865 A Lions Roar

 The Heavenly Lion King was the spiritual leader of countless tribes and experts on the plains. In fact, he was the guardian spirit over the entire plains. To those people, he was an undefeated sacred existence, a god who had descended from the heavens.

When he displayed the Spatial Translocation technique, he instantly astonished everyone present.

Spatial Translocation was a realm that one could only reach at tier six of the Divine level. It could only be achieved when one's strength had broken through the microscopic realm and reached the impeccable realm. Then from there, they were able to freely control the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, the earth's astral forces, and nuclear forces, as well as the forces that caused all life in the world to deteriorate.

At the microscopic realm, one could convert the four fundamental forces themselves. From there, it could lead to changes in the microscopic world and create an attacking effect on the macroscopic world.

The impeccable realm was one step further. It allowed one to control the four fundamental forces directly and control space from there.

The Gold Mage King's gaze turned solemn as well. "After one has truly reached tier six of the Divine level, not only will they be able to translocate space but their abilities to distort and stretch space will also become countless times stronger than before. With a single thought, they will be able to move mountains and seas, as well as to move through void space.

"A tier six Divine level expert's control over space is something that ordinary Divine level experts are unable to imagine. If he has really reached tier six of the Divine level, then existences below tier six of the Divine level will probably find it hard to defeat him. Fortunately, he is only close to attaining tier six of the Divine level and hasn't actually reached it yet.

"Despite this, he's already extremely powerful, capable of unleashing a portion of the Heavenly Lion's Spatial Translocation ability.

Tier six of the Divine level was a legendary realm-the realm of the world's dominator, the true god in the mortal world, and an existence that mere mortals were unable to come into contact with. Throughout history, experts had never been shy with giving praises to this legendary realm.

Amongst the many Divine level experts present, the two Mage Kings were not the only ones who knew how terrifying tier six of the Divine level, as well as Spatial Translocation, was.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch had a better understanding of this. It was because the profoundness of the sixth tier had been recorded in detail in the Sacred Fire Order's manuals.

"Tier six of the Divine level, the world's dominator, the true god in the mortal world...

"Although the Heavenly Lion King has yet to actually step into tier six of the Divine level, his ability to translocate space already makes him undefeated amongst people who aren't able to do this."

The Sacred Fire Order's female Saint also relaxed. "To think that the Heavenly Lion King has already reached this level. As expected of an unrivaled sovereign who only appears once every 300 years in the plains.

"Such talent won't be that far off from those Guardian Kings and even Saints from the Church. At this stage, he may step into tier six of the Divine level at any moment now, and he has truly become an existence at the highest level in this world. Even the Church and the Mages will have to view him differently."

At the thought of this, the Sacred Fire Order's female Saint looked at Fang Xingjian and sighed. 'It's a pity, Fang Xingjian. Although you're a great talent who has reached this level within three years, you're a short step away from the Heavenly Lion King's level. Yet, this small difference is like the difference between the heavens and the earth.'

The countenances of the few Divine level experts in the Imperial Capital also turned grim. Regardless of whether it was the Fourth Prince, the First Prince, the Astral Ancestor, Blue Sacred Moonlight, or the others, everyone had some understanding toward how powerful tier six of the Divine level was.

"To think that the Heavenly Lion King's cultivation has reached such a level...?" The Fourth Prince sighed, and the worry in his eyes deepened.

The First Prince looked at the scene in the sky and let out a cold smile. A hint of exhilaration flashed in the depths of his eyes.

'No matter how talented you are and regardless of how you're able to take on 14 Divine level experts single-handedly, what's the use of all that when you're facing against the Heavenly Lion King?'

Simultaneously, when Prince Zuoxian, who was standing in the sky, heard that the Heavenly Lion King was going to let Fang Xingjian off, he found this hard to accept. Aside from Prince Zuoxian, all the other Sacred Generals had been annihilated today. How great would the turbulence in the plains be?

How could they let things be like that? Even if they could not kill Fang Xingjian, they had to get the Empire to pay the price for this.

However, just as he was about to say something, the Heavenly Lion Clone secretly sent him a message through information currents. A hint of surprise flashed in Prince Zuoxian's eyes, and he frowned. Then he looked toward Fang Xingjian bitterly and did not say anything thereafter.

Fang Xingjian did not seem to have heard what the Heavenly Lion King said at all. His eyelids drooped down as four streams of silver light flashed across the sky and strong gales came gushing forth. It was as if there were many thunderbolts and powerful forces cutting across the sky.

At the next moment, the four Divine Swords-Abyss, Thunder Calamity, Panwei Sword, and the White Bone Sword-floated before him.

Concurrently, the martial will at 5,2000 points surged out wildly, turning into a towering specter that had a height of over 100,000 meters. It was like a Fang Xingjian who had expanded countless times and was being burned by endless chaotic-colored flames.

"I don't want just them to die today.

"Heavenly Lion King, you can leave your life here too.

"After I've slashed this clone of yours, I'll head straight to the plains and kill your actual form as well."

The powers of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and Fang Xingjian joined together. The world-penetrating power was unleashed without any restraints, causing the countenances of everyone present to change drastically.

"Fang Xingjian had yet to display his full powers earlier?!" Prince Zuoxian was shocked.

The expressions of both the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch and female Saint also turned grim but then moved on to become that of excitement.

'Good. Let the two of them, who are strong, fight it out. We'll then be able to take advantage of the situation. It'd be best if both of them suffer great losses.'

'Fang Xingjian is too strong, and the Heavenly Lion King is a demonic existence. Neither of them should exist in this world.'

"Arrogant." When the Heavenly Lion Clone heard Fang Xingjian's reply, it frowned slightly before sighing and saying, "It seems that if I don't show off some of my moves, you won't let me leave safely.

"Alright, Fang Xingjian. I'll show you what it means to have immeasurable and remarkable powers, as well as what it means to be able to move unhindered in the world. I'll let you know why it is that people who are at tier six of the Divine level are known as the world's dominators."

At the next moment, streams of divine golden light soared into the sky. The Heavenly Lion Clone's body contracted a little like it was doing an inhaling motion.

Fang Xingjian did not pay any heed to the Heavenly Lion Clone's words and punched out toward it across space. In that instant, a light pillar in a chaotic array of colors cut across the horizon and struck out toward the Heavenly Lion Clone.

Faced with this attack from Fang Xingjian, the Heavenly Lion Clone exhaled abruptly. A lion's roar once again rang out in the world.

However, the prowess of this roar seemed to be more than ten times stronger than the one from before. Seething sound waves swept out, and in that instant, the colors of the skies started to change.

The ether particles within a range of several thousand meters seemed to have met their masters, and all of them started seething, breaking out of the control of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. They unleashed all sorts of lightning, flames, and shock waves, smashing out toward the chaotic-colored light pillar.

With a roar, the colors of the skies changed, and an order was given the world. This was one of the Heavenly Lion's renowned divine abilities that allowed him to gain control over the world and directly command the ether particles within a range of several thousand meters. It was known as the Heavenly Lion's Roar, and it could break through all sorts of great formations in the world.