Chapter 836: The Associations Plan?

 Chapter 836: The Association's Plan?

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Tiandao seemed to be surprised to see the Blade of Time get shattered by the Impasse Armor's strong interaction materials. At the next moment, a force field took effect on him, instantly sending him flying over ten meters away. The cracks on his body seemed to have worsened.

The Thunder Monarch said proudly, "You don't understand how strong this Impasse Armor is. If you do, you'll definitely feel despair."

Tiandao nodded. "It is a little unexpected. However, I've got an idea as to the limits of this set of armor. Let's end this here."

A golden light flashed on Tiandao's body as the Blessings of the Time King activated. All the injuries on Tiandao's body instantly disappeared, and his conjured physique was once again returned to its peak condition.

The Thunder Monarch's countenance changed, and he activated the force field once again. He sent out something that was like a huge invisible palm or a mountain that was several thousand meters tall, pressing down explosively. Wherever it passed by, the clouds would seethe, the seawater would subside, and flames and strong gales would sweep out. It was as if 100 nuclear missiles were exploding at one go.

However, before the Thunder Monarch struck out with his palm, Tiandao had already appeared behind him and slashed out with another Blade of Time.

A golden eye had opened up on Tiandao's forehead without the Thunder Monarch noticing.

Level 11 black magic-Futuristic Vision-was activated.

Using this black magic, Tiandao would be able to see the situation that would occur at the next second. In addition to the Sudden Inspiration he had grasped after reaching tier four of the Divine level and being able to move at akin to light speed, Tiandao was perfectly capable of dodging before the Thunder Monarch struck. He could even find an opportunity to attack when the Thunder Monarch was attacking.

With the combination of these three abilities, Tiandao was already placed in an unassailable position.

Moreover, Tiandao still had the Gold Robed faction's treasure in his body-the Crystal of Time.

It could be said that as long as Tiandao was unwilling to, it was definitely impossible for the Thunder Monarch's attacks to hit him.

After being slashed by the Blade of Time for three consecutive times, the Thunder Monarch let out a furious bellow. Amidst flashes of lightning, the force field radiated out in all directions within his body at the very center.

"Is it of any use? There's no way that you'll be able to break through my armor. Tiandao, just surrender."

"The one who doesn't understand is you," Tiandao said, retreating several thousand meters away in a flash. Then he smiled coldly and continued saying, "Do you really think that it's ineffective? Although your tortoise shell is a bit hard, it isn't really invincible.

"However, it really is a bit slow to attack one slash at a time."

As Tiandao spoke, he formed seals with his hands. Amidst a burst of golden light, a total of 15 Tiandaos walked out, one after another.

This was the level 12 black magic-Chaotic Army. It allowed one to summon his own self from different timelines. With Tiandao's current cultivation level, he was able to summon 15 versions of himself who were in no way weaker than his current self.

When these Tiandaos stepped into this timeline, their thoughts were synchronized with the present Tiandao. There were a total of 16 bodies, but all of them were of the same mind. They would only disappear when the black magic lost its effect.

With 16 Tiandaos attacking together, the Thunder Monarch was instantly subjected to attacks which came at him like a raging storm.

Every single one of the Tiandaos was able to predict the Thunder Monarch's attacks, and each of them could move and attack at close range with a speed akin to light speed. Blade of Time slashed down onto the Thunder Monarch again and again, and a series of metal slicing sounds rang out.

Although the Thunder Monarch still did not sense that he had gotten any injuries up until now, he felt increasingly uneasy.

This was especially when he realized that he was unable to attack his opponent at all.

Logically, his electromagnetic force field would also be formed at close to light speed, appearing almost at the same time he thought of it. However, with the exception of the first four attacks, he was no longer able to hit Tiandao thereafter.

A storm broke out above the sea. The Impasse Armor's output was definitely capable of overturning the seas, yet 16 beams of golden light surrounded the Thunder Monarch. They slashed and charged at him continuously, seemingly unafraid of the violent powers that were being transmitted to and fro in that space.

A myriad of Blades of Time slashed onto the Thunder Monarch. Then finally, with a kacha sound, a crack appeared on the surface of the Impasse Armor.

The Thunder Monarch's countenance changed drastically, and Tiandao's voice rang out from a distance once again.

"Although your armor is very impressive and possesses a long lifespan, how can it possibly mean a thing before the effects of time?"

At the next moment, the Impasse Armor shattered instantly, revealing the Thunder Monarch's physical body.

Without the Impasse Armor, how could the Thunder Monarch possibly dare retaliate? He stood there in midair, looking at Tiandao with a chill running down his spine and an expression of terror on his face.

The 16 Tiandaos disappeared one after another, leaving only one behind in the sky. Tiandao shook his head and said, "Don't worry, although it's still a little immature, your armor is really interesting. Teach me the production method, and I'll spare your life."

The Thunder Monarch heaved a sigh of relief as if had just been granted a great amnesty. He bowed, saying, "It's my honor."

With Tiandao defeating the Thunder Monarch, numerous forces on Earth who had placed their attention on this battle were now in great shock.

Tiandao displayed an overwhelming strength in the series of battles. In particular, his mastery of the many gold faction black magic spells related to space-time was simply marvelous.

Regardless of whether it was the Planetary Defense's Xia Yan and group, the Fang Clan's Fang Yuehe and group, or the other clans and leaders of varying countries... All of them were scared out of their wits', and they did not dare harbor any more will to resist.

However, just then, three silhouettes crossed the seas and appeared before Tiandao.

They were the three people who had rushed over to Earth-Fang Xingjian, the Black Mage King, and the Gold Mage King.

The sea domain to the east of Demonic City was the area that overlapped with Miracle World. When the three of them came over to Earth, they were almost instantly able to sense Tiandao and the Thunder Monarch with their martial wills. After all, both Tiandao and the Thunder Monarch were Divine level experts. The energy that their bodies contained could not to be undermined, and they were as apparent as lit candles in the dark.

"It's Fang Xingjian!"

"Who are the two people next to him?"

"To think that he has come over at this time..."

Countless people who saw this scene through the satellites gasped. No one had expected that Fang Xingjian would turn up at this moment.

In the Planetary Defense, Xia Yan's gaze narrowed. "That's the Black Mage King? Why is he with Fang Xingjian?

"Can it be that the Mage Association is going to invade Earth?

"Has Fang Xingjian joined the Mage Association?"

Fang Xingchen was a disciple of the Black Mage King, so the members of Earth's upper echelon were naturally aware of how this top-notch expert of Miracle World looked.

According to the information that Earth's upper echelon had, Tiandao had been cultivating under the teachings of the Gold Mage King and was naturally also a member of the Mage Association. The appearance of the Black Mage King and Fang Xingjian naturally also proved that Tiandao's sudden assault was the Mage Association's idea.

Moreover, an expert like Fang Xingjian could undoubtedly only be suppressed by a powerful existence like the Mage Association. Everything seemed to make sense now.

Gasps also rang out amongst the members of the Fang Clan.

"Xingjian is back?"

"Isn't that the Black Mage King?"

"Why are they together?"

"Could it be that Xingjian has yielded to the Black Mage King?"

Fang Yuehe's eyes lit up. "If Xingjian has really submitted to the Mage Association, then this is definitely an opportunity that's hard to come by for the Fang Clan.

"If that's really the case, even if the Mage Association were to take control of Earth, our Fang Clan would still have a spot in this world."