862 Weakening

 Prince Zuoxian said a few more words, but Fang Xingjian did not give any reply at all. Countless people in the Imperial Capital also sighed, feeling certain that Fang Xingjian was at his wits' end with nothing else up his sleeves.

The vortex, which formed in the sky because of the amassing martial will, became increasingly terrifying. Layers and layers of light continued to be swallowed and released within it, and both the rays of light and space became distorted just like a black hole encompassing the city. Everyone in the Imperial Capital felt apprehensive.

Sally's gaze was dark, while Richard lowered his head and sighed, feeling aggrieved about the impending natural disaster.

Concurrently, the many Sacred Generals said together, "It's ready."

Prince Zuoxian's eyes also lit up. The accumulated martial wills of the 14 people had reached a limit that was still within control.

"Take action!"

With Prince Zuoxian's command, a myriad of sounds rang out, and the world entered a state of upheaval. The vortex which was formed from the 14 martial wills suddenly swelled up like a gigantic palm, and it went crushing down toward the Imperial Capital.

Wherever the palm passed by, gusts and gusts of strong gales swirled around and kacha kacha sounds kept ringing out in void space. It was as if the space was about to shatter.

A series of blurred lights and shadows appeared in the sky. All the rays of light, sounds, and images were scattered by this palm.

Everyone looked toward the sky in astonishment, scared out of their wits by this majestic power.

How many years had it been since such a world-shaking attacking prowess appeared in this world due to the joint efforts of 14 Divine level experts?

Under this palm attack, it seemed as if the entire Central could be crushed into dust, let alone a mere city.

Fang Xingjian was the only one who looked coldly at the sky and slapped out a palm toward it.

Rumble! A chaotic array of lights burst out from Fang Xingjian's body. The martial will which burst out did not lose out to the accumulated martial wills of the opposing 14 people.

The chaotic array of lights turned into a huge palm and slapped downward.

The two palms soon clashed together. There were no sounds or loud noises, just piercing light that burst out from the two huge palms. It was as if a myriad of nuclear missiles had exploded concurrently. Countless microscopic black holes appeared and disappeared concurrently. Innumerable particles in the microscopic world were stirred into dust, and wherever the two palms slapped out, all living creatures ceased to exist.

In an instant, the two palms met, with one striking upward and the other one smashing down. The astonishing impact caused the scenery within a range of 100 lis to change as rows of seething air currents swept out, cutting across the horizon like a force 20 typhoon.

"He managed to hold it up!"

"Fang Xingjian managed to hold up the joint attack of 14 Divine level experts?!"

Many people looked toward the sky in astonishment, seeming to find this scene hard to believe.

However, at the next moment, something even more astonishing happened.

With an explosive bellow and a shake of Fang Xingjian's palm, his huge palm-formed from light with a chaotic array of colors-suddenly unleashed its force and pushed back the opposing impact.

Amidst the world-shaking collision, a thunderous sound rang out in the world. Everyone had headaches, and it was as if their entire bodies had been crushed by a road roller.

Simultaneously, the vortex formed from the martial wills was shattered by the hit from Fang Xingjian's palm.

Fang Xingjian advanced up into the sky, looking coldly at the 14 experts as he said, "Who amongst you is here to receive death?"

All the experts were in a state of shock wherever they looked toward.

However, although they had no idea how Fang Xingjian had recovered from his injuries and even advanced his battle prowess further, the many experts from the plains were not fearful of the battle. It was because they still had a trump card up their sleeves.

Prince Zuoxian raised his brows. "Mourning Abyss Sacred General, Sun-Shooting Sacred General, it's up to the two of you now!"

The Mourning Abyss Sacred General was the first to attack. Countless streams of information currents connected together and transmitted out toward Fang Xingjian.

The Myriad Poison and Souls he had refined was not an ordinary poison made from medicinal materials. Instead, it was an ultimate poison made by gathering and refining the vengeful emotions of several ten thousand ferocious beasts and slaves, and then planting it into another person's heart.

