854 Seclusion and Derivation

 At the next moment, many of the clan's older members and professors saw the abnormality in the sky. When they saw the Moon explode, with golden and black light bursting out, and then the scattered pieces of the Moon came to a standstill in the sky, everyone was shocked speechless. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths agape.


"Right now, the only people at the Moon's relics are..."

"Could it be Fang Xingjian?"

"What on earth has happened?"

Everyone started to bring out their cell phones and made one call after another. All sorts of intelligence organizations started taking action, and all kinds of news started to be transmitted between the members of the upper echelon.

After about half an hour later, these members of the Ford Clan's upper echelon understood what was going on, and they also ascertained that Fang Xingjian and the two Mage Kings were fine.

Everyone looked at the moon dejectedly, feeling great despair.

"You people have not attained the Divine level and are unaware of how terrifying Fang Xingjian is. This person's remarkable powers have long reached an unbelievable state. This is Earth's good fortune and our misfortune.

"The people of our generation are destined to be suppressed by him for life. Our only hope is that we'll be able to continue to bear with this and accumulate powers for our later generations, letting them undergo transformations," the Thunder Monarch said calmly. "From today onward, if anyone brings today's matter up again, don't blame me for not showing any mercy."

The many members of the Ford Clan's upper echelon fell silent. No one dared to object to the Thunder Monarch's decision anymore.

On Earth, countless people were deeply astonished by the Moon's changes. Most of the ordinary people were naturally worried that the changes to the Moon would bring about disasters. However, the government stepped in to pacify them, and most people continued to work, learn, and take breaks as usual despite the shattered state of the Moon.

Despite this, many rumors concerning extraordinary strength had simultaneously started to spread through the cities. This provided a start for the Earth's Federation.

Yet, there were also many radicals who used this natural phenomenon as a reason to declare the end of the world and started actions of theft, vandalism, and assaults. On the day the Moon exploded, over 100,000 people participated in a riot. They were primarily concentrated in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and South America. The losses were over one billion USD.

Aside from these rioters, another group who also showed intense reactions toward the Moon's changes consisted of the believers of the various religions on Earth.

The leaders of many minor religions declared the arrival of the end of the world and that only those who joined their religions could receive salvation. They made use of this opportunity to intimidate a large number of people into joining their religions and ripping off a lot of money from them.

A few of the major religions had also taken action. However, as the primary targets, they were all suppressed by the Earth's Federation, who started to pacify the believers.

Despite this, there were still over 1,000 believers on Earth who committed suicide over various reasons.

At the Planetary Defense, an assistant knocked on the office door, but he did not get any reply even after a very long while. He hesitated for a moment and eventually opened the door, only to find the Planetary Defense's leader-Xia Yan-lying on the ground with an expression of regret. Xia Yan was no longer breathing.

Shocked cries and chaotic sounds rang out as people came running over. Many people were shocked by the news that Xia Yan had committed suicide.

The assistant picked up a piece of paper from the office desk, read its contents, and silently heaved out a sigh.

The words on the paper wrote: "I'm sorry. I'm unable to accept a future where Earth will be under the rule of a single clan. I'm also unable to accept that there's a god above us whom we'll never be able to go against." As he read the words on the paper, the assistant seemed to be able to feel the despair and grief Xia Yan had felt.

It was a deep sense of despair that ordinary people felt toward a power they could not fight against and a future they could not change.

After Fang Xingjian defeated the final opponent in the wordless monument, his martial will returned to his body. His eyes gleamed in a chaotic array of light, and there seemed to be endless mysteries flashing in them.

The excavation of the Moon's relics this time around had taken him ten days and ten nights. However, it had also brought him great rewards.

The Gold Mage King asked, "Imperial Preceptor? How is it?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "I've gained great benefits." He recalled the knowledge that had been passed down through the wordless monument. A lot of it consisted of various pieces of information and profoundness concerning electromagnetic forces and strong interaction.

