853 External Influence

 "Hmmm?" Fang Xingjian's gaze narrowed, and his martial will swept out. He saw that the other party had not dissipated, turning into an invisible line instead. The other party's entire body had taken on a structure of a monomolecular line where the molecules were strung together, one by one.

"Take this attack from me. Heavenly Dao's Ten Techniques, Uninterrupted Disintegrating Technique."

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. Not only was this old priest stronger than the others, but he also seemed to still retain a hint of his consciousness. Fang Xingjian waved his right hand, and four streams of sword light surged out toward the monomolecular line the old man had turned into. Countless sword lights flashed explosively in the air like several ten thousand flying swords clashing together.

Simultaneously, one end of the monomolecular line had arrived behind Fang Xingjian, once again forming the old priest's phantom image.

"Take another of our Heavenly Dao Palace's attacks-Extremity Demonic Movement!"

With an explosive bellow, the old man tapped out a finger. In that instant, a sceneof the world being overturned and the mountains and rivers being in a state of upheaval was depicted in Fang Xingjian's heart. He even felt as if his entire body was being crushed by an extremely strong gravitational force.

"Hmph." With a cold snort, Fang Xingjian's body flashed slightly, and he disappeared with a flash at light speed. At the next moment, four streams of sword light soared into the sky, turning into countless sword shadows that covered the world. The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation wrapped up that old man entirely.

As the sword formation's illusory art activated, the old priest in the formation was stunned for a short moment and stopped his attacks.

Fang Xingjian flicked his finger, and at the next moment, an overwhelming amount of sword light surged out toward the old man like a meteor rain.

"Hmph, trying to show off with just some illusory arts? I'll let you have a taste of the Heavenly Dao Palace's Ruyi Transferring Demonic Technique."

The old man withdrew his aura, and millions and millions of sword lights slashed onto his body without any reservation. They were practically stirring up his entire body into mere molecules.

However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian's countenance changed. Countless sword lights burst out from his body, instantly tearing his conjured physique apart.

"To think that he managed to transfer my attacks onto myself?"

Streams of light in a chaotic array of colors reformed Fang Xingjian's body. However, that old priest headed over to him once again, opening up his mouth and exhaling a formless breath of air.

"Uninterrupted Primordial Yang Divine Power!"

This formless breath of air really seemed to be without any traces. Fang Xingjian did not even notice the arrival of the air currents. He only felt his mind blur for a moment when the old priest tapped on his chest once again. Many cracks then appeared on his body.

Fang Xingjian was forced to once again disintegrate his body, dodge at light speed, and then set up the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation to trap his opponent.

However, this time around, he was in no hurry to attack. He transferred 10% of his powers into a clone, held the Light Pursuit sword intent, and slashed out toward the old priest.

As expected, a series of light flashed on that old priest's body. Following this, his clone also flew out with a swoosh. Unexpectedly, the clone's back suffered from a sword slash.

"To think that he can transfer damages... And that Heavenly Dao's Ten Techniques... Are there really ten of them?" Fang Xingjian's expression grew heavy, and he started to deplete the opponent's powers bit by bit with his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and his clone.

In the process of this war of attrition, the old priest really did display the Heavenly Dao's Ten Techniques. There were a total of ten unique abilities, and they displayed perfect attacking and defensive techniques. They almost covered all sorts of abilities for the areas of attack, defense, movement, and probing.

This prevented Fang Xingjian from gaining any advantage in terms of his techniques. He was only able to slowly wear down his opponent's powers bit by bit through the use of his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, turning the battle into the most primitive form of competition between their origin powers. After 12 hours, Fang Xingjian finally managed to kill his opponent completely.

Fang Xingjian exclaimed inwardly, 'Thankfully, this person was only left with a hint of consciousness! If he had been in his optimal state, I might not have been able to kill him. To think that such strong experts exist on Earth...? Moreover, the powers he had seemed to be different from a martial will.'

At the next moment, the entire dark space trembled, and an unprecedented and immense light descended from the skies, merging into Fang Xingjian's body. He suddenly realized that the old priest from earlier seemed to be his last opponent here.

In the outside world, the two Mage Kings sensed an immense aura surging from Fang Xingjian's body. There was no power surging out, yet they felt a great mental pressure which caused them to back off repeatedly, coming to a stop only after over 600 kilometers. They exchanged a a greatly shocked glance.

"It has been a total of ten days. I wonder how much the Imperial Preceptor has comprehended."

Just as Fang Xingjian's will sank into the wordless monument, many riots occurred across the entire Earth due to the drastic changes occurring to the Moon.

Inside the Ford Clan's experimental laboratory in North America...

Numerous top-notch professors and scholars came to the Thunder Monarch and tried to persuade him, "Sir, we should continue producing the Impasse Armor. Although it lost to Tiandao previously, there was only one of it back then. If we produce a few more sets of it, we might not necessary lose out to Tiandao or even Fang Xingjian once we possess 10, 100, or even over 1000 sets of the Impasse Armor."

Another white-haired Elder in the clan also tried to persuade the Thunder Monarch, "Sir, now that the world has changed, the current political situation is extremely unstable. We're experiencing a majorly turbulent situation that mankind has not to experienced during the past several thousand years. Once we fail to make the first move within these few years, we'll probably never be able to surpass Fang Xingjian."

The Thunder Monarch remained silent, seemingly still contemplating the gains and losses.

Another old professor advised, "Clan Head, we mustn't hesitate anymore. Once Fang Xingjian completely receives the knowledge from the Moon's relics, we'll probably never have a chance anymore. Earth will really belong to his clan."

"Sir!" Another middle-aged man said, "We know that this move is dangerous, but it is also our Ford Clan's greatest opportunity. Even if its filled with danger and even if there's the chance that our entire clan might become weakened, we should still give it a try.

"I've already hidden the juniors who have the most potential in our clan. Even if we fail in this attempt, our Ford Clan will still have preserved a portion of our strength. Moreover, we may not necessarily lose."

After hearing the Thunder Monarch's decision to give up on competing against the Fang Clan and that he's willing stay below them, many of the older generation in the Ford Clan could not accept it. The Thunder Monarch knew that the reason why they felt this way was not that they were foolish or that they did not know their own worth. It was just that too many benefits were placed before them, leading them to be overcome by greed.

As they said, capitalists would be willing to sell ropes that could eventually lead to their deaths for the sake of their own benefits. The benefits that involved both the Fang Clan and the Ford Clan were worth trillions. How could they possibly be willing to give up on them?

Moreover, in their opinion, as long as they were able to manufacture several hundred or thousand sets of the Impasse Armor, they might not necessary lose.

However, the Thunder Monarch did not give his reply even after a very long while had passed. Just as many members of the clan's older generation were feeling a little impatient, the Thunder Monarch suddenly walked out and arrived at the window. He raised his head and looked toward the moon, saying, "Lift your head and look at the sky. Don't be a frog in the well."

"Look at the sky?"

The several older members in the clan exchanged a puzzled glance. Then one of them raised his head and looked toward the moon. His entire body trembled, and he fell limply to the ground