859 Serious Injuries

 Richard was unaware of these pieces of information. Moreover, Philip had trained hard in the Universal Truth Longsword since young and had some connections with the Church of Universal Truth.

"Father, the Empire's internal strife has just ended, and the country has been dealt a great blow. Our only way out is to rely on the Church.

"Otherwise, it will be like the plains down south who are coming down on us with a great might. Neither the 11 Sacred Generals nor the Heavenly Lion King are existences we're able to stop! If Fang Xingjian wants to rule over the Empire, then let him do it. We can't stay on this sinking ship together with him!"

"That's enough." Philip waved his hand. "I know what to do. There's no need for you to say this much."

"But..." Richard had not finished speaking when a stream of martial will scanned his body. It forced back the words he was about to say, leaving only a grudging gaze in his eyes.

Prince Zuoxian and the other five Sacred Generals had been waiting for very long in the seething dark clouds above Buluo City.

The Mourning Abyss Sacred General said, displeased, "Hmph, the Sacred Fire Order's old fox only knows how to slack off. He hasn't put in much effort despite fighting for so long."

"He's afraid of that Fang Xingjian. Before there's any news of Fang Xingjian, he won't dare to go all out. There's no need to care about him," Prince Zuoxian said in a deep voice as he looked down at Buluo City. "Has the formation been set up?"

The Misery Abyss Sacred General, who was like an ascetic monk, said, "The Windthunder God-Perishing Great Formation has been set up. Under my control, this formation can change the geomagnetic forces, control the heavenly thunders, and has the prowess to annihilate all lives."

Prince Zuoxian then asked, "Has the Myriad Poison and Souls been prepared?"

The Mourning Abyss Sacred General-who had a pale countenance, thin figure, and specialized in refining medicine and concocting poison-let out a cough and said, "This is a sinister poison, and it has been refined into my martial will. When Fang Xingjian comes, I'll teach him a good lesson."

Prince Zuoxian then looked toward the Sun-Shooting Sacred General and enquired, "How are Senior's preparations?"

The Sun-Shooting Sacred General was the most experienced Divine level expert on the plains. He was now stroking a strangely shaped longbow which had been forged from bones, looking at it with great reminiscence, admiration, and a hint of excitement.

"This Genesis Bow was forged by our kingdom's first leader. The Pope of that generation personally channeled in his divine art, and it has a 100% success rate of hitting.

"This time around, His Majesty even specially bestowed me with three Starscorpion Arrows These have been specially refined from countless ferocious beasts that His Majesty caught from the ice plains in the extreme north and from the depths of the ocean.

"Once hit by it, the person will definitely be subjected to endless illusions, and their battle prowess will be reduced by at least 30% for no reason."

"Good." Prince Zuoxian nodded and looked toward the last Divine level expert present. It was a man with a strong physique who was completely wrapped up in armor. He was the Unobliterable Sacred General from the 11 Sacred Generals.

The Unobliterable Sacred General was said to have the greatest defense amongst the 11 Sacred Land, and the armor he wore had not been forged from ordinary metal. Instead, martial will had been used to soften several hundred types of heavenly and earthly treasures in order to forge this Frost Jade Armor. As his martial will grew stronger, the armor would be able to fend off all sorts of attacks and repel the martial wills of others.

"Unobliterable Sacred General, if Fang Xingjian comes later, the two of us will hold him back," Prince Zuoxian said. Then he turned toward the other few Sacred Generals and stated, "The others will then take action and completely kill Fang Xingjian here."

"With the Genesis Bow, Starscorpion Arrow, the Windthunder God-Perishing Great Formation, and my Myriad Poison and Souls, nothing will go wrong now," the Mourning Abyss Sacred General said with a grin.

However, the Misery Abyss Sacred General still seemed to feel that these were not enough of a guarantee. He continued to ask, "Prince Zuoxian, how are His Majesty's preparations?"

"The remaining few Sacred Generals are all waiting for orders in the capital. The moment anything happens to us, they'll be able to arrive immediately. Fang Xingjian won't be able to escape," Prince Zuoxian answered. His gaze flickered as he added, "Moreover, His Majesty also said that if there's a need to, he'll take action personally."


"His Majesty is also going to take action?"

"How is this Fang Xingjian deserving to be so highly regarded by His Majesty?"

When everyone heard this news, their expression turned into that of astonishment. It had already been two years since the Heavenly Lion King had personally taken action.

However, people who had seen the Heavenly Lion King would all know that not only had he not weakened, but he was even getting stronger by the day. He was improving at an unbelievable rate with each passing day.

At present, the Heavenly Lion King gave off an increasingly deep and unfathomable feeling to them. He might even be able to break through tier five of the Divine level at any moment.

The Divine level experts present all knew that going from the point below tier five of the Divine level to a higher tier was a qualitative change.

Additionally, there was no need to say how strong the Heavenly Lion King was since he was going to step into tier six of the Divine level at any moment now.

"This is good," the Misery Abyss Sacred General said. "Now that all the preparations are complete, we're only waiting for Fang Xingjian to appear and help Buluo City."

"Hmph," the Unobliterable Sacred General said coldly, "That Fang Xingjian is just a young and ignorant lad. How can we possibly let His Majesty take action himself? This guy must be killed in this battle."

Just then, an extremely powerful aura, that seemed to be material, descended from the skies. It pressed down on the dark clouds, causing them to seethe continuously. The clouds also seemed to be boiling up like boiling water.

"He's here." Prince Zuoxian's gaze flickered as he raised his head to look up into the sky.

Accompanied by a rumbling explosion, the dark clouds were torn apart, forming a large hole. Disguised as Fang Xingjian, the Black Mage King walked down from the sky, and an explosive martial will gushed out toward the great formation.


One day later, 15,000 kilometers down into the Sun...

Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged in the sea of flames. Before him, there were four longswords that glimmered like thunderbolts, like lightning, yet also like light, like time, and like space. They darted about to and fro, hovering around Fang Xingjian.

Right now, these four longswords had already been reforged by Fang Xingjian and had all turned into materials that were similar to that of the Impasse Armor's, if not better.

At the very least, even with Fang Xingjian's 5,200 points of martial will, he was unable to shatter these four longswords when they were filled with energy. Their sturdiness had surpassed that of all natural materials.

Of course, this sturdiness needed to be sustained by the constant depletion of energy, using nuclear forces to arrange all sorts of microparticles in the microscopic world.

While Fang Xingjian was cultivating, he suddenly frowned. He sensed something from his Sudden Inspiration.

With a sigh, Fang Xingjian drew back all four longswords into his body. Although he had managed to reforge all four longswords this time around, he was unable to perfectly merge them into his body.

'It's a pity that it isn't fully completed.' However, at the next moment, hints of killing intent were released from Fang Xingjian's eyes.

After that, he shot out toward Earth with a flash.

In the sky above Demonic City, the Gold Mage King looked at the night sky while waiting.

Fang Xingjian slowly landed before him and asked coldly, "What happened?"

The Gold Mage King skipped the formalities and explained outright, "The Steel Lion Kingdom has headed south and joined forces with the Sand Country to attack the Empire. The Black Mage King headed to the Beize Region to render assistance but was surrounded and attacked.

"Right now, he has fallen into their formation and is seriously injured."