Chapter 846: Interrogation

 Chapter 846: Interrogation

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Wang Youxiang and the group were placed onboard a vehicle with their heads covered, and they stayed there for one and a half hours. It seemed that they had left Jing City.

When the coverings over their heads were removed, they had each arrived in an interrogation room, and there were two men in uniforms seated right before each of them.

Wang Youxiang frowned, "Which department are you from? Why did you capture me?"

Although he still appeared to carry himself in an imposing manner, he was actually feeling a little anxious. The current situation had already become one that was way out of his control.

The two staff members seated before him were expressionless. They asked him for his basic information. Wang Youxiang did not want to cooperate with them, but when he saw the cold gleam in their eyes, he still answered their questions honestly. After all, his basic information was not a secret and their questioning was just part of their routine duties.

Finally, one of the men with thick brows asked, "Do you know who Fang Xingjian is?"

After four hours, Wang Youxiang felt as if he had been bombarded by a series of explosions. His mind was spinning, and his ears buzzing. He was in a state of extreme mental fatigue, with just the words, 'Fang Xingjian', running through his mind repeatedly.

During these four hours, the two staff members had spent painstaking efforts to question him about things concerning Fang Xingjian. They did not even let go of the tiniest matters which had happened back in their junior high days. It was as if they were conducting an interrogation for some kind of big case.

As Wang Youxiang emerged and met up with the rest of his junior high classmates, he saw that the rest of them also seemed exhausted.

When a tanned and skinny young man who was dressed in sportswear saw Wang Youxiang come out, he immediately walked up to him and asked, "Wang Youxiang, how was it? Were they also asking you about Fang Xingjian?"

This person appeared to be outgoing and vivacious. He had been the class monitor during their junior high days, and he was also the person who had initiated this gathering.

Wang Youxiang raised his brows slightly as he asked, "You were questioned the same things as well?"

Before the class monitor nodded, a few other of their classmates also said grudgingly, "They questioned us for close to four hours."

"Moreover, they only asked about Fang Xingjian and things that happened during our junior high days."

"I feel as if even my brain cells have been squeezed out by them."

Everyone started to complain, but there were also some of them who appeared a little worried. The matter did not seem simple, and they were worried that they had gotten involved in some kind of case.

Wang Youxiang walked up to Feng Rulei. Seeing her slightly messy hair and the fatigue on her face, he asked with concern, "Rulei, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Feng Rulei shook her head. "It's just that I'm a little tired after being questioned for so long."

Wang Youxiang sighed and said, "You were also asked about Fang Xingjian and about things that happened during our junior high days?"

Feng Rulei nodded. Her countenance was a little pale. After being repeatedly questioned for close to four hours, no matter how great her tolerance was, she still felt extremely infuriated.

Wang Youxiang let out a cold snort and said, "Rulei, don't worry. I'll ask a few uncles after we're out of here. We won't have suffered for nothing."

Feng Rulei revealed a faint smile and tried to persuade him, "There's no need to go through all that trouble. It's just a small thing. It won't be good if we affect your father."

Wang Youxiang also felt perplexed about this matter. However, when he heard the goddess say this, how could he cower? He immediately said confidently, "Don't worry. They don't seem to be from the military or the ministries. It's probably not a huge deal. The people working at the bottom are probably just assuming unwarranted authority and making a huge deal out of it."

Feng Rulei only smiled and did not say anything. She knew that young men like Wang Youxiang enjoyed putting up a front before her, so she did not think much of it. It was just that she felt very perplexed about this matter.

'Fang Xingjian... Who on earth is he?'

The class monitor asked curiously, "Who on earth do you guys think Fang Xingjian is? To think that they captured so many of us here just to ask us for his information?"

"He's not a spy right? A secret agent from another country? The country wants to capture him?"

"How's that possible? Could he have murdered someone?"

"Even if he had killed someone, the police should be the ones looking for him. Moreover, they wouldn't kick up such a big storm and bring all of us in for questioning."

Hearing everyone's varied guesses, Wang Youxiang let out a cold snort and said while standing next to Feng Rulei, "This Fang Xingjian must have committed a huge offense. Otherwise, the investigations wouldn't have been so strict.

"He disappeared after graduating from junior high. I think he must have gone down the wrong path during these few years."

Feng Rulei frowned but did not rebuke him. After all, this was what the situation seemed like right now. However, at the thought of Fang Xingjian's handsome appearance, a hint of pity flashed in her eyes.

About over ten minutes later, just as everyone was getting increasingly impatient, a tall man walked over and said, "My apologies. We've requested for your cooperation for the country's safety. There are no other problems now, and you can leave shortly.

"However, before you leave, I have a few things to say. Firstly, don't divulge anything related to this place.

"Secondly, don't say, ask, or investigate anything concerning Fang Xingjian."

A few of them had initially been extremely angry and when they saw the tall man speaking, they had wanted to shout out some sarcastic lines. However, after being thrown a cold gaze, they shivered and no longer dared to show any signs of resistance.

Wang Youxiang and the others were led out by the staff members to discover that they were in an underground fortification. After returning to the surface, it looked as if there was only a small and inconspicuous building.

Seeing this setup, thoughts of various mysterious organizations, spy agencies, and intelligence forces gushed into their minds. However, they did not dare to look or say too much and left the building in a hurry. A big bus then came into their view.

When Wang Youxiang saw the middle-aged man standing in front of the bus, he uttered in surprise, "Father?"

His father nodded toward everyone and said, "Get on."

Wang Youxiang suddenly felt apprehensive. He had never seen his father wearing such a solemn expression before.

After everyone got on the bus and it set off, Wang Youxiang felt a little unsettled and asked, "Father? What on earth is this about? Did that Fang Xingjian commit some kind of serious offense and implicate us? Is our family affected by this?"

His father frowned and said, "It's hard to say."

He had wanted to say this after they reached home for fear that the others on the bus would hear what they say. However, after some thought, he shook his head. According to what the management had said, it did not matter if these people found out.

Therefore, he continued, "It's true that this is about Fang Xingjian, but it's not that he has committed some serious offense. It's that this person..."