to force, you're going against the whole association. Trust me, at least in the academy, they won't dare to do as they wish.

"Bear with it for a while. I'll look for some old friends and solve this issue very soon."

Fang Xingjian did not reply, but took a long look at Charlie.

Charlie smiled and said, "Done with the talking? Then I'll have to trouble you to come along with me. Based on the investigation procedure, I've found an office in the academy. We'll start from there."

Fang Xingjian gave a cold snort and followed behind Charlie. The Headmaster furrowed his brows, saying "George (the First Prince), is this your revenge?"

At the same time, the air next to Fang Xingjian's ears trembled slightly. It was the Headmaster using the Reduced Force Field to make tremors in the air, for voice transmission.

"Bear with it for a while. Remember, don't say anything. Don't admit to anything."

The three of them walked into a tiny office with a table and three chairs. It had only a single small window, the size of a palm. It was a standard small black room.

Outside the black room, there were over ten members of staff Charlie had brought along with him. Out of them, only three were Knights, while the others were in charge of helping out with investigations in the association. Although they were not that strong, their skills in interrogating and investigating were all top notch.

"Take a seat," Charlie said, smiling, "We have plenty of time to chat."

Fang Xingjian threw an indifferent glance at him, and took his seat. The other two investigators sat opposite him.

Charlie smiled as he looked at Fang Xingjian. The assistant next to him took out pen and paper, ready to take notes.

"Alright, let's start off with sharing who you really are. Where do you come from? Which country? What nationality are you?"

Fang Xingjian only closed his eyes, sitting still and cultivating his sword arts.

However, his attitude was obviously pissing off the two investigators before him. Charlie's brows twitched as he said, "Haha, I'd advise you to be more cooperative. If not, a chat's not going to be the only thing we're going to have."

Fang Xingjian kept a poker face as he continued to ignore them.

Charlie's countenance turned grim. Usually, given his status as a Conferred Knight and a Class One Investigator, Knights would be trembling in fear before him by now. Even other Conferred Knights had to be courteous before this junior of theirs. When had he ever been treated with such rudeness by a fellow who had become a Knight not too long ago?

Although Fang Xingjian was a genius, a sixteen year old Windstorm Sword Hero, as a Conferred Knight, Charlie had the confidence to defeat him with just one hand. They belonged to two entirely different levels.

His face turned serious as he asked, "Fang Xingjian, you had better answer our questions honestly. We will not let an evil-doer go, but we would never blame an innocent person either.

"However, if you continue to not cooperate with us, then we cannot help you.

"The Knight Association represents all the Knights in the Empire. Even Divine level Warriors have the obligation to co-operate with us. Let alone a small first transitioned Knight like yourself. Don't think that just because you've transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero you'll be able to do whatever you wished. Regulations, rankings and authority are highly regarded in the Empire.

"We would rather lose ten geniuses with the potential to reach the Divine level than to risk having one more Divine level enemy.

"Do you understand?"

Fang Xingjian opened his eyes. Just as Charlie thought that he was about to give in, Fang Xingjian spat out coldly, "No comment."

Charlie smiled coldly and said, "Fang Xingjian, you might not know some of the rights that we hold yet. To be honest, if we wish to, we can take a first transitioned Knight into custody for interrogation for fifteen days, unconditionally."

He then continued, "For example, take today's investigation. We can go on for fifteen days, until the inter-class competition has concluded." He threatened, "Similarly, these fifteen days could be at any time. For example, during next year's Regional Selection?"

In that instant, killing intent brimmed in Fang Xingjian's eyes. The two investigators only felt a flash of electricity appear in the office, as if countless longswords had been drawn out of their sheaths.

However, why would Charlie think much of the killing intent coming from a first transitioned Knight? He smiled and said, "Why? Have you recalled something now? If you continue refusing to cooperate like this, I can promise you that even though the Empire is enormous, there will be no place for you here.

"Why? Does that line sound a bit familiar?"

Instantly, the First Prince's words flashed across in his mind at the speed of lightning.

"But if you were to reject it, I can promise you that even though the Empire is enormous, there will be no place for you here."

The words said by the two of them were exactly the same, not a single word had been changed. At that moment, Fang Xingjian looked at Charlie's complacent smile, knowing for sure that he had been sent by the First Prince to deal with him, or to threaten him.

This was telling him that, he, the First Prince, could make him unable to participate in the Regional Selection for his whole life, without even having to deal with him personally or use any powers.

But Fang Xingjian merely gave a cold smile, then closed his eyes and continued to cultivate. In the next one hour or more, no matter what Charlie said, he no longer took any notice.