851 Knowledge

 As the two Mage Kings quietly sat in the air and guarded Fang Xingjian, they also kept on recalling the information they had received from the wordless monument.

In their recollections, they seemed to have entered the wordless monument directly through their martial will. They arrived in another world, then they learned, grew, and eventually died there.

However, the details of their memories had become blurry and vague, and only the knowledge they had learned still remained very clear, lingering in their mind.

The Gold Mage King thought, 'There's far too much information in the wordless monument concerning the microscopic world, especially in the area of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces and nuclear forces. They don't overlap with our Gold Robed faction's research at all, filling in the blanks of our research instead. It's really an unexpected surprise.

'But who was the person who created this relic? There doesn't seem to be any traces of black magic. Has someone so powerful appeared on Earth before?'

Very soon, the two Mage Kings were engrossed in absorbing the new knowledge they had obtained from the wordless monument. They worked hard to revise the knowledge about the microscopic realm and tried to merge these new pieces of information into their own cultivation, once again raising their mastery of the microscopic realm.

Three consecutive days passed by like this. While the two of them were immersed in the process of absorbing the countless knowledge and profoundness, a feeling jolted through them, and they opened their eyes.

Streams of electricity burst out from the surface of the moon, soaring into the skies. They were like streams of plasma cannons charging up into the clouds and emitting overwhelming amounts of light and heat.

Simultaneously, the two Mage Kings sensed a heart-throbbing aura extending out under their feet. A series of chaotic rumbles rang out in void space, and countless mountains and craters on the Moon's surface shattered in the middle of the spot where Fang Xingjian was.

'What's going on?"

"This isn't good. If this continues, this astronomical body is going to shatter!"

The two Mage Kings' countenances were grim and this thought had just flashed in their minds when they felt an intense piercing all over their skin. At the next moment, a myriad of sword light flashed past their eyes, and there seemed to be a world-shaking explosion ringing out in their brain.

At the next moment, one-quarter of the Moon's surface shattered. Countless shattered rocks, pieces of mountains, and huge boulders shot out amidst loud and repetitive bangs. They surged out toward the universe's vacuum.

"Be careful, let's send out our powers together and not let this astronomical body shatter. Otherwise, the entire Earth will be in danger."

The two Mage Kings came to an agreement instantly through the exchange of information currents that went on in their consciousness. It was because they knew that if Fang Xingjian found out they did not do anything despite being there, he would not let them off easily.

Two streams of light-one black and one golden-soared into the sky, turning into layers of huge nets which covered the Moon's surface. It was as if the nets wanted to block and push back all the exploding stone and boulders.

Demigod experts could already destroy cities and wipe out countries. At the Divine level, experts could easily destroy an area that spanned several million square kilometers.

It was just that when Divine level experts fought each other, they tended to focus the destructive prowess onto their opponents. So, in most cases, the range of their destructive prowess would not be displayed.

Now, with the two Mage Kings joining forces, they displayed the destructive prowess of Divine level experts that seemed to be like that of a natural disaster. With a wave of their hands, they managed to suppress one-quarter of the explosions on the Moon's surface.

However, it seemed that the explosions this time around were too serious. In the beginning, the two Mage Kings were still able to hold on. Nevertheless, over ten seconds later, the battered state of the Moon's surface suddenly caved in and exploded at an even more intense speed.

Many mountains, which were over several thousand or even ten thousand meters tall, soared up into the skies, smashing toward the golden and black glow.

One-quarter of the Moon's surface area seemed to be like stone chunks which had been detonated. They kept on shattering, causing countless mountains, boulders, and rock fragments to fly out.

The outpour seemed to be endless. In fact, with a total of over several tens of billion tons worth of mountains smashing toward the two Mage Kings, even they felt an immense pressure. The golden and black martial wills kept on trembling. It was as if the things contained within them would smash their way out and fly toward the vast universe's void space at any moment.

"It's impossible! The explosions are getting increasingly stronger!"

"There's no way to hold them back anymore!"

Just as the two Mage Kings were about to give up, a great chaotic glow burst out from the center of the moon. The intense aura caused the eyes of both Mage Kings to contract, and their martial wills backed off uncontrollably.

However, as their martial wills backed off this time around, the explosions from the Moon did not continue to spread out. On the contrary, the countless mountains and boulders that were shooting out reduced in speed and eventually seemed to form a new balance, scattering in the universe's void space and once again becoming a part of the Moon.

The two Mage Kings watched this scene in great shock. The entire Moon was like an exploded ice-cream, with the lower half relatively intact while the upper half still presenting an erupted state. Close to one-quarter of the moon had shattered. The fragments were floating in a vacuum space, but they did not get far away from the Moon. Instead, they continued to be part of the Moon, circulating around the Earth.

Someone had forcibly stopped the explosions on the Moon and maintained a new gravitational balance.

The only person who could have done this was clearly Fang Xingjian.

The two Mage Kings exchanged a glance and saw an expression of great astonishment in each other's eyes.

Close to one-quarter of the Moon had been detonated. They were perfectly capable of doing something like this. It was purely a wide-area destruction.

However, for him to be capable of stopping the explosions with great powers after they had been set off and even maintaining the original balance of the astral forces... This was extraordinarily terrifying.

However, at the thought of the prowess that Fang Xingjian had displayed in the battle against the Evil God, the two of them was able to accept this.

In a few flashes, the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King turned into two streams of light and cut across the sky, appearing in the center of the Moon. They saw that wordless monument floating in a vacuum space, and Fang Xingjian was in midair, standing before the wordless monument. His eyes gleamed with sword light as he stared at the wordless monument.

"Imperial Preceptor, what was that earlier on?"

Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said, "It's nothing. Just take it as I had a bad dream."

"A dream?"

"My martial will sank into this wordless monument, and all the different reactions reflected onto my conjured physique, accidentally giving rise to some of the conjured physique's instinctive reactions and thus causing the damage.

"But since I already understand the reason behind it, something like this won't happen again in the future."

After saying that, Fang Xingjian turned his gaze toward the two Mage Kings, giving off a chilly feeling. "What did the two of you comprehended from the monument?"

The two of them were stunned for a while before saying, "We don't remember what happened inside. We only remember the knowledge that we learned."