863 The World of the Sword Master, Killing Within A Short Momen

 The moment the Wolf God appeared, it took the form of several ten thousand wolf shadows and went forth, tearing at Fang Xingjian. Each of the wolf shadows had the power of a tier one or two Divine level expert. Then when they gathered together, they had a power that was like a comet striking the world, making it hard for anyone to have any will to resist.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch made his move as well, and 49 types of sacred fires descended from the skies. It was as if the legendary god who wanted to destroy the world had sent out a divine punishment-the end of the world. The entire world became scorching hot, and 49 fire dragons charged out toward Fang Xingjian.

Each of the remaining Divine level experts also unleashed their own moves. In an instant, the entire place was filled with multi-colored lights as various huge beasts, thunderbolts, flames, and strong gales came surging forth. The entire world seethed, and it was as if even the space itself was unable to withstand the turbulence caused by the 14 Divine level experts.

Everyone watching the battle was at a loss for words. After the battle in Buluo City, Fang Xingjian had a portion of his battle prowess wiped out. Following that, the opposing party had besieged and injured him severely. Was history going to repeat itself?

"Courting death."

When Fang Xingjian saw this scene, the corners of his lips curled up into a hint of a cold smile. At this moment, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was completed, and within a range of 100,000 meters, no one could enter or exit without his permission.

As for the Myriad Poison and Souls earlier, what was it compared to the Purple Mage King's several million sets worth of love? The Swordless Sword's illusions were also completely meaningless to Fang Xingjian, who had grasped microscopic level illusory arts.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian darted forth and appeared before the Goshawk Tribe's huge hawk.

Seeing Fang Xingjian's sudden appearance, the huge hawk let out a fierce cry, and its huge claw-which was like a small mountain-swiped at Fang Xingjian.

Facing the huge hawk before him, Fang Xingjian put his hands together and then tore out toward his left and right. At 5,200 points, the prowess of his martial will was fully unleashed explosively for the first time.

Amidst world-shaking agonizing cries, there seemed to be two huge invisible hands flashing past in void space, tearing apart the huge hawk that was several thousand meters long.

The huge hawk and Fang Xingjian were like an elephant and an ant.

However, right now, the ant had just torn the huge hawk into two. Then, with a fierce slap, the two parts of the huge hawk were smashed into paste, turning into endless pools of blood that splattered down onto the ground.

Fang Xingjian then looked coldly at the myriad of wolf shadows that were gnashing their teeth as they moved toward him. He let out an explosive bellow, "Scram!"

Rumble! With his command, a myriad of sword Qis and streams of sword light appeared in the world, seething like rivers of water from the heavens. They tore toward the myriad of wolf shadows.

However, the sword force did not just stop there. Not only did they lashed out toward the wolf shadows, they even blocked the advancements of all the other Divine level experts and were even pushing the forces back toward them.

Amidst a series of astonishing cries, the 14 Divine level experts were driven back by the seething sword force.

Prince Zuoxian's expression was that of shock. His entire body shuddered from the impact of the sword force as they smashed pieces of protective Divine Equipment.

Prince Youxian's face was covered in disbelief. The myriad of wolf shadows that circled around him in many layers were slashed away and wiped out.

The countenance of the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch was grim. The sword force swept past the 49 fire dragons, and dragon blood and scales instantly filled up the sky. The Patriarch himself was slashed by the countless sword Qis. His face was covered in grime and dirt as he plunged toward the ground.

The Sacred Fire Order's female Saint kept crying out in alarm as her martial will continued being crushed by the endless sword force. She could only retreat repeatedly.

With this outburst from Fang Xingjian, it was as if everything in the world was covered by the endless sword force. The 14 Divine level experts were unable to retaliate at all.

Fang Xingjian was exhilarated to be able to repress the entire battlefield single-handedly.

If it was said that his illusory sword technique was about careful calculations and scheming, then the sword force-which Fang Xingjian had unleashed with this Thunder-Inducing Technique and his martial will at 5,200 points-was a sword technique of power that could crush everything.

Presently, the martial will which was at 5,200 points surged out, and everything within a range of 100,000 meters seemed to be under Fang Xingjian's control. It was as if the entire world had become his sword.

With a rumble, Fang Xingjian punched out, and his martial will-that was in a chaotic array of colors-turned into a light pillar which penetrated through space and reached the Mourning Abyss Sacred General.

"Ahhh!" The Mourning Abyss Sacred General let out a crazy roar, and this master of medicine and poison from the plains unleashed all of his powers at this moment. His entire body turned into millions and millions of poisonous bugs that went biting in all directions, engulfing ether particles directly and even engulfing Fang Xingjian's martial will.

However, his retaliation seemed like a futile attempt before Fang Xingjian. With a loud sound, he-as well as the countless poisonous bugs he had turned into-was shaken and turned into a large area of light spots that scattered across the sky.