Although these two powers came from the microscopic world, one of them primarily affected the macroscopic world while the other the microscopic world. One was applied from the internal, the other the external. However, both of them concerned the changes to physical structures and were best able to strengthen one's conjured physique and martial will.

Fang Xingjian recalled the profoundness in the knowledge he had gained. He felt that if he were able to integrate these profoundness into his own cultivation, he would be able to receive tremendous gains in the area of improving his martial will and his conjured physique.

Then he would also be able to take his All-Conquering Sword and Light Pursuit Sword to a higher level.

'However, it won't be easy to study and master these things thoroughly. I'll still need to slowly come up with derivation and then add them into my sword arts.'

At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian planned to continue going into seclusion, apply the derivations from the knowledge obtained into his sword arts, and thus get stronger.

He looked to the two Mage Kings and said, "Did anything happen when I entered deep into the wordless monument?"

The Gold Mage King said, "Nothing major happened. However, the Earth did send out news about how the changes that occurred to the moon seem to have caused many civilians to riot and commit suicide."

The two Mage Kings did not think much of this. To them, ordinary citizens were just insignificant existences like ants. What did it matter if there were some riots?

Fang Xingjian contemplated the news and said, "I still need to enter seclusion for a bit longer and integrate what I've learned. The two of you can make a trip to Earth and help me watch over the Earth's Federation, wiping out all injustice."

After obtaining the knowledge legacy from the wordless monument, Fang Xingjian was confident that the two Mage Kings would no longer be a threat to him once he integrated the knowledge legacy into his sword arts. So, he decided to let the Mage Kings return to Earth and take watch on his behalf. This would prevent some people from sinking too deeply into despair and recklessly bringing about certain changes without a care for what the results would be like.

From now on, in order to fight against the enemies that might come from the parallel worlds, Earth would need to develop their science and technology, disseminating extraordinary strength. With the two Mage Kings taking charge, they would be able to pass through this phase with the highest level of stability.

The two Mage Kings were stunned for a moment. Although they did not care for Earth's survival, they had to listen since it was a command from Fang Xingjian.

The two of them nodded slightly, and with a flash, they shot out toward Earth.

Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged in midair. With a shake of his hand, four streams of sword light gushed out, turning into the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and protecting his body entirely.

He then closed his eyes, and his martial will sank into the depths of his consciousness as he recalled the countless pieces of knowledge he had obtained from the wordless monument.

"The profoundness of electromagnetic forces and strong interaction is suitable to be used for changing the nature of physical material. My conjured physique is still too frail at the moment. I can use these areas to make up for the insufficiencies of my conjured physique, increasing its toughness."

Back when Fang Xingjian was forging his conjured physique at tier two of the Divine level, he had taken reference from the legacies of the Mountainous Sea Dynasty, the Mountainous Sea Dynasty, Full Moon Shrine, and the Myriad Stars Palace. However, it appeared that his conjured physique was still not perfect. It would be damaged just by going all out against a tier five Divine level expert.

Having obtained the profoundness of the electromagnetic forces and strong interaction this time around, he immediately planned to merge them with his past experience, improving his Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique once again and strengthening his conjured physique. At the very least, he would need to make it as strong as the Thunder Monarch's Impasse Armor. Only then would he not need to fear battling against the Church, which was in the north.

'Other than this, what's left would be my frontal fortifications abilities. I can make use of these profoundness to strengthen my martial will.'

Fang Xingjian's martial will had been at 2,000 to begin with, and it was already considered to be top notch amongst people of the same level as him. However, in the exchanges against the Red Mage King, Black Mage King, and the two Guardian Kings recently, it had appeared insufficient. He could only rely on his sword arts mastery to gain the upper hand.

The movements of almost everything physical in the macroscopic world seemed to rely on the push from electromagnetic forces. Additionally, the principle at the lowest level of the martial will's interference toward the practical world also had electromagnetic forces as the foundation.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian planned on taking this opportunity to improve the power of his martial will and strengthen his frontal fortification abilities.