847 Opportunity

 He gave it some thought and suddenly felt that the matter was hard to describe.

7.5 minutes later, he said, "A few months ago, a plot of land in Demonic City soared into the sky. Do you know about this?"

Wang Youxiang was stunned for a moment. He found it unexpected that his father would bring up this issue.

At the next moment, his father continued, "That was done by Fang Xingjian."

"What?!" Wang Youxiang continued to ask in disbelief, "He detonated a nuclear bomb?"

Wang Youxiang felt that it was only possible to do something like this through detonating nuclear bombs.

However, his father shook his head and said, "He sent that plot of land flying into outer space with a single sword attack." At the thought of this, Wang Youxiang's father also felt that this was like a dream, a fantasy. It was as if he was listening to a fairy tale.

In fact, if it was not because he had entered the ministry this year and taken on an important role, he would not have possibly known about the details.

The Earth's Federation and the Five Great Clans had always tried to conceal news about magic prints. After all, being the dominators over Earth, how could they possibly allow ordinary people to come into contact with extraordinary strength?

No one would want to experience the process of the uprise of the Five Great Clans once again.

For this, they spared no efforts in turning Demonic City into a hub for extraordinary humans, moving countless companies, departments, factories, and civilians over there.

Wang Youxiang still had an astonished appearance as he listened to his father continue, "Fang Xingjian can take on all the countries by himself. It can be said that he's standing at the very top of the world; he's invincible. However, the fact that you're his classmate might not necessarily be a good thing. It's hard to say whether its a fortune or a misfortune."

Wang Youxiang asked, "Then why did they capture us to question us?"

His father shook his head, saying, "I heard this was something that Fang Xingjian himself instructed them to do. I have no idea what's the actual reason either."

"He instructed them to do this himself?" Wang Youxiang was stumped as he tried to recollect Fang Xingjian's image. However, he felt as if the difference between him and Fang Xingjian was extremely great.

Feng Rulei was seated behind the Wang Youxiang and his father. When she heard their conversation, she was firstly in disbelief before she was overtaken by astonishment. A short moment later, a hint of bitterness shone in the corners of her eyes.

She started to regret her impertinent behavior at the gathering and felt that she might have missed the greatest opportunity in her entire lifetime.

At the back of the bus, a few other classmates who heard this conversation exchanged a glance, and their gazes filled with astonishment.


High up in the sky, Fang Xingjian heard the results of the interrogation and nodded slightly. A stream of information current was sent out at light speed.

"There's no need to bother with the rest of them. Just take it as if this matter didn't happen."

Fang Yuehe asked, "Then the matter we talked about earlier..."

"There were Mages on Earth who left signals on the bodies of those people. Based on the Black Mage King's guesses, this allowed the Mages to send out signals to existences in other parallel worlds. They're like a lighthouse in the seas, guiding the path for the people from the parallel worlds.

"We've already wiped out these signals. But since the signals have been sent out for so long, we aren't sure if there will be people from other parallel worlds returning to this place."

Not only had the Black Mage King discovered the magic remnants, but he also realized that these were no ordinary magic remnants. They were a means to transmit information to the ends of space-time at the microscopic level.

If it this had been done by a Knight, it showed that this person had already transcended the microscopic realm or even the impeccable realm, attaining the infiltrating void realm which could allow them to control space-time. This person would probably be a great expert who was at least at tier six of the Divine level.

However, since it was something achieved by black magic, then this might not necessarily be the case. After all, black magic could allow Mages to use diabolic energy to achieve many things which surpassed what people of their realms could do.

All these flashed through Fang Xingjian's mind, and he felt that there were more and more layers of mysteries before him.

ased on his current investigations, a total of three experts from other parallel words had come to Earth before. The first one should have come 16 years ago. This person had been fair and placid. He had not caused any problems after coming here nor had he taken part in any fights. He had merely left after passing down the magic prints.

The second person should have come seven to eight years ago. This person had been even more careful than the previous visitor, to the extent that no one had known about his arrival. However, he had secretly changed the people around Fang Xingjian. He cast black magic on them and changed the directions of their lives. Additionally, he even kept on sending out signals toward other timelines.

This person's actions had been even more unclear and unfathomable than those of the previous person.

The third person had been Tiandao, who was defeated by Fang Xingjian earlier. It was unknown what his objective had been after arriving in this place. However, according to the information gathered by the Earth's Federation, Tiandao's initial goal had been the Fang Clan's manor.

At the thought of the black magic remnants left in the Fang Clan's manor, Fang Xingjian's gaze unknowingly reflected speculations.


When Fang Xingjian had just returned to Demonic City, a storm raged on in Miracle World.

In the wide plains situated to the north of the Empire, there were scenic views and herds of cows and sheep. Countless tents were connected together, and at one glance, the area spanned several tens of lis. There were seething voices and many herdsmen traveling about.

At the very center, a huge and majestic city stood there. It was the Steel Lion Kingdom's capital-the Lion Heart City.

This city was simple and rustic, and it had an imposing air. It was said to have been built overnight by the Steel Lion Kingdom's first generation ruler after extracting several thousand meters worth of ores from underground.

Right now, the sound of a bell was ringing throughout the Lion Heart City, and manygenerals of the Kingdom gathered toward the palace.

These generals and warriors each had small braids of various styles, and all sorts of tattoos covered their shoulders, backs, and faces. They had tall and great figures. Each of them appeared to be over two meters tall, and they all exuded with an air of valiancy.

If there were Knight experts present, they would be able to tell that these generals were inhaling and exhaling ether particles as they walked. All several hundred of them were second transition experts.

However, the most terrifying of them all were still the few who were at the foremost of the palace. Just by standing there, they would distort sunlight and vision. Each and every action they made would change space. They were clearly Divine level experts with a high level of achievement.

One of them was over three meters tall, and his body was covered with unusually thick hair all over. He wore the hide of an unknown beast and emitted an overwhelming air of ferocity, appearing more like a ferocious beast than a human.

He said, "Do the few of you know why the King has summoned us?"

A man next to him had a short stature but a muscular figure. Light gleamed in his eyes. A Divine Hawk was resting on his shoulder as he said, "Hehe, can Prince Youxian really not think of the reason why?

"Naturally, the King has summoned us this time around because of the chaos in the south.

"The Kriegs have been a plague to our Kingdom for a very long time. We have failed in our multiple attempts to conquer the south because of their obstructions. Now that the Empire is in chaos and still recovering, it's a great opportunity for us."This is a conferred title that is of the same rank as Prince Zuoxian (appeared in chapter 819, but I have changed the King Zuoxian to Prince Zuoxian). It's actually an actual title in history, used amongst the Xiongnus. The 'you' means 'right' and 'xian' means virtue. Prince Zuoxian and Prince Youxian were the two right-hand men to the Chief.