Fang Xingjian then struck out a punch across space. The chaotic array of light seemed to form a stream of light cannon that instantly pierced through the world and shot out toward the Sun-Shooting Sacred General.


The Sun-Shooting Sacred General escaped at light speed, but under the effects of the sword formation, he would be guided to the front of the light cannon by the illusory arts no matter how hard he tried to escape. His entire person was completely covered by the chaotic array of lights and instantly vaporized, leaving behind only light spots that scattered down.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian struck out five consecutive punches, and five streams of chaotic-colored light pierced through the world, once again killing five Divine level experts and leaving behind five areas of light spots.

After consecutively killing half of the Divine level experts present, Prince Zuoxian and the others, who were still standing, were scared out of their wits. They started fleeing in all directions, panic-stricken.

There were people who escaped, but there were also people who chose to fight to the bitter end.

The Unobliterable Sacred General stared at the countless sword Qis and dashed out toward Fang Xingjian. With an enraged bellow, he rammed toward Fang Xingjian with all of his powers.

"Fang Xingjian, I'll fight it out with you!"

The Frost Jade Armor he wore emitted piercing light, and all of his martial will was used to reinforce this Divine Armor. The Divine Light Armor which had taken many days to refine could fend off an attack of a tier five Divine level expert. Right now, he unleashed all of his powers, confident that he would be able to take a few blows from Fang Xingjian and provide a cover for his companions.

"Fight it out? What do you have to be capable of doing this?"

However, faced with the Unobliberating Sacred General's all-out attack, Fang Xingjian let out a cold laugh and tapped out a finger gently. All-Conquering sword intents surged out.

Right now, how strong had Fang Xingjian's four sword intents become after being pushed by his martial will? Moreover, he had inherited the knowledge from the wordless monument, and his four sword intents had also each made advancements.

The Frost Jade Armor-which could fend off the attacks of tier five Divine level experts-was now like papier-mâché, shattering instantly.

"How is that possible?!"

The Unobliterable Sacred General looked at this scene in disbelief. At the next moment, he had shattered into dust together with his armor.

Within a short moment, eight Divine level experts died. Prince Zuoxian, Prince Youxian, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, the Sacred Fire Order's female Saint, and the others were all terrified. The battle prowess Fang Xingjian had just displayed was too brutal.

The remaining six of them escaped at a rapid speed akin to light speed. However, under the effect of Fang Xingjian's sword formation, all of them kept on moving around in circles, unable to escape at all.

"Are you able to escape?"

Fang Xingjian let out a deep bellow and punched out. A light pillar surged out, sweeping across the sky like a starship's main cannon and causing the Misery Abyss Sacred General-who wore a horrified expression-to explode.

Then, with another punch, a light pillar in a chaotic array of colors once again cut across the sky and vaporized another Sacred General.

Following this, he appeared before Prince Youxian with a flash and grabbed out, tearing apart the myriad of wolf shadows and reaching straight for Prince Youxian's head.

"Let go of me!" Prince Youxian's expression was fierce, and he let out an enraged bellow. His hands brought about bloodthirsty gales which went tearing out toward Fang Xingjian. This was the Heavenly Wolf Claw that had been passed down to the immediate descendants of their tribe. It condensed the earth's astral forces and instantly unleashed a clawing force that was several hundred times stronger than gravity, striking out toward Fang Xingjian's chest.

However, the chaotic-colored light flashed, and Prince Youxian's claw was shattered. Fang Xingjian's grabbed onto Prince Youxian's head, dashing out toward the ground as if the heavens and earth had collided together.

Rumble! A deafening sound rang out, and the earth tremored intensely. Ten million tons worth of sand soared into the sky as if an asteroid had collided into Earth. The area within a range of several tens of kilometers was engulfed by explosions and intense flames, and only the Imperial Capital remained unscathed under the protection of the sword formation.

Due to this world-shattering collision, Prince Youxian was pressed into dust and scattered out into the world.

Within a short moment, Prince Zuoxian, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, and the Sacred Fire Order's female Saint were the only ones left standing amongst the 14 Divine level experts.

Everyone in the Imperial Capital watched with their eyes and mouth agape.

The First Prince's countenance changed, and his legs turned limp as he dropped to the ground from Fang Xingjian's ferocious aura.

Sally was in disbelief, and her expression lit up as she looked at the Fang Xingjian in the sky.

Richard was completely silent. He felt that his earlier judgment was completely wrong.

Tyrant, the Fourth Prince, Prince Philip, and Lilia were all overjoyed as they looked at Fang Xingjian happily.

All the citizens in the Imperial Capital cried tears of joy and cheered loudly.

In the sky, as Fang Xingjian's gaze swept out, Prince Zuoxian and the other two people felt their bodies stiffen as densely-packed sword intents gushed out toward them. Faced with the attack from Fang Xingjian's martial will that was over 5,200 points, the trio's conjured physiques felt like they were being pressed down by a force that was several ten thousand times stronger than the atmospheric pressure. Their conjured physiques also showed signs of collapsing.