Chapter 840: Travel

 Chapter 840: Travel

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Golden light burst out, and Tiandao's martial will sent out a series of enraged bellows. The golden light once again turned into a Void Dynamic Divine Thunderbolt that shot out toward Fang Xingjian. However, it was swallowed and eaten up by Fang Xingjian.

At the sight of this, Tiandao's eyes were agape. It was as if he could not dare to believe this scene that was happening before him.

Right after, Fang Xingjian grabbed Tiandao's head and pushed gently with his palm. Tiandao felt an immense and massive power that was like the Mount Meru in Buddhist teachings had come smashing out toward him.

In Buddhist teachings, Mount Meru had a height of 84,000 yojanas 1 , and one yojana was the distance a cow could walk in a day. One Mount Meru was many times bigger than the entire Earth.

Right now, Tiandao felt like he had been struck by Mount Meru. He felt as if with a single strike, he had been sent smashing through space, surpassing space-time, and countless light spots dragged out many lines of light before him. His entire person seemed to have been thrown out almost at a superluminal speed.

When he came to a stop, he had arrived in an unfamiliar time and place. His surroundings were completely black, and starlight was flickering in the far distance. Even the Sun was nowhere to be seen.

'With a single strike... he hit me out of the solar system?

'Something like this...'

"Isn't possible? This is the space where the Centaurus is located," Fang Xingjian said as he appeared before Tiandao. His eyes gazed at the myriad of stars in the sky while he continued saying, "It's true that I can't break through your armor. I can only bring you into the starry sky and wait until your armor is nullified."

Hearing that, Tiandao's countenance changed, seemingly still in disbelief. At the next moment, he turned into a stream of light and darted out toward the universe's vacuum in the far distance.

However, after several minutes, no matter how he flew and darted about, he was unable to get out of this environment. Even though he was moving at light speed, he seemed to be unable to draw close the distance between himself and those stars.

The more Tiandao flew, the more astonished he appeared.

He suddenly came to a stop and attacked in all directions. Streams of golden light that could destroy streets and push down buildings burst out and shot toward the endless universe's void space. However, it seemed as if they were unable to affect the environment before him.

After attacking wildly for a few minutes, Tiandao came to a stop. He suddenly shouted, "Fang Xingjian! I surrender! I surrender! Bring me back! I can stay in this world and serve you!

"I'm far stronger than the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King. Moreover, I know many secrets concerning Miracle World.

"With your capabilities, you're going to want to deal with the Church of Universal Truth, right? I can tell you many secrets about the Saints and the Guardian Kings."

Tiandao only wanted to call Fang Xingjian out now. It would be best if he could be brought back to Earth. As for whether he was really going surrender, it would be another matter altogether.

However, no matter how he shouted or how hard he emitted his martial will and information, the universe's vacuum around him was still in a state of silence like he was the only person there.

Looking at the endless darkness and vacuum space before his eyes as well as the countless light spots in the distance that were of an unknown number of light years away... A sense of terror suddenly surged up in Tiandao's heart. This was the terror that only the immense universe could bring.

He suddenly sat down in a cross-legged position, starting to think of plans to deal with this situation.

Light speed movements, spatial distortions, microscopic level destructions, as well as the Sudden Inspiration's senses...

However, no matter how hard he tried to think about it, regardless of what directions he thought to probe from, or how much he tried to calculate his own abilities relative to the current environment... There was just no way he could change the current situation.

About ten minutes later, he gradually started to believe that he had really been brought to the starry sky in the far distance. He also felt a deep sense of terror toward Fang Xingjian's means.

Tiandao eventually wondered if he should just revoke the Futuristic Armor.

'If this really is countless light years away, then all the more I should remove the armor and save my diabolic energy.

'But Fang Xingjian said earlier that he's going to wait until I undo the armor. If I were to undo it now, wouldn't I be giving him a chance to attack me?

'Regardless, the Futuristic Armor is useless in the current situation. I should save more diabolic energy and see if there are any other ways to get out of this situation.

'Otherwise, after over ten minutes later, the Futuristic Armor will disappear, and the diabolic energy will be completely depleted as well.'

The Futuristic Armor on Tiandao flashed once before completely disappearing.

"Fang Xingjian, come out. My Futuristic Armor has disappeared. Aren't you waiting for this moment?"

In the universe's void space, Fang Xingjian's silhouette slowly appeared.

Tiandao's countenance was extremely grim as he looked at Fang Xingjian. "Fang Xingjian, it's true that you're a notch stronger than me. I admit my loss. What do you want before you're willing to let me off?"

Fang Xingjian's eyelids lowered slightly, and the corners of his lips curled up into a hint of a smile. "Then let's do this. Don't use that armor and accept a punch from me. If you don't die, I'll spare your life. How about it?"

"Alright." Tiandao knew that he was in no position to negotiate terms. Hearing that, he shivered, and streams of golden light soared into the sky and circled around him. Simultaneously, he activated the Chaotic Army once again. 15 silhouettes surrounded all around him, allowing him to be in full defense mode.

Tiandao thought, 'Even if I go all out and find that I still can't accept this attack from you, at least the Blessings of the Time King will allow me to regenerate. It's impossible for me to be killed by a single punch from you.'

"Are you ready?" Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Then receive my attack."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he had already punched out. With the unleashing of this punch, Tiandao felt as if the entire world had suddenly exploded in this moment. Endless amounts of light and heat energies gushed out before him, and the fist was rapidly enlarged before his eyes, taking up his entire vision.

This punch from Fang Xingjian was as if the entire world had come smashing down. Tiandao's 15 clones let out a furious bellow, and all of them shattered. Following that, golden light burst out from all over his body, shattering incessantly in patches.

At the next moment, his conjured physique, which had already been filled with cracks, shattered loudly. However, he had just regenerated when he felt an overwhelming power launching an assault toward him once again, and his conjured physique shattered a second time.


His body shattered again.


He died once again almost at the moment he was regenerated. The overwhelming power in the surroundings became increasingly violent, seeming to surge toward him and apply pressure onto his body.


'How did things become like this? How can there be a person in this world who can unleash a power of such a terrifying degree in a single punch?'

Amidst his final hysterical cry and puzzlement, Tiandao kept on being squeezed and wiped out by the overwhelming power. He would die at the instant he was regenerated. Regenerating and dying repeatedly, Tiandao completely lost the chance to think.

rom Fang Xingjian's, he had already sent Tiandao into the Sun. The overwhelming power that Tiandao felt from his final punch was actually Fang Xingjian borrowing the power from the Sun.

The image of the starry sky earlier was all an illusion Fang Xingjian had created. At the beginning, under the guidance of Fang Xingjian's illusory arts and spatial distortions, Tiandao still believed that he was on Earth and that it was his own light-speed flying which had brought him away from Earth and toward the Sun. Although the Sun was very far away, if one moved at light speed, it would only take eight minutes. If it was not because Fang Xingjian had to wait until the effect of Tiandao's Futuristic Armor was over, he could have ended the battle even earlier.

As the greatest celestial body in the solar system, the Sun possessed energy which far surpassed that of any other physical existences in the solar system. Even with Fang Xingjian's current strength, he could only move on the Sun's surface at most. He was also unable to withstand the high temperatures and pressure in the Sun.

While Tiandao continued moving deeper into the Sun, endlessly high temperatures and high levels of pressure encompassed him. It was as if there was a myriad of nuclear missiles hitting his body constantly at every single moment, causing him to regenerate under the Blessings of the Time King time and time again until the last bit of his diabolic energy was depleted.