"As long as the target is human, no matter how cold-blooded, despicable, or shameless they are, they would have feelings of compassion. Someone with a mellow mindset and is perfect isn't human anymore.

"As long as there is a weak point, my Myriad Poison and Souls will be able to magnify it. The vengeful feelings of several ten thousand beings will open up a small corner of their heart, bringing about an explosion of negative emotions in the end. It can even potentially cause the person's personality to breakdown.

"Of course, as Divine level experts have wills that are sturdy as steel, it's impossible for them to experience a personality breakdown.

"However, it will implicate a part of their martial will, preventing it from suppressing the weak point in their heart. This will cause the person to be unleash 100% of their battle prowess.

"Although Fang Xingjian has a powerful will, he already fell prey to this previously. If the poison aggravates this time around, his martial will may get infected and become even weaker than before."

Seeing the Myriad Poison and Souls being planted into Fang Xingjian's body, the corners of the Mourning Abyss Sacred General's lips curled up into a faint smile.

The Sun-Shooting Sacred General made his move as well, completing the actions of holding the arrow and pulling the bow in an instant. The Starscorpion Arrows were something which the Heavenly Lion King had spent several decades to completely refine. The moment one was hit by it, they would enter an endless stretch of illusions.

The Genesis Bow was even more amazing and was something which had been forged by the Steel Lion Kingdom's founder. The item had the ability to compress the space along the path the arrow took. It would be as if an arrow had been shot out at superluminal speed, and it was said that the bow had a 100% hit rate.

The other time when the Black Mage King had disguised as Fang Xingjian, he had been suppressed by both the Myriad Poison and Souls and the Starscorpion Arrow, and thus had 50% of his battle prowess removed.

The Sun-Shooting Sacred General nocked the arrow and drew the bow, then he shot out the Starscorpion Arrow toward Fang Xingjian.

However, just as the Starscorpion Arrow was about to hit Fang Xingjian's forehead, it came to an abrupt stop. The tip of the arrow clashed fiercely with a barrier of chaotic-colored light, and it was trembled into dust by Fang Xingjian's protective martial will very quickly.

However, the Sun-Shooting Sacred General revealed an contemptuous smile. 'Do you think that you've managed to fend it off?'

At the next moment, the Starscorpion Arrow which had turned into dust, took the form of smoke and quickly merged into Fang Xingjian's martial will.

Concurrently, Fang Xingjian frowned, while the Mourning Abyss Sacred General, who was in the distance, smiled and said, "It's done."

Prince Zuoxian bellowed, "Fang Xingjian has been struck by both the Starscorpion Arrow and the Myriad Poison and Souls. Everyone, there's no need to hold back anymore. Go all out and kill him!"

Before this, all of the 14 Divine level experts had already unleashed their martial wills and charged toward Fang Xingjian at full-power, trying to kill him. However, they had been fended off and sent scattering with just one of Fang Xingjian's hands.

However, this did not mean that they had no more moves left. Other than their martial will, they each had even more powerful attacking means.

As Prince Zuoxian spoke, there was a flash, and the golden hawk on his back had already instantly turned into a huge beast that was a few thousand times wider, charging out toward Fang Xingjian. The moment this Divine level ferocious beast-that the generations of the Goshawk Tribe had worshipped and refined-took action, its aura was majestic. It was as if the legendary Kun Peng had descended, wanting to seize the sun and moon, move mountains, and fill up the seas.

Prince Youxian laughed maniacally, and a large broadsword flew up from behind his back. A myriad of wolf shadows were unleashed from the broadsword. It was the Wolf God whom the Heavenly Wolf Tribe had worshipped for several centuries. After the Divine level ferocious beast died, the Heavenly Wolf Tribe had taken its will remnants into their custody and nurtured it.Mentioned in a previous chapter as the 'Great Kun'. A legendary giant fish from the Chinese mythology which was said to be able to transform into a roc.