849 Setting Up and Researching

 Prince Zuoxian said, "The entire Imperial Capital was destroyed in the south country's recent attempt at conducting the evil god ritual, and there were faint traces of the Mage Association behind the scenes. That Black Mage King is a great demon with exceptional sorcery, capable of doing things that ordinary Divine level experts are unable to do. We must be wary against him."

"That's right. It's very likely that Fang Xingjian has joined the Mage Association."

Hearing the Heavenly Lion King's reply, everyone present was shocked. The Mage Association had existed for an unknown period of time. Although it only comprised of the black, red, and gold factions at the moment, it was still not to be underestimated.

Prince Zuoxian immediately said, "Your Majesty, if the Mage Association's Black Mage King is the one backing Fang Xingjian, then we mustn't recklessly wage a war. This person's sorcery is strange..."

A strong aura gushed out from the Heavenly Lion King, preventing the Prince Zuoxian from continuing.

The Heavenly Lion King stated instead, "Prince Zuoxian's worries aren't unreasonable. However, the Church's Guardian Kings will deal with the Mages. Our opponent is just that Fang Xingjian."

Hearing the Heavenly Lion King's reply, everyone was stunned, and a hint of surprise flashed in their eyes. They had not expected that this expedition to the south was being pushed by the Church of Universal Truth.

Prince Youxian said joyfully, "Haha, with the Guardian Kings' help, we'll naturally not have to worry about the threat of the Mage Association. If it's Fang Xingjian alone, our tribe's warriors will definitely be able to kill him."

"We must view our enemies from an extensive angle." These words were spoken by a man who wore clothes made of hemp and appeared to have withstood great hardships in life, just like an ascetic monk.

This person was one of the 11 Sacred Generals-the Misery Abyss Sacred General. He had the greatest cultivating resolve amongst the 11 Sacred Generals. With a strong infatuation toward cultivation, he was constantly cultivating.

Right now, the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way said, "That Fang Xingjian managed to win against the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch and Alexander. We should treat him as a tier five Divine level expert who is able to reach the microscopic level. Even if all of us were to join forces and kill such a strong opponent, we'll also suffer great casualties.

"Everyone's preparations are already quite good, but we can add another formation."

"Formation?" Prince Zuoxian asked.

"That's right," the Misery Abyss Sacred General said. "Other than the means everyone has already deployed, we can add another formation and lure that Fang Xingjian into it. We can accomplish this with the powers of our 11 Sacred Generals. With Fang Xingjian dead, it'll be easy to take over the south country."

"What formation does the Misery Abyss Sacred General suggest we set up?" Prince Zuoxian asked.

"We can set up the Windthunder God-Perishing Great Formation."

However, Prince Zuoxian seemed to be a little dissatisfied. "This formation uses up a lot of materials and time."

"If we can kill Fang Xingjian, using up some materials and time is nothing," the Misery Abyss Sacred General said.

The Heavenly Lion King contemplated silently for a moment before interrupting the discussion, "Misery Abyss Sacred General, I'll give you a time limit of three months. Will you be able to finish setting up this formation by then?"

"Your subordinate receives the order."

"Alright, everyone should return to make your own preparations. We'll set the time limit to be three months. Three months later, we'll kill Fang Xingjian and take over the Empire's southern land."

Everyone then started discussing the details to check that there was no oversight. After ensuring the plan was flawless, it was already midnight.


On Earth, in Demonic City...

Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged in midair. The tablet he was holding displayed the production technique for the Impasse Armor which the Thunder Monarch had turned in.

After having witnessed the battle scene in which it had been used to fight against Tiandao, Fang Yuehe had reported about the Impasse Armor and then had Fang Xingjian get the Thunder Monarch to hand in the production technique.

The Thunder Monarch had been extremely unwilling to do so. Nevertheless, when faced with Fang Xingjian who dominated the world, the Thunder Monarch had no other way out. In the end, he still ended up turning it in.

Initially, Fang Xingjian had not been that interested in the Thunder Monarch's technological armor. However, upon hearing that it had been made based on the science and technology obtained from the Moon, Fang Xingjian opened up the document to view it.

At one glance, his interest was piqued.

He felt that the Impasse Armor created by the Thunder Monarch had already reached the microscopic means that Divine level experts could attain-the means to convert a portion of the four fundamental forces to create powerful defense and attack abilities.

However, the Impasse Armor's flaws were also apparent. It was just a lifeless object and was unlike the strong martial wills of Divine level experts. The Impasse Armor could not freely change its shape and move at superluminal speed. It also lacked the Sudden Inspiration's senses.

Due to this, it lacked maneuverability and reconnaissance abilities. Therefore, it had been no match against Tiandao in an actual battle.

Fang Xingjian could also tell that although the Thunder Monarch had created this Impasse Armor, the latter was unaware of the technicalities. He still had not comprehended the many rules and regulations which existed in the microscopic realm. This was probably also related to the Moon's relics.

Even so, despite the fact that the Impasse Armor had many flaws, Fang Xingjian still viewed its application toward strong interaction and electromagnetic forces in high regard. If he could obtain experience from it, his battle prowess would be able to increase by at least another 30%.

As such, he became even more interested in the Moon's relics.

Fang Xingjian had initially thought that the relics here would be the same as what he had seen in the parallel world. However, it seemed that the information the two relics held were different.

'After the Gold Mage King has completed the investigation on the black magic remnants here, I should head to the Moon to take a look.' At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian got Fang Yuehe to send over the information about the Moon's relics that Earth had collected. He also got Fang Yuehe to get the information regarding the plasma cannons and the Divinity Challengers sent over to him.

After taking a look at these, Fang Xingjian got even more interested. It was because the profoundness of the microscopic world, which was involved, was something he had not known about previously.

Fang Xingjian's current strength was primarily focused on the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. Out of which, the three sword intents-Light Pursuit, Infiltrating Void, and All-Conquering-had reached the microscopic level, and each of them possessed a different prowess.

However, the strongest of them all was still the Light Pursuit sword technique's illusory art which was developed at the microscopic level.

Although it was currently undefeated, it was a pity that it would still lack fortification means even after this illusory art was performed. Back when he was using it to deal with the two Guardian Kings and Tiandao, he had to borrow other forces to crush his opponents.

One means of strengthening its fortification prowess was to have the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation reach deeper levels into the microscopic realm. It would be best if he was able to improve on the Instant sword technique as well.

Another means was to attain tier five of the Divine level and to raise the level of his martial will once again.

After checking through the documents on the Moon's relics, Fang Xingjian accumulated new experience for his sword arts at the microscopic level.

However, there were other mysteries about the Moon's relics. There were many details which Earth had not managed to acquire yet.

'Based on Earth's intelligence, these pieces of information had all came from a wordless monument from the Moon's relics.

'That wordless monument is extremely mysterious. Different people can obtain different knowledge after looking at it. An expert with greater talent and a higher level of cultivation would be able to see a greater amount of knowledge that is also more in depth..

'It's also because of this that the Thunder Monarch is able to create the Impasse Armor which stands at the top of Earth.

'It's a pity that the things Earth comprehended from the Moon's relics are still insufficient for me. I can only make a trip personally at a later time to unearth all the things there.'

Just then, the Sudden Inspiration's senses in Fang Xingjian's heart twitched. With a flash, he appeared outside the room and saw the Gold Mage King standing there.