866 Illusions

 The moment the Heavenly Lion's Roar was unleashed, it broke through a bit of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. It even managed to use the ability of controlling ether particles to block Fang Xingjian's attack.

Taking this opportunity, the Heavenly Lion Clone slapped its palms together and unleashed the Heavenly Lion's second divine ability-Universal Prestige.

During ancient times, humans believed that there were spirits in the world. The heavy weight of the atmosphere in the sky and the great depths of the earth's gravitational forces kept on pressing down on mankind. Humanity was made to stay on the ground earnestly and forced to grovel before the world. This was seen as the Universal Prestige.

The Heavenly Lion Clone could control the gravitational forces in the atmosphere within a region and was believed to be capable of unleashing the universe's prestige and dominance.

With the Heavenly Lion Clone's series of actions, the atmosphere started seething and the air currents in the sky above the Central Region surged wildly. Gushes of astral forces headed fiercely toward Fang Xingjian, pressing down on his conjured physique.

With this great pressure, a string of stifled sounds rang out in the sky.

At this moment, everyone in the Imperial Capital felt that their chests were tight and they were breathless. It was as if they were situated in the depths of the ocean and a great pressure was pressing down on their bodies, making it very hard for them to move.

However, this was just a hint of the repercussive waves from the great atmospheric pressure. Fang Xingjian, who was at the center of the attack, faced an even more unbelievable pressure.

Under this great pressure, Fang Xingjian's conjured physique shook fiercely, and many cracks extended out from his body.

The Heavenly Lion Clone said calmly, "This Universal Prestige can put the entire Central Region's atmospheric pressure on you. You can't move at all now, right?

"If I continue with this, the pressure will continue to get stronger and your entire conjured physique will be shattered and crushed into dust instantly, let alone being unable to move."

Hearing the Heavenly Lion King's words, everyone's countenances changed.

For the entire Central Region's atmospheric pressure to be pressing down on Fang Xingjian's body in addition to the countless amounts of gases pressing down fiercely under the control of the Heavenly Lion King... This was a pressure that was numerous times stronger than the atmospheric pressure itself. How terrifying was this great pressure?

The atmosphere's pressure that humans were usually exposed to in their daily lives weighed around ten tons per square meter. However, as the human body evolved and grew under such an environment, a balance would be maintained in the atmospheric pressure and the humans would not be crushed by it. They were like the balloons that had been inflated in the atmosphere.

However, with the Heavenly Lion Clone controlling the atmosphere through the Universal Prestige, the atmosphere within a range of an entire region was smashed into the sky above the Imperial Capital and onto Fang Xingjian. How terrifying was that effect?

Right now, Fang Xingjian was unable to budge from the pressure. Cracks were even continuously appearing on his conjured physique, seeming to be clear proof of this.

Many Divine level experts in the Imperial Capital started panicking.

Prince Zuoxian revealed an excited smile.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch and female Saint saw this scene, and the looked at the Heavenly Lion King with greatly wary gazes.

However, at this moment, Fang Xingjian let out a cold snort, and a chaotic array of lights lit up from his body. At the next moment, they turned into a gush of pressure. It repelled all of the incoming atmospheric pressure and formed an environment that was similar to vacuum state.

The Heavenly Lion Clone's attack had a power that was comparable to several billion tons. It was as if over ten great mountains had smashed down on Fang Xingjian's body, reaching the level of being able to injure Fang Xingjian's conjured physique.

'It's a pity that I only managed to successfully refine the four Divine Swords and that I've yet to refine my conjured physique into the Heaven-Connecting Upper Extremity Sword Physique. Otherwise, how could this mere atmospheric pressure harm me?'

Although the power of the Universal Prestige was sufficient to harm Fang Xingjian's conjured physique, it was still far, far too weak when compared to Fang Xingjian's martial will that was at 5,200 points.

With a rumble, Fang Xingjian broke through the chains of the Universal Prestige and then said coldly, "You aren't going to use Spatial Translocation? Could it be that you've yet to perfectly grasp this power?"

The Heavenly Lion Clone's countenance changed, but Fang Xingjian had already punched out across space, landing consecutive punches onto the Heavenly Lion Clone.

Beams of chaotic-colored light pillars pierced through the atmosphere together with Fang Xingjian's punches, shooting out toward the Heavenly Lion Clone.

Hmph. This time around, the Heavenly Lion King could not be bothered dodging. It opened up a huge paw, and the space started to change. All the chaotic-colored light pillars disappeared from his sight and then appeared before Fang Xingjian, smashing toward Fang Xingjian's back.

Boom! In that instant, endless chaotic colors engulfed Fang Xingjian. The Heavenly Lion Clone looked at this scene coldly like he had just done something insignificant.

It was true that he could not perform the Spatial Translocation too many times. Otherwise, this tier six Divine level Heavenly Lion would lose control, and there might even be a possibility that it could awaken and come back to life.

No tier six Divine level living creature was not to be underestimated. Even the Heavenly Lion Clone's body, which had been dead for many years, still had a hint of consciousness remaining. It was only when the Heavenly Lion King reached tier six of the Divine level that its consciousness remnant would truly be removed.

Therefore, during all this time, he had rarely used the Heavenly Lion Clone's Spatial Translocation ability. However, going against Fang Xingjian right now, the Heavenly Lion's Roar and Universal Prestige were both not a match for Fang Xingjian. Consequently, he could only use the Spatial Translocation ability.

The moment the Spatial Translocation ability was used, the Heavenly Lion King believed that it was impossible for experts who were below tier six of the Divine level to be a match for him.

The Heavenly Lion King sighed, 'It's a pity. This technique was originally prepared for the few Guardian Kings and Mage Kings. The more I use it on Fang Xingjian, the lesser number of times I'll be able to use in the future.'

Simultaneously, the light dissipated gradually, revealing Fang Xingjian's seriously injured conjured physique.

It seemed as if almost half of his body had been completely vaporized, turning into a disfigured state and plunging down toward the ground.

Halfway down, Fang Xingjian unleashed his martial will explosively and managed to come to a stop. He started to heal his conjured physique slowly, and after it recuperated, Fang Xingjian looked at the Heavenly Lion Clone with a greatly shocked gaze.

"Give up, Fang Xingjian. The difference between the two of us isn't something you can imagine."

Fang Xingjian's expression was of an intense unwillingness to accept the situation. As if he suddenly exploded, he grabbed out with one palm, turning it into a great chaotic-colored hand that could encompass the entire Imperial Capital. He reached out ferociously, trying to grab the Heavenly Lion Clone.

Violent powers burst out, and wherever the huge palm passed by, large areas of distorted space would appear. With this sudden explosion, the direction of the air currents flowed in reverse, and it was as if a huge hole was about to be punched through the sky.

However, the Heavenly Lion King shook his head. "Too weak." A golden beast's paw slapped down, and the huge palm disappeared. Fang Xingjian's body shook fiercely. It was as if a gush of terrifying power had exploded in his body, and his entire conjured physique scattered explosively in that instant.

Under the Heavenly Lion Clone's control, the size, length, and location of space had all become factors that could be changed easily. Any attack below that of tier six of the Divine level and had yet to enter the impeccable realm would not be able to reach him.

With this attack, the Heavenly Lion King had instantly shrunk and moved the chaotic-colored huge palm inside of Fang Xingjian's conjured physique. It only took a moment for Fang Xingjian's conjured physique to shatter explosively.