855 Instructing

 Time passed by in the blink of an eye.

A month had passed by since Fang Xingjian went into seclusion, training on the Moon.

With Fang Xingjian's current knowledge level and his brain's computational abilities, along with the reinforcements from the ten levels of the mystical prints and his number one sword arts talent... His full effort in coming up with the derivations was comparable to that of the joint efforts of over 100,000 top-notch professors, scholars, and scientists.

Furthermore, it would be like the efforts of the 100,000 top-notch professors if they were of one mind, could have exchanges as they wished, and could also continuously make personal observations of the microscopic world. With a single thought, Fang Xingjian would be able to conduct all sorts of experiments as and when he wished in the universe's void space, and he would be able to keep on charging out toward one direction.

One month later, Fang Xingjian opened his eyes once again, and a hint of understanding flashed through his mind.

'Over the past one month, I've derived two sets of martial techniques based on the knowledge obtained from the wordless monument in an attempt to strength my martial will and reforge my conjured physique.

'The first one is a martial technique that strengthens the martial will's prowess. This technique absorbs the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces and adds them into the martial will. From there, the martial will will be strengthened from both the inside and the outside. It can be called the Thunder-Inducing Technique.

'The other technique is one that makes up for the flaws that the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique had in the past. It can reforge my conjured physique and is a means of using nuclear powers to increase the conjured physique's toughness to the degree of the Impasse Armor. It neglects influence from the martial will and is indestructible. It can be called the Heaven-Connecting Upper Extremity Sword Physique.'

Although these two techniques did not possess any attacking abilities, they could keep strengthening Fang Xingjian's foundation and make him increasingly stronger.

'It's a pity that the time is still too short.'

Although the wordless monument had passed down a lot of the mysterious and profound knowledge from the microscopic world to him, possessing the knowledge and applying them were two different things altogether. It was like how a person could learn physical chemistry but still be incapable of immediately creating an airplane or a car.

It was usually a very long path from the theory to the application. If it was not because there was already a portion of the knowledge concerning the application in the wordless monument, Fang Xingjian would probably have to take even longer to derive these two martial techniques. It would be impossible for the Thunder Monarch and the others to come up with such a powerful weapon.

However, Fang Xingjian knew that he did not have much time left. He did have that much time to spend on perfecting these two martial techniques, nor did he have the time to continue creating more martial techniques using the knowledge from the wordless monument.

'These two are already at their current limits as is. Next, I'll have to quickly cultivate these two martial techniques and try to get stronger as soon as possible.'

However, the cultivation to follow would need to take at least a few months' time. Before that, Fang Xingjian would have to make arrangements.

At the thought of this, he returned to the sky above the Demonic City with a flash.


In a certain building in Demonic City, the Black Mage King was slowly circulating diabolic energy and studying the knowledge he had received from the wordless monument. He was trying hard to find ways to apply that knowledge onto his martial arts.

Suddenly, he sensed something through his Sudden Inspiration. He opened his eyes and saw that Fang Xingjian had already appeared before him. The Black Mage King stood up and greeted, "Imperial Preceptor."

Fang Xingjian nodded. After the events with the Evil God Tribe's warrior, Tiandao, and the wordless monument, the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King were now extremely fearful of him. Fang Xingjian believed that there was no way that the two of them would go up against him unless they had absolute confidence in attaining victory.

With the rate at which he was improving, Fang Xingjian was confident that the two of them would never have absolute confidence in defeating him.

Therefore, he did not plan on leaving such a strong battle prowess on Earth.

"Black Mage King, I've comprehended some things from the wordless monument and will need to enter seclusion to train for a period of time. I'll have to trouble you to return to Miracle World and help me watch over the Imperial Capital." Then, with a thought, a tremendous amount of knowledge from the wordless monument flowed into the Black Mage King's mind through information currents.

The Black Mage King's eyes gleamed and revealed great joy at the next moment.

Fang Xingjian said, "I've already grasped all of the profoundness within the wordless monument. Protect the Empire in the period that I'm not around. When I come back, I'll gradually pass you the remaining parts."

"Leave it to me. I'll kill the entire family of whoever comes to create trouble." The Black Mage King was extremely interested in the knowledge from the wordless monument. He would never complain about there being too many things that could make him stronger.

Moreover, these were not heavenly and earthly treasures. They were pieces of knowledge, legacies. Not only would they increase his powers, but they would also increase the future powers of the entire Black Robed faction.

After instructing the Black Mage King on the things here, Fang Xingjian turned into an invisible light wave and once again found his way to the Gold Mage King's location.

Above the cloud layers, there were seven Gold Mage Kings who were either sitting, lying down, running, or walking. All of them were comprehending the knowledge the Gold Mage King had obtained from the wordless monument.

Seeing Fang Xingjian arrive, all seven of them turned their heads, looked at Fang Xingjian, and asked, "Imperial Preceptor, what orders do you have?"

Like the Black Mage King, after witnessing Fang Xingjian's great skills multiple times, the Gold Mage King would still give Fang Xingjian sufficient respect on the surface at the very least, regardless of what he really thought.

Fang Xingjian said, "I'll be entering seclusion for a period of time to digest my takeaways from the wordless monument. I've already gotten the Black Mage King to return to the Empire and watch over it. I'll have to get you to help me watch over Earth."

"This is easy. I'll be staying in Demonic City."

Fang Xingjian flicked his fingertip gently, and a portion of the knowledge from the wordless monument turned into a stream of information current, gushing toward the Gold Mage King's consciousness.

"This is?!" The Gold Mage King's eyes gleamed as he asked, "It's the knowledge from the wordless monument?"

Fang Xingjian said casually, "I've already thoroughly understood all the knowledge from the wordless monument. The contents of this information current will be your compensation for watching over Earth."

"Imperial Preceptor, you're too kind." The Gold Mage King wore a hint of joy on his face. He had not expected Fang Xingjian to be so bold and generous as to share a portion of the knowledge he had obtained from the wordless monument.

"Then I'll leave things to you." After saying that, Fang Xingjian left the Gold Mage King with a flash.


Fang Yuehe was at the computer, reading the reports sent by all the respective people in charge, when a stream of sword light suddenly flashed before his eyes. He then discovered that Fang Xingjian had appeared before him.

"Xingjian! You've come out from seclusion?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "I'll still need to enter seclusion for one to two months after this. During this period of time, I'll let the Gold Mage King keep watch over Earth. If you have any problems, you can contact him."

"I understand. But can he be trusted?"

Fang Xingjian said, "He's not stupid. Before he has the absolute confidence to defeat me, he won't make an enemy out of me."

After saying that, Fang Xingjian waved his hand, making Fang Yuehe's computer fly and arrive before him. Then streams of phantom images wrapped around toward the computer.

Fang Xingjian wrote down the knowledge he had gained from the wordless monument directly on the computer's hard disk. After uploading about 30% of it, Fang Xingjian then stopped and returned the computer to Fang Yuehe.

The reason he provided 30% of the knowledge was also to prevent the Gold Mage King from being lured by it and thus giving him an excuse to commit wrongdoings. Moreover, just 30% of the knowledge was already sufficient for Earth to study and research for a very long time.

"I've entered a portion of the wordless monument's contents into the computer. You people should research it properly. Enemies from parallel worlds can come at any moment, so Earth will also need to be prepared for battle."

Fang Yuehe nodded. "I understand."